Markov Igor Olegovich: biography, family, activities

Markov Igor Olegovich: biography, family, activities
Markov Igor Olegovich: biography, family, activities

Igor Markov (Odessa) Ukrainian politician, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, successful businessman and philanthropist. He was the chairman of the Rodina party. An active supporter of rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia. Until 2012, he fruitfully worked in close contact with Alexei Kostusev, the former mayor of Odessa.

Family and childhood

Igor Markov, whose biography dates back to 1973, was born on the eighteenth of January in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. His family was intelligent, his parents had a higher education and worked as engineers. At first, the Markovs lived in Moldavanka. A little later we moved to Tairov. Football was a childhood passion of Igor Olegovich. He even had the nickname "Maradona", which he received from Igor Belanov, one of the best players in Soviet football. Later they became friends and even colleagues.


Igor Olegovich Markov studied at secondary school No. 29, which he graduated in 1990. Then he entered the Odessa University, which trained naval engineers. Studied in the speci alty "Economics of enterprises". After graduation, he went for a second higher education, enrolling in the Odessa Economicuniversity. There he studied with a degree in Banking.

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In 1991, Igor Markov became chairman of the supervisory board at Helios. In a few years, he quickly moved up the career ladder and already in the ninety-eighth year he became the director of Helios Oil. Then - the president of the Helios Group. In 2002, Markov was already the head of the Slavic Alliance company.

Political activities

First, he joins the Labor Ukraine party. A little time passes, and Igor Markov is a deputy of Ukraine. He was elected in the third, fourth and fifth convocations of the Verkhovna Rada. In 2006, Markov ended up in the Odessa City Council on the lists of Natalia Vitrenko. A little later, Igor Olegovich goes further and creates his own party. It's called Rodina.

Also, Markov is a member of the permanent commission of the Odessa City Council on finance, budget and planning. Igor Olegovich was elected a deputy in the fifth convocation already on the lists of his party. He became a permanent member of the Odessa City Council for He alth Protection.

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The Rodina party is similar in its logo and internal structure to the Russian ones. In addition, its ideology has always been aimed at a firm rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia. Igor Markov stubbornly sets the Russian Federation as an example to the leadership of his country and tries to radically bring it closer to Ukraine.

Markov has always been a supporter of Alexei Kostusev, mayor of Odessa. And at the same time he was considered his friend. But before the electionin parliament relations between them became rather strained. Rodina deputies began to actively criticize the mayor and the Party of Regions.

But, according to experts, it was only a "window dressing". They speculated that Markov would give up his seat in parliament in order to avoid a clash with Oleksiy Goncharenko, deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional Council. But then he will get carte blanche in the Ilyichevsk district.

In the 2012 elections, Markov ran for the Kyiv district of Odessa. There he defeated the son of Kostusev and Alexei Goncharenko, who was supported by the Party of Regions. Markov received six percent more votes.

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Markov Igor Olegovich is engaged in media business. He founded the television channel ATV. According to some sources, he even owns it. Markov has several portals on the Internet. The most popular are "Auditor" and "Timer". In addition, Igor Olegovich has his own enterprise, whose activities are the removal and processing of household waste. This is Soyuz LLC, which provides the above services in Odessa.

Political disgrace

In 2012, Igor Markov was elected a deputy of Ukraine from the Kyiv region. And in the next - the Supreme Court of the country was deprived of a deputy mandate. Karamzin filed a lawsuit against Markov because of a criminal case on the false results of the last elections. As soon as the trials began, Igor Olegovich left the Party of Regions at his own request.

Markov claimed that all of this was reprisal in the political arena. He was sure,that he was deprived of his mandate because of the support of European integration bills. In the fall of 2013, Markov's voting card was blocked, and only the following year, after the change of power in the country, Igor Olegovich was given back his mandate.

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Private life

Ukrainian deputy Markov was married twice. Rumor has it that the first marriage was built on the calculation. He married the daughter of Vasily Serykh, who ran the city dump. They created a common business with the father-in-law. But then Markov simply “threw out” the Grays from there. In his first marriage he had a son. Now he is an adult, an adult. The second marriage turned out to be more successful for Igor Olegovich. His family was replenished with three more children.

Interesting facts from Markov's life

Markov is considered by many to be a crime boss. In this circle, he has two "klikuhi": "Celentano" and "Maradona". True, Igor Olegovich himself explains the latter not by criminal connections. Since childhood, he played football, and his number coincided with the one under which the famous Argentine striker played. From there, this nickname stuck to him for life.

Igor Markov has always spoken out against discrimination against the Russian language in Ukraine. He is a fighter for the federalization of the country. However, the Odessa City Council recognized the Motherland party as fascist, with a manifestation of racism.

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Markov is one of the main figures in several high-profile cases. For example, according to many sources, in 2007 he started a fight during a picket that took place against the monument to Catherine II. ATas a result of hooligan actions against Markov, a criminal case was opened.

Igor Olegovich is a well-known philanthropist and has been actively involved in charity work and support for the Orthodox Church for quite a few years now. In 2008, he received an archpastoral gratitude from the Cathedral for his help in transporting the relics of one of the Orthodox saints. In 2009, he was a delegate of the Orthodox Church, helped in the construction of the church of St. Spyridon. Markov is the initiator of the ban on slot machines in Odessa. Author of ideas and actions "St. George's Ribbon of Odessa" and "I speak Russian."

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