Crown Prince Frederik (Denmark): biography, personal life

Crown Prince Frederik (Denmark): biography, personal life
Crown Prince Frederik (Denmark): biography, personal life

Crown Prince Frederik before his marriage did not have a calm disposition. He could abandon his studies at the university, was fond of concerts, football. The young man enjoyed life. He had many novels, including with the scandalous rock singer Maria Montel. He even wanted to marry her, but his mother, the Queen of Denmark, did not support this idea.

The article tells about the royal dynasty of Denmark, its current queen, the crown prince and crown princess of the modern European kingdom.

Crown Prince Family

The origin of the line of Danish kings takes from the first ruler Harald Blue-toothed, who lived more than a thousand years ago. The dynasty never ended. The Scandinavian kingdom has been ruled throughout its history by fifty kings and two queens.

The family of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik had two sons. The eldest is called Frederic, and the youngest is Joachim. The difference between the children is only one year.

On their father's side, they belong to the French county dynasty of Laborde de Monpezat. On the maternal side - to the house of Glücksburg. Brothersare great-great-grandchildren of King Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

The direct heir to the Danish throne is the eldest of the sons, Frederick. How did his mother become queen, despite the fact that the title was passed only through the male line?

Mother's details

Crown Prince Frederik

Margrethe II was born on 04/10/1940 in the palace of the King of Denmark Frederik the IX and Princess Ingrid of Sweden. They had no sons, so the king had to change the law of succession. This happened when Margrethe was not yet thirteen years old, and when she reached eighteen years old, she had to hold meetings of the State Council in the absence of the king. Subsequently, she was able to ascend the throne.

In her young years, she was educated at various educational institutions in Europe, namely in Hampshire, Copenhagen, Cambridge, Aarhus, Sorbonne, London. In addition to Danish, the Queen speaks French, English, German, Swedish.

In 1967, the Crown Princess married a French diplomat, Count Henri de Monpeza, who became Prince Henrik. She ascended the throne on January 14, 1972.

The current queen is a self-worthy person. This beautiful and intelligent woman is loved not only by relatives, but also by compatriots. She has ruled the state for over thirty years.

Father information

Today, the French count has a Danish name, Henrik. He was educated at the Sorbonne and speaks fluent Chinese and Vietnamese. In addition, he is an excellent pianist,sailor and pilot.

Education of the Crown Prince

The eldest son Frederick was born on May 26, 1968. In his younger years, he received both secular and military education.

In addition to secondary education, Crown Prince Frederik studied civics at Harvard (USA) for one year. He also completed an internship at the UN mission in the United States. In 1995, he received his Ph.D. from Aarhus University (Political Science).

After that, he worked for a year at the Danish Embassy in the French capital as First Secretary.

Service in the army

Margrethe II

As heir to the throne, Crown Prince Frederik is an officer in all branches of the Danish Armed Forces. He began his military career at the age of twenty-three with a service in the Royal Life Guards. Since 2015, he has been a rear admiral of the fleet, a major general of aviation and the army.

Due to official receptions, the Crown Prince can be seen in the uniform of a Navy officer.

From Mary Donaldson to Mary Danish

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born on February 5, 1972 in Australia to a family of emigrants from Scotland. She was the youngest daughter in a family with four children. Her father John worked as a professor of mathematics at universities in different countries, namely in Australia, the United States of America, England, South Korea. Mother Henrietta died when Mary was twenty-five from an unsuccessful operation. Father married a second time to an Englishwoman, author of detective stories.

The girl received her education in different countries, depending on the place of residence of her parents. Yes, youngerShe went to school in Texas (USA), college and university - in Tasmania (Australia). Received a speci alty in commerce and jurisprudence. After graduation, she worked for advertising agencies in Melbourne and Sydney.

Crown Prince Frederick and Mary

The Crown Prince of Denmark met his future wife in 2000 in a Sydney pub. At that time, the Summer Olympic Games were held there, in which the young man took part as a representative of the Danish sailing team. Mary moved to Paris the following year as an English teacher. A year later, she moved to Denmark.

The engagement of a young couple took place in 2003. The following year, Crown Prince Frederik married Mary Donaldson, which resulted in her becoming Crown Princess. From that time on, her name was Mary Danish.

Interesting wedding facts

Crown Prince of Denmark

Wedding date - 05/14/2004. But the celebrations for the occasion began a week earlier. They were held with an Australian flair. This was reflected in the choice of musicians, chef, products.

In order for the marriage to take place, the girl changed her religion, converting to Lutheranism, and also received Danish citizenship, refusing Australian and British citizenship. Her father also moved to Denmark and began teaching at universities.

The sacrament of the wedding was held in the Cathedral of Copenhagen, and the secular celebration took place in Fredensborg Palace.

The bride's dress was designed by designer Uffe Frank, who learned the craft from Armani.The outfit impressed not only with beauty, but also with numbers. It took more than sixty meters of satin, more than thirty meters of lace, fifteen meters of organza to create it. The finished outfit weighed about ten kilograms.

Children of the heir to the throne

crown prince frederik height

Today, Crown Prince Frederik and Mary are raising four children, two of whom are twins.

Children Information:

  • son Christian (born 10/15/2005) is the second in line of succession to the throne of Denmark after his father;
  • daughter Isabella was born on 04/22/2007;
  • son Vincent and daughter Josephine were born on 01/08/2011.

Interesting facts from the life of the Crown Prince

While serving in the Navy, a funny episode happened to an officer, as a result of which he received the nickname Penguin. The diving suit filled with air (due to insufficient density) and Frederic had to swim on the surface of the water, sliding on his stomach, like a penguin.

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson

Crown Prince Frederik, who is 183 cm tall, took part in a polar expedition called "Sirius 2000". He also ran a marathon distance, which is forty-two kilometers, completing it in three hours, twenty-two minutes, and fifty seconds.

He was able to pass the island of Greenland. Moving from west to east, he covered a distance of two thousand five hundred kilometers by dog ​​sled. At the same time, in some places the frost reached forty degrees Celsius.

In his free time, the crown prince likes to playhard rock.

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