Famous travelers of the world. Famous travelers and their discoveries

Famous travelers of the world. Famous travelers and their discoveries
Famous travelers of the world. Famous travelers and their discoveries

Probably, someone considers these people to be eccentrics. They left comfortable homes, families and went into the unknown in order to see new uncharted lands. Their bravery is legendary. These are famous travelers of the world, whose names will forever remain in history. Today we will try to introduce you to some of them.

Famous Russian travelers

The history of our country keeps many names of people who have made a huge contribution to its development. Let's dwell on the most famous.

Yermak Alenin (Ataman Yermak)

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The outstanding personality of Yermak Timofeevich Alyonin causes endless controversy. Much more often he is called ataman Yermak. History keeps a secret where he came from. There is no authentic information about how this name appeared.

Cossack Yermak, who was accused of robbery and crimes, fell out of favor with Ivan the Terrible himself. In those days it was tantamount to a death sentence. To avoidimminent execution, the ataman turns to influential people for help, and finds her in the merchant family of the Stroganovs.

The financial interest of the Strogonovs, who traded furs, sent the thoughts of merchants in search of new lands beyond the Urals. This territory belonged to the Siberian khans.

In 1581, with Yermak, 800 Cossacks from the Solikamsk estate of the Strogonovs set off to conquer Siberia. They won their first victory on the banks of the Irtysh. A year later, Yermak reported on the results, and he was removed from disgrace.

Ataman Yermak is the first European who crossed over to Asia from the Urals. The development of Siberia began with him.

Modest Bogdanov

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Famous Russian travelers made many important discoveries. The zoologist Modest Bogdanov left a considerable mark. He was born in the village of Russian Bekshanka, Simbirsk province, at the beginning of 1841.

From 1868 to 1870 Bogdanov traveled around the Volga region. At the age of thirty, he becomes a master of zoology at the University of St. Petersburg. He is elected as a full-time associate professor, and a year later he is the official curator of the zoo museum created at the Academy of Sciences.

In 1871, Bogdanov went on an expedition to the Caucasus (on behalf of the Kazan Society of Naturalists). It should be noted that many famous explorers and travelers were often interested in these places. The expedition helped to collect rich scientific material.

In 1873 Bogdanov went to Central Asia to explore the Khiva oasis. Famous geographers and travelers of the world appreciated the outstanding works,which he left in the Imperial Geographical Society. The expedition to the Aral-Caspian region made a great impression on Bogdanov and served as the basis for his participation in the next trip. Two years later, he led an expedition to the Northern Ocean.

Fyodor Konyukhov

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The famous traveler was born in the fishing village of Chkalovo on the Sea of ​​Azov in December 1951. For two decades, Fedor Filippovich participated in expeditions to the South and North Poles. Among his achievements is the conquest of the highest mountains of the planet. If you ask our compatriots: “Who are the most famous travelers in Russia?”, Many will answer that this is Fedor Konyukhov. Among his achievements are four round-the-world voyages. He conquered the Atlantic Ocean fifteen times. It should be noted that once he went to conquer the Atlantic in a rowboat.

Fyodor Konyukhov entered the world travel history as the first Russian citizen who successfully completed the most difficult Grand Slam program. It includes the conquest of three points: Everest, North and South Pole. He visited the North Pole three times and the South Pole once. He conquered the Pole of relative inaccessibility and Everest, which is also called the Pole of Height. He also visited Cape Horn.

Mikhail Venyukov

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Russian traveler and explorer Venyukov lived a long and interesting life. He traveled to many countries, made many important discoveriesin national science. Venyukov was a graduate of the Imperial Military Academy.

After training and until the end of his days, M.I. Venyukov devoted himself to his favorite business - traveling around the world, which has always been associated with scientific goals, collecting invaluable materials for various fields of science.

From 1857 to 1863 he traveled around the Amur, the Ussuri Territory, Transbaikalia. He visited the Tien Shan and Issyk-Kul, the Caucasus and Altai. At this time, Mikhail Venyukov was awarded the rank of major. In 1868 and 1869, this great man traveled around the world, during which he visited Japan and China.

Famous travelers of the world

The world knows many travelers who saw the meaning of their lives in exploring unknown lands. It is to them that we owe the knowledge we possess today.

Roald Amundsen

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Roald Engelbert Gravning Amundsen is an explorer and polar explorer from Norway. He lived only 56 years, but in such a short period of time he made many discoveries. He died during the search for the missing expedition of Umberto Nobile. The list of his achievements includes the conquest of the South Pole. It was he, with Oscar Wisting, who visited both poles of the Earth, carried out sea research crossings along the eastern and western sea routes.

Between 1903 and 1906 Roald Amundsen sailed around North America for the first time. After spending two winters in Gjoa, Amundsen in the fall of 1904 carefully examined the Simpson Strait, opened a path along the coast of the mainland. famous travelers and theirdiscoveries in the field of geography are an inexhaustible source of knowledge for modern researchers.

Amundsen collected materials on shallow waters, bays and straits, meteorology, and ethnography. On his third expedition around North America, Amundsen and his associates wintered off the northern coast of Canada. The following year, famous travelers crossed the Bering Strait and reached the Pacific Ocean. The materials collected by Amundsen have made an invaluable contribution to world science.

Bring back Cameron

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Famous travelers from the UK have done a lot to explore the surface of the Earth and make accurate geographical maps. One of them is Verney Cameron, who became one of the European explorers of Africa. This man was the first to cross Africa from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic.

The famous traveler was born in July 1844. He was a naval officer who took part in the military conflict that began in Abyssinia (1868). In addition, he happened to participate in the campaign conducted by the British troops. Its goal was to stop the slave trade in East Africa.

In 1872, he was appointed head of the expedition, which was supposed to save the group of David Livingston. Cameron's team arrived in Zanzibar in early March 1873. On March 24, famous travelers crossed over to the continent. The rescue group of Vernie Cameron, after a few months of travel, met with a detachment, which consisted of the remnants of the expedition of D.Livingston, bound for Zanzibar.

Vernie Cameron's expedition in Africa is recognized as the most effective in the field of observations and geographic location. Upon completion, Verney Cameron was awarded by the Geographical Societies of London and Paris.

Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Famous travelers and their discoveries of past centuries seem very distant to us, and the name of this French oceanographer and explorer is well known to our contemporaries.

Jacques Yves Cousteau is a real legend. This name is inextricably linked not only with the outstanding and bright personality of an amazing person, but also with the world of his inventions and research, versatile activities and great heritage.

Jacques Yves Cousteau was born in 1910. This amazing man lived for almost a hundred years, devoting his life to the ocean, to the study of its depths. It would seem that quite recently we all watched the underwater odysseys of Cousteau and his team.

The brilliant scientist was often compared to Gagarin. Both of them were pioneers. Gagarin opened space to humanity, Cousteau - the underwater world.

Today's famous travelers are young and energetic people from around the world. So far, their names are known only to specialists, but years will pass - and if not everyone, then many will learn about their discoveries, and they will appreciate them.

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