Director Igor Kopylov: biography, creativity and personal life

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Director Igor Kopylov: biography, creativity and personal life
Director Igor Kopylov: biography, creativity and personal life

Only having practically reached the age of Christ and becoming a father, Igor Kopylov suddenly realized that the main thing in his life is his family, and all his work and creativity are just everyday life.

Despite being fifty-two years old this year, he still has his ups and downs that he doesn't reflect on at all. He knows that no matter what happens, a loving wife and son will always be waiting for him at home.


The birthplace of the future actor, director, screenwriter and producer Kopylov Igor Sergeevich was the city of St. Petersburg, where he was born on June 1, 1967.

The boy grew up rather closed in himself, immersed in his inner world, which he drew from the pages of his favorite books, which he simply adored to read. As he grew older, his passion for books only grew stronger. Igor began to collect rare publications, as a result of which he became a regular visitor to the Bookinist bookstore located on Liteiny Prospekt.

By high school, he finally realized that to help open up his thinonly the profession of an actor can create a creative personality. Therefore, after graduating from a secondary school, Igor Kopylov became a student at the faculty of acting and directing at the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography named after N.K. Cherkasov.

Igor Kopylov

Theatre actor

In 1991, after graduating from the Institute of Theater and Cinema, Igor was enrolled in the troupe of the avant-garde theater "Farsy". According to many theater-goers, one of the best temples of Melpomene in St. Petersburg. And this despite the fact that it consisted of only eleven artists, including Igor Kopylov, whose biography this article is devoted to, and director Viktor Kramer.

The artist under study served the Farsy Theater for sixteen years, which he considers the happiest in his life. At that time, he could be seen in such productions as "Farces, or New Medieval French Anecdotes", "Fantasy, or Six Characters Waiting for the Wind", "Vohlyaki from Holopleki", "Hamlet", "The Village of Stepanchikovo and Its Inhabitants”, “I have to kill the president”, as well as in solo performances “Following your blood in the snow” and “Something incorporeal”.

In the photo - Igor Kopylov in a scene from the play "Hamlet" at the Farsy Theater.

Igor Kopylov in a scene from the performance "Hamlet" by the Farsy Theater

Successful performances of the theater and foreign tours continued until 2003, until one day the Farsy troupe suddenly discovered that their theater was obsolete. The era of television projects and serials has come into its own, while theatric althe stage, especially for such a small theater as Farsy, became less and less in demand.

Igor Kopylov in a scene from Farces, or New Medieval French Anecdotes

December 19, 2007 the last performance was played by the theater. It was the same production of Farces, or New Medieval French Anecdotes, from which this theater began in 1991. The audience gave a standing ovation…


Despite the fact that he did not particularly like and know how to express his thoughts on paper, in parallel with his work at the Farsy Theater, Igor Kopylov nevertheless made his debut as a screenwriter. He wrote his first play "I won't tell", based on which he himself subsequently shot the film of the same name with Liza Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev in the lead roles, he wrote back in 1993.

Igor Kopylov, actor of the Farsy Theater

The first "I won't tell" was followed by his plays such as "Nice Story", "Heinrich" and "The Cornet O. Case", which later received their embodiment on the stages of theaters in St. Petersburg, Magnitogorsk and even Hamburg. When 1998 came and Kopylov was involved in the filming of the famous series "Black Raven", the latter took a chance and offered his ideas to the main screenwriter of this television project. He gave them to the producer of the series and received his approval. From that moment on, Igor Kopylov began to write scripts for films.


Kopylov became a film director by chance in 2003. During the filming of the detective"Mongoose", the author of the script, as well as the performer of one of the main roles of which was Igor himself, had unforeseen circumstances associated with the difficulties of filming in the Ethnographic Museum. Then Kopylov, pretending that he had a lot of friends and acquaintances working just in this museum, plucked up courage and offered the producers of the series to negotiate with his management and get permission to shoot in exchange for allowing him to shoot one of the episodes on his own. The producers took a risk. But with the condition that Igor Kopylov manages in three days.


He managed and since then realized his true calling in life - to be a director. The happiness that this profession began to bring to him could not be compared even with the years of his work in the Farsy Theater.

Despite the fact that Kopylov never had any directing education, he became the author of such films and series as "Mongoose", "Mongoose 2", "Where Happiness Lives", "Arrow of Fate", " Streets of Broken Lights", "One Love", "Start Over", "I Won't Tell" and many others.

Igor Kopylov, Anna Tabanina and Alexander Lykov

The last of his directorial work was the serial crime drama "Leningrad 46", which tells about the fate of the inhabitants of post-war Leningrad, suffering from rampant crime.

Film actor

Igor Kopylov's film debut was a small role in the drama "Hell, or the Dossier onYourself", which premiered in 1990.

in the picture

The film, which tells about the events taking place in 1948, during the heyday of repressions and camps, won many awards and was appreciated not only by the audience, but also by film critics.

Recognition and popularity came to Kopylov only nine years later, when the television series "Black Raven" was shown on the screens of the country, in which the actor played one of the main roles.

In the TV series

Igor played a rather non-standard image of Ivan Larin. An interesting hero who lived his fate from an alcoholic sissy to a famous journalist.

The entire filmography of Igor Kopylov today includes more than a hundred works in seventy-one film projects, among which the audience most remembers such films and series as "Streets of Broken Lights", "We Have Everything at Home", "Gangster Petersburg", "Mongoose", "Peculiarities of National Policy", "Brezhnev", "Two from the Casket", "Start Over", "Highway Patrol", "Secrets of the Investigation", "Coma" and "Leningrad 46".

Family Man

The personal life of director Igor Kopylov is also quite eventful. His wife Julia worked for a long time as an administrator at the Farsy Theater. She is reasonable and prudent, and Igor himself is very grateful to Yulia for the fact that, despite all his creative isolation from real life, she still manages tofor more than twenty years, to preserve in him, first of all, a man and a real husband.

Igor Kopylov with his wife Yulia

Like everyone else, scandals sometimes happen in their family, but in general there is an almost perfect relationship between Igor and Yulia, based primarily on trust in each other.

In 1997, the son of Semyon was born in the Kopylov family.

Igor Kopylov with his son Semyon

With his birth, much in the life of our hero has changed. First of all, Igor learned to appreciate the fact that first of all he is a man and a father, and only then an actor, screenwriter, director and producer…

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