SPS: what is it and what is it eaten with?

SPS: what is it and what is it eaten with?
SPS: what is it and what is it eaten with?

This short word can be found on posters and signs, pages of printed publications and the Internet. ATP … What is a letter combination that reads the same in all directions, could mean? It turns out that he has more than enough values. We give only the most famous definitions of the word.

The brainchild of Gaidar and Nemtsov

So, what is SPS? Perhaps the most recognizable object behind this abbreviation is the Union of Right Forces. From the pre-election bloc created in 1999, which united under its wing the Just Cause coalition, the Voice of Russia and New Force movements, a political party grew in 2001. The founding fathers of the Union of Right Forces are Yegor Gaidar, Boris Nemtsov, Anatoly Chubais.

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From the very first days of the existence of the Union, Irina Khakamada was a member (until 2003 she held the post of co-chair). In 2008, the SPS leaders announced the self-dissolution of the political association.

Party in the former Yugoslavia

Since we are talking about politics, it would be unfair not to mention one more meaning of the ATP, however, notRussian, but foreign. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the Socialist Party of Serbia, created by Slobodan Milosevic, has existed in the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro - the legal successor of Yugoslavia, which collapsed in 2003. From 1990 to 1997 The Union of Right Forces occupied the leading positions in the electoral ratings, and since 2001 it has gone into opposition.

Armor-piercing weapons

If the question, what is the SPS, arose while viewing the printed material on the military theme, then most likely it is a Serdyukov self-loading pistol. This type of weapon, developed at the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering, was adopted by the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in 2003.

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The pistol got its name by the name of the designer Pyotr Serdyukov, who was engaged in the creation of this type of weapon in collaboration with Igor Belyaev. The high magazine capacity and the ability to hit difficult targets are the hallmarks of the SPS. What does it mean to break through a bulletproof vest or reinforced car skin from a distance of 50 meters? Serdyukov's pistol copes with this task perfectly.

Mobile communications

Today any of us cannot imagine our life without a cell phone. The base stations of mobile operators are combined into a single Mobile Network, which also sounds like ATP for short. What are ultra-precise transceivers and complex switching equipment, we do not need to know.

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The main thing is that this equipment ensures the reliability and continuity of communication, allowsmake voice calls and use Internet services regardless of our current location.

Transport Service

Those who are at least a little familiar with the work of urban and intercity transport do not need to explain what ATP is. The meaning of this abbreviation is rolling stock service. Such divisions are included in the structure of tram and trolleybus depots, railway depots and subways. SPS employees monitor the condition of wagons and vehicles, are responsible for their repair and modernization. The Rolling Stock Service also performs a number of administrative functions: monitors compliance with the Labor Protection Rules, draws up repair estimates, organizes training and advanced training courses for personnel, concludes contracts for the supply of new equipment, etc.

Help system

People who, by the nature of their service, have to use various regulatory documents, are probably familiar with such names as "Chief Accountant", "Garant", "ConsultantPlus". These electronic software products belong to the category of legal reference systems. Their databases contain up-to-date versions of legal laws, government regulations, decisions of state bodies.

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In addition, here you can get advice from specialists in the field of jurisdiction or accounting, get acquainted with the rules for filling out standard forms, request any information necessary for conducting modern office work.

A gamer's dream

Video game fans know another meaning of the word SPS. stands forthis uncomplicated letter combination is extremely simple. SPS is the short name for the Sony PlayStation. Dear hearts of millions of gamers around the world, the game console in Russia is affectionately called "Sonka".

ATP is

The development of the Japanese company Sony first appeared on the market back in 1994 and has since undergone several upgrades. Today, the capabilities of the PlayStation have expanded significantly. With the help of the set-top box, users can access the Internet, watch movies, listen to music.

Computer slang

This is how gratitude is usually expressed on online forums and in game chats: “thx”. What is it and how to understand it - no one has had such questions for a long time. It is clear that the traditional Russian "thank you" is hidden behind this abbreviation. Obviously, a gamer who is engrossed in an intense battle in virtual reality simply does not have enough time to write long words. A little distracted - and you will find yourself "wounded" or "killed." In a team game, it often becomes necessary to thank an ally or scold an opponent. Therefore, such short words appear.

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