Where is the tallest TV tower in the world?

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Where is the tallest TV tower in the world?
Where is the tallest TV tower in the world?

The incredible height of the building is one of the amazing modern architectural achievements. Urban planners around the world are increasingly constructing buildings of unthinkable height, seeking to exceed existing records. All this is due to commercial considerations and the desire for fame, as well as the solution of some environmental problems.

It should be noted that among the authors of such architectural structures there is a good tendency to combine height with aesthetics and beauty. The sophistication of many giant towers delights and amazes.

The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower

Where is the tallest TV tower in the world? You can find out about this by reading the information presented in the article. Here is a list of the tallest towers, most of which were built in Asian countries (especially China).

Zhongyuan (China)

One of the tallest TV towers is located inChinese province of Henan. Its height is 388 meters. It serves as an observation and communication tower for the entire city of Zhengzhou.

zhongyuan tower
zhongyuan tower

The building entered the Guinness Book of Records due to the fact that it offers the most beautiful panorama in the world (observation deck on the third and fourth floors). The interior of the tower is adorned with marvelous patterns that combine the diversity of cultures that exist in modern China.

Beijing TV Tower (China)

Its height is 405 meters. Its construction lasted from 1987 to 1992.

The tower has an observation deck with a revolving restaurant. From its height, you can observe the wonderful architecture of Beijing. This magnificent modern marvel features original lighting and an unusual design.

Tianjin TV Tower (China)

The 415.2 m high TV tower was built in 1991. $45 million was spent on its construction (for 2016, adjusted for inflation, it is $78 million).

tianjin tv tower
tianjin tv tower

Against the background of one of the tallest TV towers in the world, the rest of the architectural structures of Tianjin, represented mostly by high-rise buildings, seem very small. The TV tower has an amazing aesthetic appeal in every respect, harmoniously combining the features of modernity.

Menara Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The height of the building at 421 meters provides a wonderful view of the city of Kuala Lumpur - the capitalMalaysia. Built in 1994, the TV tower is mainly used for communications and tourism development.

For the Malaysians themselves, the tower has a symbolic meaning, being a wonderful cultural heritage of the state.

Borje Milad (Iran)

Another of the tallest TV towers (height - 435 meters) is located in the capital of Iran - Borje Milad. Its peculiarity is its unique design (style and height are not typical for Iranian architecture).

Borje Milad
Borje Milad

The tower consists of twelve floors, used for a variety of purposes. There are telecommunications and trading platforms, as well as hotel rooms, cafes and areas with magnificent views. The tower is equipped with six panoramic elevators.

Oriental Pearl (China)

One of the tallest TV towers located in China (Shanghai), reaches a height of up to 468 meters. The skyscraper, original in its architecture, consists of 14 floors and 11 spheres, made in the traditional style of the East.

Completed in 1994, the skyscraper is used for a variety of purposes. It has hotel rooms, an observation center, a cafe, and also provides communication services. Decorated with multiple multi-colored LEDs, the building amazes with its unparalleled beauty at night.

Ostankino Tower (Russia)

The tallest TV tower in Russia is the Ostankino tower, which ranks fourth in the world in terms of its height (540 meters). Among other things, among all freely located structures on the planet, it is includedin the top ten, ranking eighth.

Ostankino tower
Ostankino tower

The building was built during the Soviet era in honor of the anniversary (50 years) of the October Revolution. The main purpose of the symbol of the development of architecture from the times of the Soviet Union is radio and television broadcasting. To this day, the Ostankino TV Tower is the tallest TV tower in Europe. It should be noted that the project was invented by the author Nikitin in just one night, and the upside-down lily became its prototype.

In August 2000, the tower, at a height of 460 meters, there was a strong fire, in connection with which three floors were completely burned out. Extensive renovation work completed in February 2008.

CN Tower (Canada)

The list of the tallest towers in the world also includes this structure (553.3 meters), built in 1976 in the Canadian city of Toronto. At the time of completion of construction, the building was the largest building of its type and a free-standing structural unit. The CN Tower lost that position to the Guangzhou TV Tower three decades later. An interesting fact is that the height of this tower is 2 times higher than the Eiffel.

The building consists of 147 floors used for various purposes. This includes telecommunications, observation decks and a restaurant. The tower cost $63 million to build in 1976, which is about $177 million today, adjusted for inflation.

Guangzhou TV Tower (China)

Where is China's tallest TV tower? This grand building in Guangzhou for a long time occupiedamong all the tallest towers in the world first place. The 37-storey building is 600 meters high.

Guangzhou TV Tower
Guangzhou TV Tower

The building, in addition to the main purpose, is used for observations by astronomers, as well as for excursions. From its height, amazing views of Guangzhou open up. The structure is crowned with a 160-meter steel spire.

Ranks fifth among the tallest free-standing structures in the world. It is important to note that the hyperboloid design of the mesh-shaped shell corresponds to the patent (1899) of V. G. Shukhov, a Russian engineer.

Tokyo Skytree (Japan)

A majestic building (Tokyo Skytree) with a height of 634 meters, with a magnificent facade that combines traditional Japanese forms and postmodern architecture, is the world's tallest tower. It was built in the Sumida district of the capital of Japan. It is used as a radio hub and observation tower. There are houses, the best world-class restaurants, 300 boutiques, a planetarium, an aquarium and a theater here.

There are 29 floors in the building. Construction was completed in 2012 at a cost of approximately $806 million.

tokyo skytree
tokyo skytree

In conclusion

I would like to mention here the greatest symbol of Paris (height - 324 meters), although there are higher TV towers in the world. The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel and built in 1889 for the World Exhibition. It was erected long before the appearance of the very first television towers.

Twenty years after its construction, it was decidedto dismantle this structure, but the invention of the radio saved the tower, which allowed the brainchild of the engineer Eiffel to get a second birth.