How old do you have to be to swear? Is it worth it?

How old do you have to be to swear? Is it worth it?
How old do you have to be to swear? Is it worth it?

You do not know how old you can swear? This information is not regulated anywhere. There are official bans that say you can't swear in public places. That is, if you swear in a restaurant or in a cinema, you can be fined. But this pen alty will be imposed on all persons, without exception. Of course, small children do not fall under this law. Parents of teenagers can always say that their children do not know what they are doing. For a detailed analysis of the question of how much you can swear, look below.


At what age can you swear legally

There is no official law that prohibits swearing by young children. It should be understood that babies talk the same way as their parents talk. If a child in kindergarten swears, then the teacher can understand that obscene languageoften used at home with a child. Should you scold your child for swearing? Certainly. You need to understand that not all parents devote enough time to raising their child. And if this is true, then educators can take on such a duty on their shoulders. They must explain to the child that it is ugly to express in this way. No need to hide the meaning of words from the kids. But it's not worth going into details. Explain that you can’t express yourself in this way, or at least introduce a ban on abusive words within the walls of the kindergarten.

If kids swear, it's the parents' fault. It is with them that an educational conversation should be held. Explain to adults that you can’t express yourself in front of a child and you need to understand that the baby, like a sponge, absorbs everything that he hears into his vocabulary. If a child uses a mat from kindergarten, he will not be able to clear his speech at a more conscious age.


you can swear

Parents didn't teach their child to swear, but did the kid pick up bad words anyway? No need to rack your brains, answering the question of how old you can swear. This can not be done at any age, especially at school. Teenagers spend a lot of time with each other and it is not surprising that their vocabulary is replete with the same words. Therefore, if one child swears, then soon the whole class will learn such words. You can not let the child swear. Parents of a teenager should explain to their child what swear words mean and why they should not be used. Direct prohibitions should not be set, otherwise the child may wagparents are nervous, constantly violating the ban. The idea should be conveyed to the mind of a teenager that swearing is the lowest form of speech and is spoken by people who cannot and do not know how to express their thoughts in a beautiful and literary language.

Swearing obscenities, many children start from the school bench. Therefore, the task of adults is to teach children to find synonyms for abusive words and not to insult each other with obscenities.


how old can you be to swear

When a child goes to college, he believes that he has become quite an adult. Looking around, the teenager copies the behavior of those people whom he considers role models. And if these samples swear, then the teenager will do it. Is it possible to swear at the institute? No. No one will impose fines on a person, however, teachers can scold their students for obscene speech. Yes, and such punishments as additional homework or lower grades are practiced very often. They try to stop swearing, but teenagers, demonstrating their independence and freedom of views, still try to speak like their idols.

To avoid constant swearing with the younger generation, adults need to carefully monitor those people who their growing children look up to. If these are worthy people who know how to speak competently, then you should not be afraid. But if a person cannot connect two words, fears arise by themselves.


You are tormented by the question: at what age can you swear in front of your parents? adults andintelligent people will never allow a strong word to escape from their lips in the older generation. And it doesn't matter how old a person is - 30 or 60. To swear obscenities is to openly demonstrate disrespect for the interlocutor. And parents are those people for whom every person should have not only respect, but also awe. Therefore, at any age, it is impossible to swear in front of parents.

You must always think about what and to whom you say. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a mat at work. Especially this cannot be done with respect to the authorities. Adults should treat each other with respect. Therefore, even if a person has a strong word out of his mouth, you should always apologize for him.

Worth it or not?

from what age

Do you know how old you can swear according to the law? In our country, no such law has been issued that would allow people to swear. Therefore, officially swearing is impossible. But people whose level of development is not too high, not only swear, but also talk on a mat. Is it worth it or not to swear? Each person answers this question for himself. But when you decide to give yourself an answer to a question like this, always take into account the impression you make on people when you swear. A person who uses obscene language very often looks like a person who grew up in a dysfunctional family. After all, the children of alcoholics rarely see decent people visiting and, accordingly, copy the model of behavior from those who are nearby. So if you don't want to be perceived asilliterate redneck, better refrain from swearing. If you can’t live without it, then use swear words only when talking with friends. And in other life situations, try to restrain yourself.

How many people are cursing?


Have you ever wondered how many people in our country use mate? Not? Then here are the statistics. 70% of people in our country swear. 50% of them use the mat from school. These figures help a person understand how much you can swear. But this does not mean that such statistics are an ideal option for the development of the state. Surprisingly, 80% of respondents do not like swearing. Even those people who use swear words in their speech understand that swearing is bad. Therefore, you should think about how rational it is to use swear words in your speech. Do you want to look better in the eyes of those people with whom you constantly communicate? Then clean your speech from abuse, and you will see how the attitude towards you will change.

Chat on the Internet

is it possible to swear

Do you want to get rid of the mat yourself and protect your child from the habit of expressing his thoughts obscenely? Then do not ask yourself how old you can swear. Today, even small children who have just learned to speak swear. Why? Because their parents use swearing to express their violent emotions on a regular basis.

But the most frightening thing is that people spend a lot of their free time on the Internet. And there, though they follow the censorship of speech, butdo not always do it carefully. In the vastness of the Web, you can pick up a lot of swear words. People, hiding behind other people's masks, express their thoughts in the most obscene way. After all, everyone knows perfectly well that punishment will not follow. If you want to make this world a better place, then you don’t need to swear in life and you shouldn’t lead a double life on the Internet. Otherwise, children who access the Internet from an early age will see swear words and consider that it is normal to express their emotions obscenely.

How do they fight mate?

You do not know how old you can swear? In our country, everything that is not officially prohibited is considered permitted. Since there is no clear ban on the age at which one can speak foul language, everyone uses obscene language: from young to old. Is the state fighting this problem? Yes, but not too active. For foul language, the police can impose a fine or force a person to sign a paper obliging him to report to corrective labor. Nevertheless, such methods of struggle do not help. If people are wondering how old you can swear, then they need a clear answer. For example, a law should be passed allowing the use of mats from the age of 50. Agree, an adult well-read person will rarely let out a strong word. But an inexperienced student can speak a mate.

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