The tallest building in the world: top tallest buildings

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The tallest building in the world: top tallest buildings
The tallest building in the world: top tallest buildings

The main share in the ranking of skyscrapers falls on China. This country holds the lead not only in the number of tallest buildings in the world, but also in the number of high-rise new buildings per year.

Skyscrapers with original designs have always attracted people's attention. Millions of tourists strive to visit the observation decks of the most famous buildings and admire the beauty of the landscapes spread below. This article will talk about the most famous skyscrapers, as well as how many floors in the tallest building in the world.

Selection criteria

Many companies compete to see who built the tallest skyscraper. Until 1988, the selection of the tallest buildings in the world was carried out according to the design features of the building. The height from the level of the sidewalk to the top of the structure was taken into account. At the same time, those elements that can be added without major changes in the structure of the building (flagpoles, masts) were not considered.

Then the classification system was changed. Tall Buildings Council andsuburban environment has identified three categories by which to determine the height of the tallest building in the world. The selection is carried out according to the following parameters:

  • Building height including spiers and towers;
  • The height of the last floor where people can be permanently and safely. Technical floor and other utility rooms are not taken into account.
  • Height to spire, antennae and mast levels.
  • Height to roof level.

Further in the article, the tallest buildings in the world are listed in order. As a rule, they all have a beautiful and original design.

Burj Khalifa

Top of the tallest buildings in the world opens a unique and majestic building, which is located in Dubai (the capital of the United Arab Emirates). The opening ceremony of this unique building took place in 2010. The height of the skyscraper is 829.8 meters. This is the tallest building in the world. Floors in it - 163.

The construction of the tower was planned according to the "city within a city" principle. It has its own parks, boulevards and lawns.

Inside the complex there are hotels, office space, shopping centers. Guests and lodgers can have a great time in gyms, swimming pools, on specially equipped beaches. The observation deck is incredibly popular here, tickets for which you need to buy a few days in advance.

Glasses of the building do not let in dust and sunlight, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature inside. The tower itself is made of a special brand of concrete, which was designed specifically for the Burj Khalifa. He endurestemperature up to + 60 °C. On the 122nd floor is the restaurant "Atmosfera" - the highest in the world.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Tokyo Skytree

The height of the object is 634 meters. The tower was built taking into account the unfavorable seismological situation in the capital of Japan. The building has a special system that blocks up to 50% of tremors during an earthquake.

The antenna tower provides digital television and radio broadcasting, mobile telephone communications and a navigation system. The building is considered a popular tourist attraction. There are two observation platforms, a shopping complex that includes boutiques and restaurants. Tourists can visit the planetarium and aquarium. One of the venues has a glass floor that gives visitors a view of the city streets right under their feet.

Tokyo Skytree

Shanghai Tower

The small fishing village of Shanghai has grown into a huge metropolis. Now it is considered the best in the world among the most densely populated cities. Its architecture combines both national traditions and modern technologies. In 2008, the laying of the foundation of the tower began, which is now in third place in the ranking of the tallest buildings in the world. In 2017, an observation deck for tourists was opened. It is located at an altitude of 562 meters, covered with panoramic windows and is considered the highest located in the world.

The height of the building is 632 meters, there are 128 floors above ground and 5 underground. In addition to conventional elevators, there are two high-speed ones that move at a speed of 20 meters.per second. Inside the building are offices of large companies (Chinese and foreign), hotels, restaurants, boutiques, fitness centers, spas, concert halls.

From the observation deck overlooking the city center. It is especially beautiful here before sunset. At this time, you can see the city in the rays of the departing star and at night.

tower in shanghai

Abraj al-Bait

The complex of high-rise buildings Abraj al-Beit is located in Saudi Arabia in the city of Mecca. It is the largest structure by mass and the fourth tallest structure in the world. At the top of the tower is a giant clock that can be seen from anywhere in the city.

The highest part of the building is called the King's Tower. It has a height of 601 meters. The complex has apartments for we althy residents, conference rooms for business travelers, shopping malls.

Inside there is a garage that can park about 900 cars. A helipad has also been built here to meet high-ranking guests.

Abraj al-Beit Complex

International Financial Center

The complex of buildings, which includes a 115-storey skyscraper with a height of 599 meters. It is located in China, commissioned in 2017. The center is located in the Fution business district of Shenzhen.

According to the original design, a 60-meter antenna would be installed on the roof of the building, which would make this skyscraper the tallest in China. But then the antenna was removed from the project due to the proximity of the object to the airport, sohow could she interfere with the takeoffs and landings of planes.

The facade of the tower is made of natural stone. This gives it a stylish look. The building houses offices of well-known financial institutions, electronics companies, as well as numerous hotels and restaurants. There are also viewing platforms.

China International Financial Center

World Trade Center

Built in the USA in 2013 on the site of the World Trade Center, which was damaged by terrorists. The Freedom Tower (as this center is also called) has 104 floors and is the tallest building in the United States. Its height is 541 meters. Almost $4 billion was spent on the construction of this facility.

US World Trade Center

Taipei 101

A unique giant skyscraper in the capital of Taiwan (named after one of the districts of the city), which is built in a seismic zone. The city is located at the junction of tectonic faults, is included in the zone of the strongest typhoons. Despite this, this unique object with a height of 509 meters was built here and opened in 2004. In strong winds, the ball sways, and the building remains motionless. This feature has made Taipei 101 one of the wonders of the world.

The 101st floor of the skyscraper houses huge shopping centers and small fashion boutiques, offices, restaurants, swimming pools and beaches. There are two observation decks here that offer a view of the gorgeous panorama of the city.

Taipei 101 in Taiwan

World Financial Center

The object is located in Shanghai, its height is 492 meters. One and a half billion dollars were spent on the construction of the skyscraper. The building was commissioned in 2008. It mainly houses office space and hotels. There is also a multi-level parking, restaurants, a museum. The building has passed a rigorous seismological stability test. It can withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 7.

Petronas Towers

Two twin skyscrapers in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, built according to the canons of Islamic architecture. Their height is 452 meters. The 88 floors in both towers are offices, conference rooms, hotels, art galleries, concert halls.

The Petronas Towers are connected by a glass bridge at a height of 170 meters. It is here that the observation deck is located, and the view that opens from it is truly breathtaking. Now these structures are considered the tallest twin towers in the world, but earlier the palm belonged to Chicago. Petronas architects have increased the height of the structures with spiers that are integral with the towers.

petronas towers

Willis Tower

The skyscraper is located in Chicago. Its height is 442 meters. This building is interesting because it was built in 1972. It is the oldest skyscraper on the planet. He held the record for the tallest structure in the world for 25 years.

Willis Tower

The building is based on nine square pipes, standing on a concrete embankment, which is driven into a solidbreed. The building has 108 floors. Now most of them belong to a private person, the rest of the territory is occupied by office space. An observation deck is located at an altitude of 412 meters. One and a half million tourists come here every year to admire the breathtaking panorama of Chicago and the surrounding area.

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