Life in Georgia: pros and cons. Should I move to Georgia?

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Life in Georgia: pros and cons. Should I move to Georgia?
Life in Georgia: pros and cons. Should I move to Georgia?

In April 1991, the Republic of Georgia became a sovereign state, it withdrew from the USSR. The history of this country for more than one century has been inextricably linked with the Russian Empire. Georgia became part of it in 1783. Since that time, many events, positive and negative, have passed. What is the country like today, what is life like in Georgia through the eyes of Georgians and emigrants?

Let's get to know each other better: climatic conditions

prices in georgia
prices in georgia

Georgia is a small and very colorful country. The climate here is comfortable and mild. In the eastern part - subtropical, in the western - Mediterranean. It should be noted that there is no sharp division between them. The Caucasus Mountains protect the country from cold winds from the north. The average January temperature is +5 degrees, in summer the air warms up to +24 degrees. There is quite a lot of precipitation, from 1000 to 2500 millimeters per year. In a word, life in Georgia -it is comfortable first of all.


However, the environmental situation has recently begun to cause some concern. Forests were under the threat of death (despite the fact that their age is calculated for centuries). At present, the restoration of their appearance is a task that is in the foreground for the Ministry of Ecology of Georgia.

The country has cold and transparent mountain rivers, clean air, environmentally friendly products. It is not for nothing that there are many centenarians in it, and the wishes associated with Caucasian longevity are somehow associated with Georgia.

Question of lifespan

The average life expectancy in Georgia is 74.5 years. In accordance with this indicator, the country ranks 92nd out of 193 in the world. Georgian men, on average, live 70.2 years, women - 78.8 years. Obviously, such a life expectancy cannot be called very long. However, the country is home to many individual centenarians. They celebrated 100 years ago. Usually such people stop in the mountainous regions of Georgia.

The standard of living in Georgia and the country's position in the ranking of international importance

real estate in georgia
real estate in georgia

In terms of GDP, the state ranks 113th in the world (there are a total of 187 countries). Each inhabitant accounts for 9630 dollars of GDP. Currently, more than 365,000 residents live below the officially established poverty line. This is slightly less than 1/10 of the total population. The cost of living for one family of four is $127 per month (that's 290 lari). Of course,It's hard to call him high. It is important to note that the average income of an average family is about $176 (that's 400 lari) per month. Opportunities to make serious purchases, purchase real estate or travel to different resorts abroad are almost non-existent.

GDP per capita

georgia permanent residence pros and cons
georgia permanent residence pros and cons

What is life like in Georgia? According to information from the IMF for 2018, relative to the post-Soviet territories, Georgia occupied an average position, judging by the level of GDP per person. One of the key problems of the modern country is mass unemployment. Finding a job here is extremely difficult, and finding a good job is almost impossible. For young people living in the country, unemployment has become a real scourge. Its maximum level can be observed in relation to young people whose age ranges from 25 to 35 years. The fact is that this category of the population did not receive proper education. That is why it is almost impossible to take a worthy position in the labor market.

This is forcing promising young people to change their lives in Georgia to live in other countries where there is work. In recent years, labor migration from this country has reached its peak. A significant part of the youth left for the Russian Federation. Starting from mid-2018, the official unemployment rate began to decline. However, at the end of 2018, more than 25% of the able-bodied population still continued to be unemployed. Those who are registered in the employment structure are paid about 20 GEL per month. Such payments are madeevery month for six months.

What is the state doing to improve the situation?

how to get citizenship of georgia
how to get citizenship of georgia

As it turned out, life in Georgia has its drawbacks. To overcome them, bonus programs have been created in the country and are gradually being introduced at the state level, which are designed to stimulate the Georgian employer to employ those university graduates who have no work experience.

The most demanded in the labor market at present are specialists in the field of agriculture and programmers. The situation in the economy, of course, is not encouraging, but in the village it can be classified as a stalemate. Previously, Georgian youth aspired to obtain the professions of an economist or a lawyer that were in demand. Labor activity in the field of agriculture is not considered as such. That is why the shortage of qualified personnel in this area is simply catastrophic.

Statistical information indicates a high level of shadow economy. No more than 1/3 of the population officially receive wages. For the rest, there is work without registration. Then the salary is issued "in envelopes". And that is when it comes to big cities. It should be noted that in the Georgian province the circumstances are generally discouraging.


Is it worth moving to Georgia? As it turned out, there are some problems with employment. The level of wages in the country today is significantly behind the average relative to the region. And if, gradually, jobs beginappear, then incomes are still not growing. The high level of competition in the labor market is associated with low wages. Incomes of the population can grow only when the entrepreneur is simply forced to raise them. And Georgian businessmen currently have a wide choice of personnel. By the way, foreign specialists, who are considered in demand in certain economic areas, have the right to count on fully rated wages.

Real Estate in Georgia

life in Georgia through the eyes of Georgians
life in Georgia through the eyes of Georgians

The price of one square meter in new buildings in Tbilisi is about 650 dollars. This is a sleeping area. In the city center, the same meter will cost about 2 times more. It is possible to rent a one-room apartment on the outskirts of the country's capital, but this will ease your pocket by $ 200. If we talk about the center, then this amount should be doubled. The price of one square in the resort Batumi is 2955 dollars. The rent for housing space in this city is significantly higher than in Kutaisi or Tbilisi. The price of a square in ski resorts is approximately equal to the capital, that is, 750-1600 dollars. To date, it is profitable to buy real estate in Georgia in coastal cities, among which are Poti or Kobuleti. Mountain resorts (Bakuriani, Gudauri) are also famous for their popularity.

In past years, there has been a significant drop in real estate prices. However, in 2016, an upward trend was noticed, albeit at a gradual pace. Therefore, if no cataclysms happen in Georgia, in future periods the prices willwill increase significantly, especially in the coastal areas of the country.

Commodity prices

standard of living in georgia
standard of living in georgia

What are the prices in Georgia? To begin with, it should be mentioned that there is no difference in the cost of commercial products and services in different regions. True, in coastal areas it is, according to tradition, somewhat higher.

Prices in Georgia for vegetables and fruits are approximately the following (for reference: 1 US dollar equals 2.69 GEL):

  • 1 kg of apricots - 1.5 lari;
  • 1 kg of peaches - 1 lari;
  • 1 kg of figs - 1.6 lari;
  • one watermelon - 0.5 lari;
  • one melon - 1 GEL;
  • 1 kg of new potatoes - 1 lari;
  • 1 kg of cucumbers - 1.3 GEL;
  • 1 kg of tomatoes - 1.5 GEL.

Cost of some food items:

  • lavash - 1 lari;
  • liter of milk - 1.4 GEL;
  • 1 kg of suluguni cheese - about 9 lari;
  • a loaf of bread - 0.5 GEL.

And if you dine at a restaurant?

Food in Georgian restaurants cannot be called extremely expensive. A three-course lunch will cost approximately 20–35 GEL. Of course, there are high-end restaurants here as well. The food of the national Georgian cuisine is quite widely represented there. Naturally, the price for lunch in them is much higher. Georgia has a fairly well-developed network of public catering structures. They are somewhat similar to Soviet canteens. However, such establishments have a more intrusive service. They have the opportunity to dine inexpensively and qualitatively.

Russians in Georgia

Russians move to Georgia quite willingly, but rarely. At present, ethnic Russians live in a compact manner in the largest cities of the country. In the village, this is no more than one percent of the inhabitants, and there are no Russians at all in the highland regions. In the capital, the percentage of ethnic Russians is 10, in Batumi - more than 6. Half of the Russians live in Tbilisi.

Georgian is considered the only state language of the country. It is on it that all documents and teaching in educational institutions (secondary, higher) are conducted. Russian is used as the language of international communication. If suddenly Georgians are addressed in this language, then many of them make the transition with great pleasure, demonstrating a fairly rich vocabulary. However, it is worth considering the significant difference in the ownership of it by those living in cities and in rural areas. So, the townspeople often speak Russian fluently, sometimes even without an accent. Residents of highland and rural areas understand only the general essence of the above. However, they are often unable to express themselves.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country

Do you want to go to Georgia for permanent residence? There are about the same number of pros and cons of life in this country. Let's consider the main ones. It is advisable to include the following points in the benefits:

  • comfortable climate for life;
  • environmentally clean;
  • the opportunity to develop your business due to the fact that the country is in dire need of investment.

Among the shortcomings, we note the following:

  • low levelwages;
  • high taxation;
  • high unemployment rate;
  • Teaching in schools and higher educational institutions only in Georgian.
  • negative attitude towards Russians.

Is it easy to become a citizen?

life expectancy in georgia
life expectancy in georgia

How to get citizenship of Georgia? After the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU, an increasing number of foreigners wish to obtain citizenship of this country. Thus, in Georgia, talks began about toughening the procedures related to the issuance of a Georgian passport. It is worth noting that in a small but proud country, a single citizenship is expected. In other words, a person who intends to become a citizen of Georgia undertakes to first renounce his native citizenship.

In accordance with the law of the country, everyone has the opportunity to obtain Georgian citizenship. There are no legal restrictions on changing citizenship.

How to get citizenship of Georgia? Consider the basic requirements. To obtain a passport of a citizen of a country, one must meet certain standards prescribed by law. Thus, an identity document of Georgia can be held by someone who:

  • He has been living in the country without a break for the past five years. It should be added that for this you need to obtain permanent residence or apply for a residence permit.
  • Knows Georgian at a conversational level.
  • Knows the history of this country very well.
  • Has knowledge related to laws.
  • Has a source of income(official only).
  • Has real estate in Georgia.
  • Holds shares or shares in an enterprise located in Georgia.

The law of the country requires the applicant to pass an exam in Georgian.


Life in modern Georgia can be called ambiguous. On the one hand, the country is currently going through hard times. However, on the other hand, the dynamics of its development at least over the past year, the rise in real estate prices, the possibility of a sharp jump in the economy and the influx of foreign investments indicate high prospects for the country in the near future.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the position of ethnic Russians in modern Georgia cannot be called privileged. Vacancies are occupied mainly by Georgians. It is for this reason that it is doubly difficult for a Russian to find a job. After 2008, for some period, interethnic relations became extremely aggravated. However, the situation was relevant for a relatively short time. So, at present, being Russian and at the same time speaking Russian on the territory of Georgia is allowed almost freely.