Sergey Kravets: biography, creativity and personal life

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Sergey Kravets: biography, creativity and personal life
Sergey Kravets: biography, creativity and personal life

Sergey Kravets was born on May 1, 1971 in the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. He is a former member of the KVN team "95 quarter". Currently, the young man does not appear on the screens as often as his wife. She works in humorous programs: "Studio 95" and "Evening Quarter", and Sergey devotes a lot of time to his main hobby - auto racing.

Childhood and youth

In the biography of Sergei Kravets from the "95 quarter" there is information that he received a certificate of secondary education. After that, the guy applied to a higher educational institution in his city.

biography of Sergei Kravets

Sergey became a student of the Krivoy Rog Institute of Economics. Thanks to his cheerful disposition and excellent sense of humor, he was invited to play in the institute's KVN team.

Private life

In a higher educational institution Sergey met his future wife Elena Kravets. She also liked to play in humorous performances of the institute. The guysthere were similar views on life, common interests and a similar warehouse of character. Sergey and Elena were only friends at first, and after a while they started dating.

Sergey and Elena Kravets

The wife of the former employee of the studio "95 quarter" Sergey Kravets said that she already knew that he would become her chosen one for life. One day the guy got sick and did not come to class. In those years, mobile phones were not as common as they are now, and Sergei's home phone has not yet been connected. Then Elena decided to take the bus and go to her friend. On the threshold, Sergei's mother met her and invited her into the house. Seeing Sergei's home, Elena realized that she would live here.

Soon the guys began to live together, and after a while the girl found out that she was pregnant. So, in 2002, a couple in love decided to get married. The wedding of Elena and Sergey was held in the traditional style: a ransom, a white dress and a large number of guests in the restaurant. The celebration was fully paid for by the bride and groom. At that time, KVN participants made very good money. The following year, a girl was born to a young family, who was named Masha. Parents love their daughter.

Wedding of Sergey Kravets

The wife of Sergei Kravets is the only woman in the KVN team "95 quarter". In addition, Elena works as an administrative director. She received her higher education in economics. However, Elena works as a producer, actress of humorous performances and a creative figure.

In the humorous program "Evening Quarter"the young woman portrayed Yulia Timoshenko. Also talented Elena worked as a presenter on the Ukrainian TV channel Inter. She worked there together with Evgeny Koshev, and later was the host of the Family Size program together with Denis Manzhosov.

As a producer, Elena worked on the project "Legend. Lyudmila Gurchenko", which appeared on the screens in 2011. But on Russian television, Elena Kravets was remembered as the host of the Ukrainian Quarter program. It is worth noting that the young woman has repeatedly been included in the lists of the most influential and beautiful women.

Relocation of creative family

In 2003, a married couple together with their daughter decide to move to the capital of Ukraine. This was due to the rapid career of the guys in the KVN team "95 quarter". At this stage, the couple begins intensive creative work. Sergey Kravets leaves the team and takes the position of producer of the 95 quarter studio.

Hobbies of the artist

Sergey Kravets is not only an excellent kvnschik and producer, but also an avid lover of fast driving. At first, the man did not take this hobby seriously. But after a while it became an integral part of his life, to which Sergey devoted his free time. Kravets has been racing for about ten years and even makes noticeable progress.

Sergei Kravets

Besides this, a young man is often invited to participate in international competitions. During racing performances Kravetsuses his favorite Ford car. The red car has driver's lucky number ninety-five.

Former member of the studio "Kvartal 95" Sergei Kravets, whose biography was replenished with prizes in auto racing competitions, persuades his wife to pass counter-emergency driving. But Elena Kravets cannot find free time for this.

In many interviews, Sergei says that his wife is very busy at concerts and often travels. However, she supports her husband's passion and often comes to competitions to cheer for him.

Children of the creative couple

Sergei and Elena do not like to put their personal lives on public display. They try to please their audience with creative success. But still, many people know that this strong married couple has three wonderful children. The first child is a thirteen-year-old daughter Maria. Elena gave birth to her the next year after the young people signed.

personal life of Sergey Kravets

In 2016, the couple again had a replenishment. This time, twins were born in a family of creative people: a boy and a girl. The children were named Ekaterina and Ivan.

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