Cora Hale: character biography

Cora Hale: character biography
Cora Hale: character biography

"It's not just revenge. Losing a pack is not the same as losing a family. It's like losing a limb."

Cora Hale

Cora Hale (actress Adelaide Kane) is a character in the popular television series Teen Wolf, which aired from 2011 to 2017. She was a minor character in the series' third season. Despite the short time in the project, Cora is a character loved by the viewer with a vividly told story and revealed from different angles. Before the appearance of the girl in the second episode of the third season of Teen Wolf, Cora Hale was believed to have died in a fire. She is the daughter of the legendary Talia Hale, niece of Peter Hale, younger sister of Laura and Derek Hale, cousin of Malia Hale.


Cora Hale is a petite, beautiful girl with pale skin, large brown eyes, and hair dyed reddish brown with light tips. She preferred comfortable clothes, such as synthetic leggings and a sports bra for workouts, jeans and a flannel shirt for every day. The girl did not wear makeup and jewelry, preferring a simple style.

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Losing parents inat a very young age, Cora has grown into a stubborn and independent young woman who is able to take care of herself. She can often be reckless and impulsive, especially when it comes to the upcoming battle. In such a situation, the girl would rather rush straight to danger than decide to retreat. Cora is an extremely mature girl for her young age compared to the rest of the stupid werewolf teens living in Beacon Hills. However, the girl's opinion about them changes after one of these teenagers saves her life. Cora is also very devoted to her family, especially her brother Derek.

Powers and abilities

Cora Hale possesses all the basic abilities of a Beta-level werewolf, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, perception, and accelerated healing. She also has the ability to absorb another creature's pain and transform into a wolf, causing her forehead to become prominent, thick sideburns to grow, and her teeth and nails to turn into sharp fangs and claws. Born a werewolf and having lived on the run for most of her life, Cora could more easily harmonize with her wolf form and animal instincts than with other werewolves in Beacon Hills. Therefore, the girl had no problem transforming into her Beta form whenever needed.

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Cora's weaknesses are the same as all werewolves: wolf aconite, mountain ash, electricity, wolf letaria, modified canine distemper virus,as well as ultrasonic and infrasonic frequencies. She is also vulnerable to lunar eclipses, which cause all werewolves to temporarily lose their abilities. And, although Cora has been an active werewolf for quite some time, and usually a full moon is not a problem for her, any werewolf can lose control on a full moon or super moon under certain circumstances (for example, after Kora has been deprived of moonlight for 3 months in in a bank vault and could not transform into a wolf, the first time she felt the moonlight, the girl became extremely bloodthirsty and cruel).

Early life

Cora was born in the mid-1990s and is the youngest child of Talia Hale. When she was 11 years old, the girl's house was set on fire by werewolf hunters, killing 8-11 members of her family (with the exception of Laura and Derek, who were at the school at the time of the fire), many of which were ordinary people. Cora and her uncle Peter (2nd and 3rd degree burns left him in a coma for 6 years) were the only survivors of this terrible fire.

It is not known how the girl managed to get out of the burning house, but her survival instincts were so strong that, thinking that her entire family (including Derek, Laura and Peter) died in a fire, the girl fled to South America through Mexico and Central America, where she joined the local werewolf pack.

At some point in early 2011, Cora heard rumors of a strong new Hale Alpha creating a new pack in Beacon Hills. This news shocked her, because the girl considered herself the only survivor from her family.However, after finally returning to California to investigate these rumors, Cora was captured by the Alpha Pack.

Season 3

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Cora Hale was a prisoner in a bank vault lined with moonstone. Once, once again exposed to the power of the moon, she went out of control and got out of captivity.

Together with her uncle Peter Hale, the girl takes part in the attack on a flock of Alphas.

Constant contractions lead to the fact that one day Cora is close to death. Her brother Derek can save her if he renounces his Alpha status.

Cora's life was eventually saved. Derek chose family over superpowers and saved his sister by giving up his powers.

The Alpha pack was defeated and she and her brother left Beacon Hills. Derek sends Cora back to South America where she will be safe.

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