Khabensky Foundation: The main thing is to be there in time

Khabensky Foundation: The main thing is to be there in time
Khabensky Foundation: The main thing is to be there in time

Since 2008, a charitable organization has been operating in Russia to help children with brain cancer. The founder, ideological inspirer of the organization is Konstantin Yuryevich Khabensky. The relief fund is named after him - the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation.

Fund activities

Statistics is an inexorable thing: in the Russian Federation, about 850 children are annually diagnosed with brain cancer, which is about 96% of all oncology of the central nervous system (central nervous system). This indicator is the second after leukemia in frequency. It is not enough to diagnose a disease and operate, a rehabilitation period is needed, it takes more than one year, and therefore the number of children in need of help and support is growing. Knowing these problems from the inside, the Khabensky Foundation defined the mission of the organization: “To be there in time and help!”

For 8 years, the organization has been helping children with brain diseases and other pathologies. The main task is targeted assistance to a specific child taken under guardianship by a public organization. Assistance includes diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation period.

Khabensky Charitable Foundation

Fund programs

The Khabensky Foundation has developed four main assistance programs:

  • enlightenment - "Know and not be afraid";
  • charity - "Targeted assistance";
  • professionalism - "Assistance to medical institutions of the Russian Federation";
  • rehabilitation - "Happiness Therapy".

Each direction has its own priorities in the development and expansion of activities. Funds received by the organization without a targeted assignment are directed to the implementation of the next task. Donations in the name of the child are spent on treatment or rehabilitation.

Khabensky aid fund

Objectives of the Fund's programs

  • "To know and not be afraid." The objectives of the program are the development of early diagnosis of diseases, improving the quality of therapeutic measures, educational activities among the population, aimed at reducing fear of the sick and the disease. All funds received by the Know and Not to Be Afraid program are used to improve the qualifications of doctors, organize educational programs for doctors, prepare and publish information materials about serious brain diseases, the need for examinations, and methods of treating diseases. Also, within the framework of this program, information assistance is provided to families with sick children.
  • "Targeted help". On the page of the Fund's official website in the "Targeted Assistance" tab, each person can make a contribution for the treatment of a child. There you can also see how much money was received formedical or rehabilitation measures. The Khabensky Charitable Foundation welcomes even the smallest help, because big victories grow from small deeds. You can not only sympathize, but also contribute to the recovery, and often saving a child's life. This simple action is available to everyone. A child taken under guardianship has its own page where you can follow the progress of recovery, hobbies, joys and victories.
  • "Assistance to medical institutions of the Russian Federation". The Khabensky Foundation devoted this branch of activity to solving social problems. The program purchases medical equipment for diagnosing brain diseases in children and supplies it to medical centers throughout Russia. Donations under this program are also used to purchase drugs and consumables needed in the diagnostic process.
  • "Happiness Therapy". This is the most joyful of the programs, but no less significant in terms of therapeutic effect. The main task is to provide moral support to children under treatment and help parents to overcome the difficult period. As part of the program, outdoor concerts are organized by volunteers, playgrounds are created for children in pediatric oncology departments, and artists are involved in concert activities as part of the Stars Against Cancer project.
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The charitable organization is open for non-commercial cooperation with all individuals and legal entities. Statutory documents of the charitable foundationKonstantin Khabensky can be found on the official website of the structure in the public domain. Also on the pages of the site you can read reports on the work and get gratitude if you made a donation for any program. The list of organizations, philanthropists and ordinary people actively involved in the work of the fund is constantly updated. Join now!

statutory documents of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation

What's done

For over seven years of existence, Khabensky's charitable foundation has saved 450 children. Already by the beginning of March 2016, more than 20,280,600 rubles had been raised for the work of the fund, which means saved children's lives and happiness for several families. The Foundation cooperates with many organizations on an ongoing basis and, as K. Khabensky noted, rarely someone refuses to participate.

Charity is not just an opportunity to help someone, it is an opportunity to remain a person yourself. If financial assistance is not your way, there is a volunteer program, thanks to participation in which you can also provide all possible assistance. The Foundation is expanding and strives to provide specialized assistance to as many children as possible. Therefore, any participation is welcome!

An active role in organizing events is played by the founder of the foundation Konstantin Khabensky. The Charitable Foundation places reviews of participants in medical programs and their families in groups on social networks. There you can also get advice on applying for help or offer participation in the life of the fund.

Khabensky Foundation

Severalwords about the founder of the fund

Konstantin Khabensky is a bright personality and a talented actor. Few people manage to come out of life's upheavals with the decision to give more in life to people than to receive. Khabensky succeeded, the result was a fund for helping children. The program moved in small steps during the period of creation. But now the prospects of the case and the results of the work are visible.

Khabensky provides assistance through the foundation, and also does another important thing - he is developing children's theater studios. Members of theater studios give performances. All proceeds go to help sick children. And this is an inoculation of kindness and complicity to the future generation, which is no less important than saving lives, because we are talking about the soul.

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