Tomb of Tutankhamun - what secret does the tomb of the pharaoh hide?

Tomb of Tutankhamun - what secret does the tomb of the pharaoh hide?
Tomb of Tutankhamun - what secret does the tomb of the pharaoh hide?

November 1922 went down in history as a momentous day for the discovery of one of the great Egyptian mysteries. On November 30, the world press intrigued with headlines: "The search was successful …", "Egyptian treasure." It was reported that Lord Carnarvon and Mr. Carter made the greatest discovery of the century - the tomb of Tutankhamun, the heretic Egyptian king, was found.

Tutankhamun's tomb

Lord Carnarvon has long been in love with Egypt and deeply studied the history of ancient civilization. In 1916, with the support of the famous explorer Howard Carter, he began work on finding the tomb of the pharaoh, which continued for six years. A group of scientists faced an almost impossible task. The Valley of the Kings has long been dug up, and the tombs of other Egyptian kings have been plundered. Tutankhamun's tomb was found during the last winter of excavations under the site where the builders' huts once stood.

The reign of the young Egyptian king was not marked by significant upheavals. He ascended the throne afterthe mysterious death of Amenhotep IV - the pharaoh, who rejected the cult of the god Amon-Ra and proclaimed himself the sole ruler of Egypt. The reign of Amenhotep IV left behind devastation, Egypt was practically destroyed. After the death of the madman, his body was torn to pieces and thrown away.

9-year-old Tutankhamun comes to power in this difficult period and tries to restore the former greatness of the state and win the mercy of the gods. Despite the fact that a great future was predicted for the young pharaoh, Tutankhamun dies at the age of 18, and he is buried in a hastily built modest tomb, which was found three millennia later.

Tutankhamun's tomb photo

Tutankhamun's tomb is a legend that has come to life, its discovery is the greatest day for Egyptologists and scientists who have not previously been able to touch the history of the burial of the pharaohs. And only in 1922, exciting facts were obtained, which became direct evidence of the luxury of the burial of the lords of an ancient civilization.

Descending the steps of the stairs leading to the dungeon, the expedition discovered walled-up entrances with traces of ancient seals on their way, the last of which was the door to the legendary tomb.

Tutankhamun's tomb

The tomb of Tutankhamen, photos of which were subsequently presented to the press, was a crypt filled with gilded chariots, statues of kings, caskets and chests. The jewels that were found in the tomb were taken apart for five years - their number was so great.

A sarcophagus was found in one of the rooms of the tombwith three gilded coffins, the last of which contained the mummy of Tutankhamun, the face was covered with a golden mask of amazing work. Judging by the contours, the young pharaoh was captivating and handsome. Of course, the mummy, like other artifacts of the tomb, was strewn with gold jewelry. However, among the treasures, the most touching was a bouquet of withered flowers, apparently left by the young wife of the pharaoh. Scientists say that since Tutankhamun was buried in such luxury, one can only imagine what we alth the tombs of other kings kept in themselves.

Curse of Tutankhamun's Tomb

The tomb of Tutankhamen, however, bore traces of robbers in it. Probably, the thieves visited the tomb soon after the burial, but for unknown reasons they took away little and never returned. The entrance to the crypt was blocked over time, and then completely forgotten.

Any discovery always has a mysterious trail. The curse of Tutankhamen's tomb is a mystery that strikes the imagination of even contemporaries. After the opening of the tomb, about 20 members of the expedition died under strange circumstances in a short time. Lord Carnarvon died in 1923 from a mosquito bite. The press widely reported all the unusual deaths that overtook many scientists and visitors to the tomb. It is believed that by 1930, only Howard Carter was the only one alive among those members of the group who were directly involved in the excavations.

Secrets have always attracted mankind. And how many of them are still hidden and not revealed to the world. Perhaps the riddles are revealed to people whentheir time is coming.

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