March 4: Events of the Day

March 4: Events of the Day
March 4: Events of the Day

Every day on the calendar is usually famous for some event. It doesn't have to be a big national holiday, but for some people it's important.

If your birthday is March 4th

According to the sign of the Zodiac, people born on this day are Pisces. They like to be alone, but the craving for solitude can significantly complicate their lives, hinder the achievement of their goals. A person born on March 4 does not like other people's advice, as they disagree with his opinion. He tries to use all his personal time to good use. Often, in order to achieve his goal, he has to face various difficulties, but in the end he copes with them. But in personal relationships, not everything goes so smoothly.

Basically, these people are distinguished by determination and great willpower. Any business, even if it is carried out for the first time, ends in success. But in order to achieve good results, you need to forget about laziness forever and fight it in every possible way.

March 4

Name day, or Angel Day

Some people, in addition to their real birthday, still celebrate Angel Day. According to a long-standing Orthodox tradition, name day is a holiday whenremember the name of the saint after whom the person is named. An angel protects from all misfortunes and adversities throughout life.

Dmitry, Peter, Nikita, Maxim, Evgeny, Arkhip, Filimon, Timofey, Bogdan, Fedor - men with these names can celebrate Angel Day on March 4.

Folk calendar

On March 4, the Orthodox Church remembers the names of Saints Philemon and Archip. According to an old legend, Philemon was a deeply religious person and turned his house into a monastery. People gathered there for the service, which was conducted by the son of Philemon - Arkhip.

On this day, it is imperative that there are a lot of various dishes on your table, then the whole next year will be successful. A prerequisite is prayer before the meal. In the evening, all leftover dishes should be distributed to those in need. It is believed that all the good done on this day will return many times over.

According to folk signs, on March 4, you need to watch the animals: if you accidentally meet a white hare on the way, you should expect heavy snowfall, if the hare has already changed color, it will soon be warm. A large flock of seagulls flying by portends an imminent ice drift. If there are snow drifts on this day, then the grass will rise late.

On the night of March 4-5, people were afraid to look into the sky, as a shooting star predicted trouble. If, nevertheless, you managed to see this, you need to repeat three times: “Amen! Scatter!”

March 4 holidays

March 4: holidays celebrated in Russia

This day is celebrated not quite an ordinary professional holiday - the Daytheater cashier. The leaders of the Comedian's Shelter Theater, located in St. Petersburg, proposed to single out this profession. Their initiative was supported by representatives of other theaters, and the solemn event was firmly entrenched in the calendar.

March 4 dates

What holidays are celebrated on this day abroad

So, we found out on what occasion we can get together as a company on March 4th. Holidays will always find their heroes of the occasion. But what is this day famous for in the history of other countries?

The Republic of Belarus celebrates the Day of Militia on March 4th. In 1917, the Bolsheviks proposed to organize a people's squad, which would be responsible for peace and order in the territory entrusted to them. Since then, March 4 has been considered a professional holiday for all police officers in Belarus.

March 4th in history

St. Casimir's Day is celebrated on March 4 in Lithuania. In all the churches of the country, festive services are held in his honor, topical issues of religion and the church are discussed. On this day, many residents of the country strive to get to the service in the church of St. Casimir, located in Vilnius, in order to pray to him on this holiday.

birthday March 4

In the United States, March 4 is unofficially celebrated as National Pound Cake Day. The peculiarity of this treat is that all the products contained in it are taken in the same weight - 1 pound. On this day, it is customary to bake such a cake and treat them to neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances, thereby making them happy.

Significant events thisday

March 4 in Russian history:

  • 1726 – the first gymnasium in Russia was opened in St. Petersburg;
  • 1733 - Decree "On the Establishment of Police in Cities" issued;
  • 1762 - Peter III signs the Decree "On Free Trade";
  • 1803 - landowners were empowered to free their peasants, while a prerequisite was to give them land;
  • 1818 - opening of the first monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow;
  • 1837 – Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov was arrested for writing the poem “The Death of a Poet”;
  • 1855 - accession to the throne of Emperor Alexander II;
  • 1852 - Russian writer Nikolai Gogol died;
  • 1870 - the first open-hearth furnace was tested;
  • 1921 - formation of the Abkhaz SSR;
  • 1992 - Soviet actor Yevgeny Evstigneev died;
  • 2006 – Odnoklassniki social network created;
  • 2009 – opening of the Memorial Museum of traveler Yury Senkevich;
  • 2012 - Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency.

What interesting things happened in the world on March 4th? Dates in world history:

  • 1789 Opening of the first US Congress in New York;
  • 1791 - Vermont becomes the 14th US state;
  • 1848 - France introduced universal male suffrage;
  • 1849 - Austria adopted a new constitution;
  • 1857 - Treaty of Paris signed by Britain for the independence of Afghanistan;
  • 1877 - American Emile Berliner invented the world's first microphone;
  • 1880 - first reproduction of photo printed in American newspaper;
  • 1882 - World's first electric trams launched in Britain;
  • 1936 First flight of the airship Hindenburg.

Famous people whose birthday is March 4:

  • musician and composer Antonio Vivaldi;
  • Russian inventor and designer Alexander Kovanko;
  • writer Alexander Belyaev;
  • scientist, theoretical physicist Georgy Gamov;
  • Soviet actor Georgy Shtil;
  • Soviet scientist and TV presenter Yuri Senkevich;
  • Soviet theater and film actress Larisa Luzhina;
  • Soviet and Russian actor Vadim Yakovlev;
  • American actress Katherine O'Hara;
  • Russian singer Boris Moiseev;
  • American actress Stacy Edwards;
  • Russian footballer Vyacheslav Malafeev;
  • American actress Andrea Bowen.

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