House of writers. History and modernity

House of writers. History and modernity
House of writers. History and modernity

This establishment is without a doubt a favorite of the current and current writing and social community. The house of writers, where even in difficult times life could not stop! The first canteen (later a restaurant) for writers was founded here. And for fans of creativity and connoisseurs of literature, the Central House of Writers has become something like a temple of literature. After all, several generations of Muscovites and guests of the city considered it happiness and honor to attend a literary meeting, and it was perceived as a bright event of a lifetime, along with a visit to Taganka or Bolshoy.

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By the way, Povarskaya Street, on which the building itself was built (in 1889), until the revolution, was considered one of the most aristocratic in Moscow, and among the homeowners were princely and count families. Here, in the mansion, the most influential noble-Masonic lodge in Russia also gathered. The house itself, reminiscent of a castle, was made in the romantic style of Art Nouveau. Lastthe private owner is Countess Alexandra Olsufieva, the general's wife, née Miklashevskaya. She lived here until 1917, and after the revolution she was forced to emigrate.

After October, the urban poor are settled in the house. In 1925, the house was occupied by the so-called "children's" department from the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, in 1932 the building was transferred under the auspices of writers. The CDL itself - the House of Writers - was founded already in 1934, after the 1st Congress of Soviet Writers and - then - the formation of the Writers' Union of the USSR. Since then, the legendary and famous club has become a real haven for many famous people of the Soviet and post-Soviet era.

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House of writers. Visitors

Who has not been only to the CDL for many years of its hospitable existence! Here for the first time poets read their poems, argued, celebrated holidays and anniversaries, celebrities such as Tvardovsky and Simonov, Sholokhov and Fadeev, Okudzhava and Yevtushenko, and many others simply ran here to drink a cup of coffee. Meetings were held here with hero cosmonauts led by Gagarin. Niels Bohr and Indira Gandhi, Gerard Philippe and Marlene Dietrich, Gina Lollobrigida - actors and scientists, public leaders of world renown also visited these walls. Countess Olsufieva, the granddaughter of the former owners of the mansion, also flew to the Central House of Writers and donated her books “Old Rome” and “Gogol in Rome”. There were legends about some visitors to the House, which then got into the media and books. Today, the House of Writers is open to everyone, and anyone can go there. There are still arranged literaryevents and festivals, films are shown and concerts are played.

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Restaurant and more

Undoubtedly, this magnificent mansion with oak walls and marble stairs is quite worthy of being one of the city symbols of Moscow. House of Writers - 1st writers club. Now it has a venue for concerts, performances, a cinema, a library, a restaurant (updated in 2014). The cuisine in the modern TsDL restaurant is simple, with a Russian twist (by the way, borscht is also on the menu). However, in the soup section there is also a hodgepodge with crayfish. And most importantly - good prices.

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