Anna Shulgina: biography, personal life, creativity

Anna Shulgina: biography, personal life, creativity
Anna Shulgina: biography, personal life, creativity

Surely many have heard the saying: “Nature rests on the children of celebrities.” However, this is not always the case in life. We all often see on the screen or read in the press about the talented children of famous parents. These are, for example, Kristina Orbakaite, Nikita Presnyakov, Stas Piekha, Anna Shulgina and many others. Moreover, many of them have succeeded in a field completely different from the “parent”.

Anna Shulgina

Star biography: Anna Shulgina

In June 1993, in Moscow, the 25-year-old singer Valeria (Alla Yuryevna Perfilova) and her husband, producer and composer Alexander Shulgin, had a daughter, who was named Anna. She was their firstborn, and young parents could not get enough of their baby. A year later, the couple had a son. The girl grew up very musical and from an early age she studied the piano. Constant tours, concerts, television programs did not allow Valeria to devote much time to her children, so it was decided to send the very little Anya to a school for noble maidens inSwitzerland. Here Anna Shulgina learned how to behave in a secular society, studied languages ​​and many useful subjects, and came to her parents in Moscow for the holidays. The older the girl became, the more she noticed that rather complicated relations were developing between her parents, and she even witnessed high-profile scandals several times that ended in beatings. And one day they: Anya, her younger brothers and Valeria - were forced to flee from the capital to the outback, fleeing the cruelty of the father of the family. And then their mother met a wonderful man, also a producer, Iosif Prigozhin, and after they got married, the family again began to live a decent life in Moscow.

biography Anna Shulgina

Anna's youth

As a teenager, Anya was a difficult child. And today, having become quite mature and conscious, she, casting a glance into the past, admits that she was a very difficult child, a real rebel. Anna constantly became a member of some youth group, a new subculture. Either she raved about ready ideas, dressed up in all black and did the appropriate makeup, then she joined the emo trend, etc. During this period, her mother and stepfather sent Anya to study in England. However, when she arrived for the holidays, it turned out that studying abroad did not give any positive results, and her parents decided that Anna would continue her studies in Moscow and would not return to England. After school, Anna Shulgina entered the Shchukin Theater Institute, from which she graduated in 2013 at the age of 20.

Firstcreative steps

While studying at "Pike", she took part in the play "Day without shopping" on the stage of the Taganka Theater. Thus began her creative biography. Anna Shulgina was striking with her truthful play. Her parents (mother and stepfather), who were present at the performance, proudly noted that their daughter undoubtedly has acting talent and that they are sure that Anyuta (as she is affectionately called at home) will be able to make an excellent career as a theater and film actress. At the same time, the paparazzi began to write in the press that Anna Shulgina, Valeria's daughter, looks very inferior to her mother, that she looks like her father in facial features and physique, and she is far from her star mom.

Anna Shulgina daughter of Valeria

Others saw a striking resemblance between daughter and mother. Both the first and second remarks are not to Anna's liking. She hates being compared to her mother. Anya is a very independent person and wants to make her career without any interference, without anyone's help. After graduating from the institute and receiving a diploma as a professional theater and film actress, Anna Shulgina went to Kyiv, where she began acting in a youth comedy telenovela. Her parents supported her in this decision, and she went to Ukraine for a while.

Anna Shulgina is pregnant

Will Anya Shulgina be a singer?

Despite the fact that Valeria's daughter chose acting as her main profession, her vocal abilities are well developed. Genes - do not say anything! And on the anniversary of his mother inlast year, she first performed in front of the audience with the song "I don't care." Her debut was liked not only by her relatives and friends, but also by all the guests, among whom there were many people from the world of music.

TV presenter career

And in general, 2013 was a very successful year for Anya Shulgina. Firstly, she graduated with honors from the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute, began acting in a comedy series on Ukrainian television, made her debut as a singer, and also passed the casting and became the host of the musical show on the Russia channel - Our way out. Of course, before the first transfer, the girl was very worried and even confused, but her partner-co-host Alexei Vorobyov helped her a lot in everything. So after filming, her mother, singer Valeria, who also took part in the program, was quite pleased with her daughter, and even praised her. By the way, rumors appeared in the press a little later that a stormy romance began between Valeria's daughter and Lesha Vorobyov. The more curious decided to ask Anya herself about this. However, she disappointed them, saying that, despite the fact that Lesha is a wonderful guy, and they are very friendly with him, he is not her type, and there can be no talk of any novel.

Anna Shulgina filmography

Anna Shulgina: filmography and roles

Today, Anya's track record is not so extensive, because she is just entering the world of theater and cinema. However, she has already managed to take part in the filming of two videos, music videos "We are afraid to love" and "Keeping love", with the participation of Valeria, as well as Nikolai Baskov. By the way, atAnna once wrote herself on the blog that Baskov is the groom of her dreams. After that, some media began to post publications that Valeria's daughter dreams of marrying Baskov and is waiting for a marriage proposal from him. And after a photo of Anya with a rather large belly appeared on the social network, the yellow press vied with each other to print that Anna Shulgina was pregnant. However, as it turned out, it was just a photograph from the filming of a film in which the girl plays the role of a pregnant young woman who is humiliated by her husband. The name of this painting is not yet known. However, she, along with others, will add to the short list of films in which Anna Shulgina starred. We wish this talented girl success in her future career as an actress and singer.

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