Russian Embassy in Cuba: past and present

Russian Embassy in Cuba: past and present
Russian Embassy in Cuba: past and present

Bilateral Russian-Cuban diplomatic relations have a long and glorious history. Since the liberation Cuban revolution, the Russian embassy in Cuba has been playing the role of the main conductor of the foreign policy interests of the Russian Federation not only on the Island of Freedom, but also in the whole region. The embassy building itself, built by architect Rochegov in the constructivist style, has long been one of the main attractions of the Cuban capital.

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How it all began

Despite the fact that permanent relations were established between the two countries back in 1902, the diplomatic mission in the capital of the Russian Empire began to work only after eleven years. However, she was not destined to work for a long time either, since after the October Revolution the Cuban government severed relations with the new government. Relations were restored only in 1942, but already at a fundamentally new, high level.

Throughout the Cold War, Cuba was a constant political and military ally of the USSR in the region. Due to its advantageous geographical position,the country has become an excellent springboard for deploying intelligence activities against the United States.

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Russian military presence in the region

In addition, the island's government volunteered to provide territory for a Soviet military base, allowing the Soviets to establish themselves permanently in the Caribbean.

The end of the military presence of Russia in the region was put only in 2003, when the Russian Federation decided to liquidate the radar base in Lourdes. However, the cooperation between the two countries did not stop there. After abandoning military ambitions in Latin America, Russia has focused on the soft promotion of its interests and trade and economic diplomacy.

Cultural exchange and diplomacy

Not a single diplomatic mission of Russia leaves mission members and their children to the mercy of fate. In order to provide access to education, a general education school was established at the Russian Embassy in Cuba, in which the children of employees can study both full-time and on a family basis.

The school opened its doors in 1970 and has not stopped working for a single day since then. Teaching is conducted in accordance with the all-Russian educational program, and there are also preparatory courses for preschoolers.

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