The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan: biography, personal life

The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan: biography, personal life
The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan: biography, personal life

It's no secret that the life of Arab sheikhs resembles a "real fairy tale". It is generally accepted that they bathe in luxury, without denying themselves anything. Comfortable planes, yachts, cars for the heirs to the throne in the UAE are a familiar and ordinary phenomenon. They can have fun as they please. However, the older generation of royal dynasties instills in their offspring not only a love for pompous recreation, but also develops in them a talent for wise government in the state so that it prospers every year, and its inhabitants feel secure and happy.

Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan

The 33-year-old prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan, was brought up in this vein. He prefers an active lifestyle, skillfully distributing time between public affairs and his hobbies. Perhaps this is the secret of the fact that today the Principality of Dubai is an economic miracle of the 21st century? Thanks to whom could it appear on the territory of the UAE? Naturally, thanks to the competent policy of the ruling elite. And, of course, the Crown Prince of Dubai made his contribution to this process. How does he manage to combinework and rest, so that there is enough time for both? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

History of the dynasty

Not many people know that the mentioned Prince of Dubai is the son of the Arab Sheikh Mohamed Al Maktoum. The father of the heir is the Prime Minister and Vice President of the Emirates. Historiographers claim that the Sheikh's lineage originates from the ancient Bani Yas tribes who lived in the areas where the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are currently located.

Prince of Dubai

The Arab principality of Dubai was founded by Sheikh Maktun bin Butta in 1833. Since then, this ancient family has ruled them.


The thirty-three-year-old Prince of Dubai was born on November 14, 1982. It should be noted that he is not the only heir in the family. Sheikh Hamdan has 9 sisters and 6 brothers. At home, the boy studied at one of the private colleges.

He spent his youth years in Western Europe, namely in the UK, where he received an excellent education. First, the prince of Dubai gnawed at the granite of science at the military school of the army, located in the English Sankhdhurst. He then graduated from the College of Economics in London and upon his return home from the School of Administration in Dubai.

Government activity

Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan began ruling the principality on February 1, 2008, after his older brother "abdicated." In fairness, it should be noted that the parents expected a similar outcome of the case, so they prepared the offspring in advance for the fact that he would take the reinsrule of the principality in their own hands.

Prince of Dubai Sheikh

And the Prince of Dubai, Hamdan, justified the hopes placed on him: he is actively involved in the political life of his native country, trying not to miss a single congress and summit.

Back in 2006, he was offered the position of head of the Executive Council of the Emirate. The duties of the young man included the supervision and supervision of government agencies. In this responsible position, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan, developed and proposed to his colleagues to adopt a strategic plan for the development of the Emirate for the coming years, which was done. The young manager showed his business qualities in another position - the head of the Sports Council of the Emirate of Dubai. He was also entrusted with the leadership of the Young Entrepreneurs Institute.

Social projects

Sheikh Hamdan devotes a lot of time to solving social problems. In particular, he funds several programs aimed at helping children and animals, often attending charity events. The crown prince even heads a specialized autism center in the Emirates.

Prince of Dubai Hamdan

Despite the high position and social status occupied in society, Sheikh Hamdan in life is a modest person who does not boast of his regalia and merits. That is why he has earned great prestige among the people.


The Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan has a lot of hobbies. He loves to surf the Persian Gulf on scooters and water skis. The young man is also interestedthe underwater world, with pleasure practicing scuba diving.

Not everyone knows that the sheikh prefers to spend time on falconry. He likes skydiving. As a rule, he is engaged in this business over the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The prince has long been no stranger to jumping - long months of training are taking their toll.


In addition, the heir to the throne in Dubai once tested the ultra-modern aircraft JETLEV-FLYER, which works in the air thanks to the power of giant jets of water. The young man was able to rise up and “soar” against the backdrop of the famous seven-star hotel called Burj al Arab. Sheikh Hamdan loves to get a good dose of adrenaline from time to time.

Prince of Dubai's wife

The heir to the throne, among other things, an experienced horse rider. He participated in horse racing many times and won prizes at prestigious competitions on numerous occasions. In particular, the Sheikh won first place at the Asian Olympic Games.

He spends fabulous money on camels, honoring Bedouin traditions.

And, of course, the royal offspring cannot do without travel. However, he is more interested in extreme tourism. So, the Prince of Dubai has already traveled to the African continent, where he hunted lions with a photo gun. He also visited the Russian Federation. In our country, he got acquainted with the traditions of falconry in more detail.

Romantic and altruist

Another unusual hobby of Sheikh Hamdan is poetry. Young maninherited it from his father. The prince composes on romantic and patriotic themes. He creates his poems under the pseudonym Fazza ("success in everything"). Moreover, his talent as a poet has already been noted by the public.

Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan

The sphere of hobbies of the heir to the throne of Dubai also includes doing good deeds, that is, helping people. He is one of the participants in the creation of the "Society Without Borders" structure, the purpose of which is to provide support to people with disabilities.

Back in 2006, the Prince initiated the Integration Project, which was supposed to help members of society with disabilities to facilitate integration into the social environment.

The Sheikh also took care of improving road safety by toughening the punishment for those drivers who ignore the rules of the road. In this case, persistent violators will be deprived of a driver's license for up to 6 months.

Relationships with the opposite sex

Of course, the crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan, is the dream of any girl, and if you consider that he is charming, handsome and smart, then a whole line of representatives of the weaker sex will line up in an attempt to win his heart. However, Eastern men are wayward, temperamental, and the heir to the throne is no exception.

At the same time, the young man keeps the details of his personal life a secret. And girls would give a lot to find out who the wife of the Prince of Dubai is? Earlier, the press wrote that the heart of the "heir to the throne" was not occupied by anyone.

Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan wife

The media also mentioned that the sheikh makes rather strict requirements for his potential chosen one, these are the traditions of the East. However, religion allows the sheikh to have as many wives as he wants, so talking about his love interests is quite difficult. Formally, women in the Emirates are not infringed on their rights, but still Sharia law prevails here, so the wife is obliged to unquestioningly obey her husband.

And yet, after some time, he revealed the secret of his personal life, saying that his engagement took place in infancy. Such an odious statement was once made by the Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan! The wife of the heir to the throne is his maternal cousin. Her name is Sheikha bint Said bin Thani Al Maktoum. Newspapers published photographs several times in which a young man was captured with a stranger, whose face was hidden from prying eyes.

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