Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow. Short story

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Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow. Short story
Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow. Short story

The Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow, as an official diplomatic mission, deals with a variety of issues on the international agenda and in bilateral relations. The first contacts between the inhabitants of Russia and the islands of the Indonesian archipelago were established in the middle of the XlX century, but since this territory was a colony of the Netherlands at that time, there was no need for diplomatic communication.

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Brief history of bilateral relations

In the early days of bilateral relations, Indonesia was of interest mainly to Russian scientists. Botanists and ethnographers, as well as geographers and biologists of various specializations, regularly visited the country.

The contribution that Russian engineers made to the development of the oil industry, which is so important for modern Indonesia, is of particular interest. In 1894, Russian engineers discovered the first oil fields, and three years later A.V. Ragozin received permission from local authorities to build an oil refinery.


Establishment of diplomatic relations

In addition, it is worth remembering that Indonesia as a single state did not exist at that time, but there were only various sultanates that were under the control and protectorate of either Great Britain or the Netherlands. One of the small states of the archipelago - the Ache Sultanate - according to diplomatic evidence, repeatedly asked the authorities of the Russian Empire to accept him as a citizen. Negotiations, however, came to nothing.

With the outbreak of the First World War, any contacts between the countries were interrupted and restored only after the end of the Second World War. So, in 1950, the first Indonesian embassy appeared in Moscow. After that, it became possible to maintain bilateral relations on a regular basis on a variety of issues.

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Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow

The zone of responsibility of the Indonesian diplomatic mission includes not only Russia, but also Belarus, whose citizens should also contact the embassy with their questions. On the territory of the Russian Federation, in addition to the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow, there is an Honorary Consulate in St. Petersburg, which provides services to St. Petersburg residents and residents of the Northwestern Federal District. The consulate provides all the necessary services.

The representative office of the Republic of Indonesia is located in the picturesque historical district of Moscow - Zamoskvorechye, at Novokuznetskaya street, 12. The mission uses two houses built in the early XXcentury. Both buildings are monuments of architecture and history.

Like many other diplomatic missions, the Indonesian embassy has a complex structure, including diplomatic, political, economic departments, a service in charge of education, culture and humanitarian exchange. There is also a military attache service in the embassy, ​​since the issues of military-technical cooperation are a priority in relations between Russia and Indonesia.

Until 2016, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Russia was Jauhari Oratmangun, but later he was replaced by Mohamad Wahid Sapriyadi, who still serves as Ambassador Plenipotentiary.

Where is the embassy

Several foreign embassies are located in Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow: Spain, Indonesia, Mali and Tanzania, as well as the cultural representation of Dubai. Foreign missions choose this historical area for its developed infrastructure, cleanliness, comfort and noble historical appearance. This corner of Moscow is one of the oldest districts, as it was first mentioned in 1365.

In the immediate vicinity of the Indonesian embassy in Russia there are metro stations "Tretyakovskaya", "Novokuznetskaya" and "Polyanka", on foot from any of the stations to the representative office no more than fifteen minutes. The Tretyakov Gallery is located in the neighboring Yakimanka district.

Indonesian embassy in Russia

History of the embassy mansion

The embassy today occupies two buildings connected by one fence,Novokuznetskaya street. One of the houses is the historical Tatishchev mansion, built in 1900 according to the design of Vladimir Vladimirovich Sherwood.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, the building completely retained its historical appearance, however, when it was handed over to the embassy, ​​the patterned fence was replaced, and a major overhaul of the interior was carried out, as a result of which nothing remained of the internal volume of the previous mansion.

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