Irina Sadovnikova: past and present. The formation of personality

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Irina Sadovnikova: past and present. The formation of personality
Irina Sadovnikova: past and present. The formation of personality

Everyone has the right to a decent life. Hard work and hope for a bright future is the basis for achieving goals. It was in such a difficult and thorny path that a strong woman went. In this article, we have prepared material about the cult personality of the city of Kovrov, Vladimir Region. Sadovnikova Irina Nikolaevna is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the sixth convocation. She also combines teaching activities and is the director of one of the leading educational institutions. We will touch on her past and find out how she went to her dream, as well as what she is doing today.


Sadovnikova Irina was born on December 2, 1961. She is a citizen of the Russian Federation and lives in the same city where she was born. In 1984 she graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin with a degree in astronomy and physics. Irina Nikolaevna's husband at that time was a military man whose work is accompanied by business trips. Therefore, my teaching careershe started in Czechoslovakia.

Teaching activities

Irina Nikolayevna

Teaching mathematics at the Central Group of Forces. But closer to 1992, the couple returned to their historical homeland. During her work at the Secondary School No. 8, she went from an ordinary mathematician to the director of an institution. Today, Irina Sadovnikova is the director of the municipal secondary school in the city of Vladimir.

In 2012 she completed an internship in the following foreign countries: France, Germany and Switzerland. On the basis of the Moscow International Business School "MIRBIS" she was trained in the speci alty management of educational institutions.

Deputy activities

Irina Nikolaevna is the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly on all issues of education, as well as sports, tourism, youth, science, culture and the media. Her candidacy was chosen in single-mandate electoral circle number fifteen. Political party - United Russia.

White House of Vladimir

Member of the committee on labor and social protection. Her responsibilities extend to the disabled and veterans. Has a state award. The Committee for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from Afghanistan presented Irina Nikolaevna Sadovnikova with the badge of honor "Military Glory of Generations". At the moment, she is legally married and has two adult children.

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