Life in Novosibirsk: level, conditions, pros and cons, reviews of those who moved

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Life in Novosibirsk: level, conditions, pros and cons, reviews of those who moved
Life in Novosibirsk: level, conditions, pros and cons, reviews of those who moved

Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia. For this reason, it is not at all surprising that many seek to move to it. Life here has its own characteristics related to both the economic situation and the climate. The harsh natural conditions of the Trans-Urals leave their mark. In our article, we will consider the reviews of those who moved about life in Novosibirsk, the advantages and disadvantages. Let's touch on the issue of conditions, standard of living and other aspects.

Is it easy to get a job in Novosibirsk?

Perhaps the main criterion for the standard of living in Novosibirsk is the possibility of employment and the amount of wages of citizens.

In 2019, fresh vacancies can almost always be found. The only question is what salary a person expects, what profession and qualifications he has. The amount of income of citizens depends on the economic sector. Today, much depends on the employer and onseasonality.

Without a special education, a visitor can apply for a job as a loader, cleaner or janitor. In this case, the payment for unskilled labor is about 15,000 rubles.

Sellers (market or chain supermarkets), housing and communal services and service workers receive more decent wages, which is approximately 19,000 rubles.

Office workers and other information processing personnel get a little more. Their income is about 22,000 rubles.

Workers of road services, manufacturing enterprises, representatives of creative professions receive an average of 27,000 rubles a month. It is worth noting that in relation to these professions, earnings often depend on the level of qualification. Given the growth of professionalism, the level of wages is growing, and often it reaches 31,000 rubles and more.

Employees who have received the highest qualifications: technologists, engineers and other highly qualified specialists receive a salary of around 35,000 rubles.

Top and middle managers, as well as department heads receive about 53,000 rubles a month.

Professions of a programmer and an IT specialist are the most highly paid. The level of wages in this area varies from 80,000 rubles to 130,000 rubles. Accordingly, project managers get more, ordinary employees get less.

The profession of a welder who has been certified by the NAKS is considered the most profitable of the workers. The income of such a workerstarts from 85,000 rubles.

Life in Novosibirsk has its own characteristics. For example, demand for certain areas of activity is formed here. So, most of all vacancies are open in the field of medicine. The first place is occupied by junior medical personnel, then doctors go. The second is web programmers and website designers. The third position is shared by cleaners and cashiers.

You can get a job in the city, but keep in mind that wages are different everywhere. That is why, starting a new life in Novosibirsk, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with suitable vacancies of the appropriate level, having previously compared the risks that are possible in a new place in a foreign city.

salaries in Novosibirsk
salaries in Novosibirsk

Absolutely everyone can find a job in Novosibirsk, but not always exactly where you want. As a rule, in order to be employed in good vacancies, experience in a similar work activity is required, which not everyone has.

Cost of living

Another criterion for the standard of living in Novosibirsk is the cost of living. Prices for commercial food products across the country do not differ too much, however, there are fluctuations of regional significance. The impression of prices largely depends on the place from which the move is planned. A fairly low cost in this city is set for chicken meat and eggs, which is why lovers of poultry products will undoubtedly be happy. The products of local cheese makers and breweries are above the level of average prices in the country. Here you can eat inexpensively in restaurants andfast food cafe. For example, the cost of a standard complex for one person is no more than 250 rubles. The city has a fairly developed public transport network: trams, minibuses, buses. The status of a metropolis obliges one way or another, so life in Novosibirsk takes place using a full-fledged metro line. The cost of one trip at the time of writing is 22 rubles.

Renting a one-room apartment on the outskirts costs from 12,000 rubles. By the way, the center is not significantly more expensive. You can rent housing from 13,000 rubles. Utilities are usually paid separately on receipts. During the heating season, an average of 6,000 rubles is obtained. Life in Novosibirsk, judging by the reviews of those who have moved, is relatively inexpensive.

Here you can buy a one-room apartment from 1,800,000 rubles. However, prices are largely affected by its condition and, of course, the quality characteristics of the house as a whole. By the way, the distance from the center plays a secondary role in comparison with most other Russian cities. In old houses in the center, you can buy or rent an apartment for a relatively low cost.

New buildings are more expensive, even taking into account the lack of interior decoration, prices are often lower than those for secondary housing. The most expensive are apartments in new houses with ready repairs. Distance from public transport stops and metro stations is essential. The combination of conditions somehow allows you to make the right choice.

Residence conditions

new life novosibirsk
new life novosibirsk

The rating of life in Novosibirsk is formed depending on many factors. The city does not have a favorable and warm climate. In winter, frosts can reach -40 ° C, in summer it often rains heavily. If you're prone to depression, this is not the city for you. Visitors sometimes complain about the gloom and dullness of Novosibirsk, as dense dust on the city streets is added to the twilight weather.

The development of the city is being implemented in accordance with a clear plan. Today, in the process of building a new house or residential complex, playgrounds for children are organized. By the way, according to the improvement program, playgrounds are being installed in older courtyards.

Cultural Life

The cultural life of Novosibirsk is quite rich. Each district has a network of entertainment and shopping centers, several cinemas. The cost of a cinema ticket is from 120 rubles, which every citizen can afford. There are many opportunities for cultural relaxation in Novosibirsk. One of the main attractions of the city is the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Philharmonic is visited by lovers of classical music. Parents take their children to the planetarium and the zoo. The city has several museums, including both classic and unusual, for example, the Museum of the Sun.

Novosibirsk nightlife
Novosibirsk nightlife

Life in Novosibirsk, according to those who have moved, is distinguished by a variety of entertainment and a rich cultural component. These words are confirmed by the following figures: in the city at a professional levelthere are 9 theaters (in addition, numerous amateur groups carry out creative activities), 14 museums, one of the largest zoos in Russia is waiting for guests - the Novosibirsk Zoo, a water park and a planetarium. In different areas, 8 recreation parks are quite comfortably located. Judging by the reviews about life in Novosibirsk, they are favorite places for those who like leisurely walks with pets or children, a relaxing holiday filled with harmony. Nature is beautiful!

Novosibirsk nightlife does not stand still. For party-goers, there are many bars and clubs open here, various concerts and festivals are organized. The architectural component is of particular interest. It is worth noting that citizens call the Opera and Ballet Theater the Siberian Colosseum. The Globe Theater is a sailboat, and the puppet theater has no analogues to compare.

Religion and education

Religious life in Novosibirsk is rich in confessions - representatives of almost all world religions can find a place to pray here. Along with traditional Christian churches, several mosques, a Buddhist temple and a synagogue have been built in the city.

There are decent prospects for young people. According to reviews of life in Novosibirsk, local universities provide a satisfactory classical education. There is a good base here for teaching speci alties of modern importance.

Education is attractive for both Russian and foreign students. By the way, judging by the statistics, the number of the latter is steadily growing. Reviews inregarding secondary education are positive. In the educational institutions of Novosibirsk, modern technologies are actively used in the learning process, while many regions are still striving for this. Children can choose additional education in the Houses of Creativity - the city does not lack them.


life in novosibirsk reviews
life in novosibirsk reviews

The move will open up new horizons for travelers - life in the city of Novosibirsk is full of positive moments. The remoteness from Moscow, of course, implies financial costs for those who wish to travel to a resort or see Europe. However, it should be remembered that Siberia also has its advantages. There are many natural attractions in the Novosibirsk region and adjacent territories.

For connoisseurs of domestic architecture in terms of architecture and budget travelers, we recommend a trip to Tomsk. However, the main advantage is the proximity of the Altai Territory. Having gone there only once, you will definitely want to return - this is a real paradise for adventurers and tourists with backpacks on their backs. People with larger amounts of money can head to Lake Baikal. It should be noted that the flight to the nearest Ulan-Ude or Irkutsk will take about 3-4 hours by direct flight.

Flaws of life

Novosibirsk standard of living
Novosibirsk standard of living

We have considered the main aspects and advantages of life in Novosibirsk. Each city has its drawbacks: many consider housing prices too high. Of course, difficulties withlooking for a room or apartment should not arise: housing is actively rented - the choice is huge, but nevertheless, prices sometimes seem disproportionately high compared to salaries.

Problems may appear for those who move to Novosibirsk at the beginning of the school year. The fact is that during this period, profitable options are sorted out in a matter of minutes, however, as in other large cities. People who want to buy an apartment often face the so-called Moscow prices. Currently, renting a one-room apartment in the city center, and with a good repair, costs about 30,000 rubles a month. You can find, as noted above, cheaper housing, in the region of 10,000 rubles. For those who move alone, even this amount often seems unbearable, and if you add expensive utilities, the situation becomes even worse.

The climate in Novosibirsk is sharply continental. The meaning of the concept "sharply" may not be explained to the native inhabitant of the city. In winter, severe frosts reign here for all three months. It is incredible that in the summer the capital of Siberia, on the contrary, often turns into hellish hell. Of course, you can get used to it, but in winter, when the temperature drops below -30 oC, the climatic conditions seem simply unbearable.

The environmental situation here is not catastrophic, but far from desirable. Transport is the main source of air pollution. It should be clarified that the share of emissions from this category of transport is about 65% of the total. main source of supplycity water is the river Ob. So, with a sudden and at the same time significant pollution, the capital of Siberia will be left without water. Despite the fact that most of the enterprises working with radioactive sources have ceased to function, there are still zones in Novosibirsk with radioactive contamination of the natural environment. Many such territories are located in the Kalininsky district, where a chemical concentrate plant operates.

The natural savior of the city is considered to be forests that surround it from all sides. The greenest area (according to statistics, and according to reviews of Novosibirsk) is Zaeltsovsky.

It should be noted that the conditions for car drivers in the city are extremely unfavorable. Novosibirsk was built up at a fairly fast pace, and in a chaotic manner. Then there was no thought that almost every family would have a car. Today, during peak hours, the capital of Siberia freezes in traffic jams. The situation is aggravated by the fact that there are no organized parking lots. In addition, the condition of the roads is unsatisfactory and leaves much to be desired. It is important to note the low-quality work of public services. Often in the city you can find such an "interesting" phenomenon as the failure of a car underground. And situations with boiling water fountains coming out from under broken asph alt are still disappointing in their stability.

Reviews about the city also reflect its most important problems, such as preschool education and he althcare. If the situation with medicine is so-so, then the problem with registration in kindergarten is obvious. ATbudgetary preschool institutions need to apply at least a year in advance, but sometimes children are accepted into acquaintance groups. Due to the acute shortage of educators in employment in kindergartens, there are usually places for the children of staff, but the wages of employees leave much to be desired.

Life expectancy in Novosibirsk

It is interesting to note that in the Novosibirsk region, according to statistics, citizens live up to 70, 86 years. At the same time, the age of men reaches 65.08 years, women - 76.60. The difference is 11.52 years.

Until 2024, the average life expectancy in Novosibirsk should increase to 70 years, and by 2030 - up to 80 years. According to Governor Andrey Travnikov, this will happen through the implementation of a strategy called Siberian Leadership.

Ways to improve quality of life

advantages of living in novosibirsk
advantages of living in novosibirsk

The regional government intends to make progress in critical areas over the next 6 years. Thus, by 2024 the gross product will grow by 1.5 times, that is, up to 1 trillion 970 billion rubles. The revenues of the consolidated budget of the Novosibirsk Region over the next 3 years will amount to at least 544 billion rubles, and in 2022-2024 they will increase to 697 billion.

It was discussed at the forum "Social and Economic Partnership 2019. Siberian Leadership: Strategy of Action" about the tools through which it is planned to improve regional life in terms of quality. According to the governor, the regions should develop in accordance withinnovative scenario, Novosibirsk should lead in the implementation of national projects.

We are talking about the formation of social infrastructure. So, by the end of 2024, at least 570 facilities will be built in the region: kindergartens, schools, feldsher-obstetric stations, clinics, cultural institutions and sports grounds. Approximately 350 more structures and buildings are planned to be overhauled and reconstructed.


novosibirsk city life
novosibirsk city life

In general, the quality of life in Novosibirsk is kept at a very decent level. This largely depends on the position held by an individual citizen and his education. Good specialists one way or another will find a decent job with decent pay.

People who plan to go to Novosibirsk for permanent residence should carefully consider this decision: are they ready for the unfavorable, unusual climatic conditions of the metropolis? For those who are looking for a good job, we recommend that you first check whether there are vacancies in the relevant speci alty. It is important to analyze how high they are paid. Settling down in an unfamiliar place is quite difficult, but with a great desire, everything will work out.