UAE: interesting facts about the country and life in the Emirates

UAE: interesting facts about the country and life in the Emirates
UAE: interesting facts about the country and life in the Emirates

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a country that surprisingly harmoniously combines the exotic of the East and ultra-modern sights. You can visit any of the seven independent monarchies united under one flag and find something unique and attractive for tourists in each. In the Emirates, everything is done at a high level, from the airport to the water park. Rest on the shores of the Persian Gulf will be the most unforgettable and exciting. But just reading and learning interesting facts about the UAE will be interesting for everyone.


The main religion in the UAE is Islam. Therefore, the emirates have strict rules regarding appearance, behavior and alcohol consumption. The rules are the same for everyone - both for the indigenous population and for tourists. In some emirates, strict adherence to the rules is more loyal, for example in Dubai.

UAE interesting facts about the country

During the holy month of Ramadan, even vacationers are notallowed to eat during the day. But in some cities, tourist restaurants still work, where guests of the country can retire and dine behind tightly curtained windows.


One of the richest countries in the world is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Interesting statistics show that for 5 million citizens of the country there are 60 thousand dollar millionaires. The basis of the economy in the Emirates is the extraction and export of hydrocarbons. Many we althy citizens live in Dubai, as in this city you can freely conduct your business and not pay taxes. The average monthly salary of a civil servant is about $10,000. Each emirate has its own autonomy, which is so wide that it allows them to independently determine the amount of deductions to the country's budget.

Rich Sheiks

Members of the ruling dynasties of the emirates are called sheikhs. They "wear" this title until the end of their lives. Arab sheikhs are called the most godly people on the planet. They purchase yachts and islands in the UAE. Other interesting facts about life in the land of sheikhs:

  • They have golden laptops, smartphones, hot tubs and other incredibly expensive items.
  • Palaces where sheikhs live with their families are strictly forbidden to photograph.
  • Sheikhs are educated and smart.
  • Their main passions are women, expensive cars, gold and horses.
  • The Koran allows sheikhs to have up to four wives.
interesting facts about the sheikhs of the UAE

Arab women

In the Emirates at the representativesthe weaker sex is a special position. Even in the heat, they go out in a black abaya and a black scarf. Until 1996, Arab women wore all the jewelry under their clothes, because at any moment an angry husband could publicly divorce his wife. Then she would have to leave him immediately in what she was wearing. For a divorce in the United Arab Emirates, it is enough to say the word "talaq" 3 times (which means "I'm divorcing you"). But in 1996, a law appeared that protects the rights of a divorced woman. Now a man must leave the house of his rejected wife and provide for his former family with everything necessary until the end of his days.

Some more interesting facts about women in the UAE:

  • in all educational institutions, girls study separately from boys;
  • in public transport, special places are reserved for women: in the subway - a carriage, in a bus - a section.
  • Arab women cannot be photographed (you can get into the police for this);
  • an unmarried girl should not kiss or even hold hands with her lover before marriage.

Camel racing

In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Camel Festival is held, which encourages residents not to forget their traditions. Previously, instead of expensive cars, residents of the Emirates traveled on this beast of burden. In addition to the Festival, annual beauty contests for camels and camel races are held.

UAE interesting facts about life in the country

Camel racing is a traditional sport of Arab sheikhs. Instead of a rider, a mechanical jockey drives the camel.


This is the most famous and richest city in the UAE. Interesting facts about the world capital of luxury, entertainment, business and fashion are as follows:

  • Still half a century ago, there was a desert plain on the site of the modern metropolis, and today majestic skyscrapers are appearing here at the speed of light.
  • The world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, was completed in 2009 and is visible from a distance of 80 km.
  • Indigenous population in Dubai is only 20%. It turns out that almost every passer-by in the city is a foreigner.
  • Despite the fact that the metropolis is one of the hottest places in the world, there is a ski resort on its territory. It is located under the roof. The area of ​​the snow attraction is 22 thousand square meters. An additional positive bonus for tourists is the March of the Penguins. These adorable creatures are released several times a day to roam the complex's snow cover.
UAE photo
  • Extreme heat on city streets in summer. Even at night the temperature rarely drops below 30 degrees. Therefore, at noon, the streets of Dubai are empty. Residents and guests of the metropolis hide in indoor air-conditioned rooms, of which there are a huge number. Even public transport stops are air conditioned.
  • Dubai is a shopper's paradise. It is here that those who want to make profitable purchases come. Mall of the Emirates is a unique place in the city with 400 stores at once.

Artificial Islands

Cities inThe UAE is rapidly developing and growing, and there are more and more people who want to move to this paradise. Housing prices are constantly creeping up, especially for real estate near the Persian Gulf. But the earth is not rubber and cannot accommodate everyone. Entrepreneurs from the United Emirates have found a unique solution: they began to import land and build artificial islands, on which 5-star hotels and residential buildings are being built. This project was named "Palm Islands".

Planning a trip to the Emirates

Everyone who wants to relax in this amazing country is recommended to learn interesting facts about the UAE related to weather conditions:

  • Heat is here all year round, but the hottest is three summer months.
  • In summer the temperature rises to +50 °C, even air conditioners do not save from the heat. In September, the temperature drops a little, but you can’t call it comfortable for relaxation (+45 ° С).
  • The most favorable months for a trip to the country of sheikhs are October and November. The temperature stays around +30 °С. But at this time, prices rise, as the flow of tourists increases significantly. Therefore, it is better to worry and purchase tours in the UAE in advance.
UAE islands

What to see in the Emirates

You can go sightseeing on your own, or you can book a tour and learn a lot of interesting facts about the country of the UAE. There are many stunning places here that will impress vacationers. Let's talk about some of them.

  • The world's largest flower park - Al Ain Paradise. Hecovers an area of ​​over 20,000 m2. The design of the park was developed by the best designers and florists of the country. Here you can see hundreds and thousands of luxurious flower beds and baskets with rare and beautiful flowers.
  • And this fact about the UAE is interesting for children. We are talking about the presence in the Emirates of one of the best water parks in the world - Aquaventure. There are pristine blue pools, exciting rides, a variety of water and roller coasters. And in Abu Dhabi you can visit the largest amusement park in the world - Ferrari Park.
  • The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab is the hallmark of the country. Gold leaf is included in the interior of the hotel, huge aquariums are located in the halls, high-speed elevators transport guests. This is the most luxurious and expensive hotel on our planet.
  • An artificial archipelago in the form of the date palm, the national plant of the UAE, is a constant eye-catcher.

And now some interesting facts about the UAE for tourists:

  • For a quiet family holiday, it is better to choose Sharjah. There is a ban on alcoholic drinks here, and tours here are much cheaper than other resorts in the emirates.
  • Diving lovers and those who prefer a beach holiday should go to Fujairah. There are great beaches, wonderful weather and excellent conditions for viewing the underwater world.
  • Tourists who want to feel more free and not catch the looks of others, it is better to choose the emirate of Ajman as a holiday destination. Here they are loyal to strict Muslim traditions.
interesting facts about Emirates

What else a tourist needs to know

Here are some more interesting facts about life in the country of the UAE, which must be considered when visiting the country:

  • The Emirates are one of the cleanest countries in the world, so for throwing garbage on the street (even if it's just a piece of paper that got past the urn) there is a fine of 500 dirhams (a little more than 8.5 thousand rubles).
  • At the airport, all visitors undergo a retinal scan.
  • In the emirates there is a problem with drinking water. In 70% of cases, this is artificially desalinated water, so it is better to boil it.
  • On the streets of any city in the UAE you can not kiss or otherwise show your feelings (even tourists). Otherwise, you can get a fine. There are even special signs that indicate the prohibition of kissing.
  • Some ATMs in the Emirates give out not only banknotes, but also gold bars.
  • The Emirates have the death pen alty. For the distribution and use of drugs can be imprisoned for more than 10 years. But if the addict is ready to improve and agree to treatment, the latter will be paid.
  • Heavy fines are also provided for violation of traffic rules. Accounts come to the violator at the end of the year. The largest fine (from 10 thousand dollars, or 631,592 rubles) is due for a camel knocked down on a highway.
  • Family couples and those wishing to get married are provided with strong social support. So, the couple is en titled to a villa and 19,000 dollars (1 million 200 thousand rubles), and for the birth of a son, the family receives 50,000 dollars(almost 3 million 158 thousand rubles).
  • Both men and women can enter the army from the age of 18. There are many hired soldiers and the most modern military equipment in the troops of the Emirates.
  • Education and treatment in any country in the world UAE citizens are free of charge at the expense of the state. It also pays utility bills, residents of Arab cities do not even know what it is.
UAE hotels

The article contains the most interesting facts about the UAE. But of course, it's better to come to this incredible country and see everything with your own eyes.

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