Association of European Businesses in Russia

Association of European Businesses in Russia
Association of European Businesses in Russia

Business associations are associations of entrepreneurs, firms, corporations in order to achieve common interests (for example, exchange of new ideas and approaches in business promotion, simplification of interaction with government authorities, exchange of methods for coordinating and managing a business, and so on). The emergence of associations in the business sphere improves the relationship between entrepreneurs, taking them from competitors to associates and partners.


History of business associations

The role of business associations in ancient times was played by associations of small artisans in ancient times, caravans in the Middle Ages, guilds, workshops and corporations during the industrial-capitalist boom.

Currently, business associations are trade and industry associations, chambers of commerce, federations of manufacturers of goods, professional groups.

Formation of business associations in Russia

In Russia, the desire for unification has become widespread since the birth of capitalism. All sorts of associations were popular among manufacturers, entrepreneurs, merchants, breeders,bankers.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there were about 160 business associations in Russia.


In the mid-20th century, the growth of business associations slowed as entrepreneurship was outlawed and considered a speculative activity.

In a market economy, associations (associations) in Russia began to emerge again. One of the largest modern business associations in Russia is the Association of European Businesses (AEB).

Modern Association

The Association of European Businesses is a non-profit organization, its membership includes businesses and entrepreneurs from EU countries and member states of the European Free Trade Association. All AEB members conduct entrepreneurial, commercial, investment activities in Russia and directly with the Russian Federation. The Association of European Businesses (AEB) is funded through sponsorship and membership fees.

AEB in Russia

The Association of European Businesses in Russia was founded in 1995, and currently the AEB brings together more than 500 Russian and European companies, multinational corporations, firms and small and medium businesses.


The goals of the Association are to strengthen economic, entrepreneurial, financial and commercial ties between EU member states and Russia.

Association of European Businesses

About 45 working groups and committees operate in the Association, they study andanalysis of issues in various business areas (energy, customs and transport, air transportation, legislation, taxation). The committees closely cooperate and interact with the European and Russian public authorities, comment, make recommendations, and propose amendments to the bills of the Russian Federation. Through the print media and website, the Association provides information support to all its members.

In Russia, the AEB has two structural divisions - in St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

AEB and US sanctions policy against Russia

In recent years, the United States has been pursuing an active policy of sanctions and restrictions against the Russian Federation. The Association of European Businesses does not support the US sanctions policy towards Russia. According to the AEB, sanctions and restrictions in the financial sector freeze business activity, entail a reduction in industrial production and, as a result, a reduction in jobs and a deterioration in the quality and living conditions of the population. The US sanctions policy not only negatively affects the business climate in Russia, the EU countries and the United States, but also affects the interests of European companies in the energy sector. The speedy political understanding, according to the AEB, is beneficial to all interested parties.

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