What secrets does the underground river hide? Such different natural attractions

What secrets does the underground river hide? Such different natural attractions
What secrets does the underground river hide? Such different natural attractions

The natural springs flowing underground are always of great interest to tourists. Hidden from the eyes of people, the rivers have a special charm, but every year the increasing flow of guests violates the pristine beauty of amazing corners.

Pride of the Philippines

The world's largest underground river, Puerto Princesa is considered the main pride of the Philippines. The natural miracle flowing in a karst cave is a huge labyrinth in which it is easy to get lost without the help of a guide. A walk along the multi-kilometer river will give everyone unforgettable emotions. Mysterious grottoes, dark cave vaults that play with different shades when light from lanterns hits them, quietly murmuring small waterfalls, a huge number of river channels - all this delights travelers who come here from all over the world.

Moscow underground river

Amazing with its unique landscape, the underground river has not yet been fully explored and harbors secrets that give it a special attraction. Sailing on a boat among miraculous beauties, touristsfeel like in a real natural temple, the fragile grandeur of which no photo can convey.

Mexican River

Another amazing attraction is located in Mexico. In the labyrinths of underground caves of the tropical jungle, on the Yucatan Peninsula, an underground river formed more than 65 million years ago after the fall of a meteorite flows. Only 27 years ago, it was discovered by speleologists, after which a large-scale study of this place began. Sak-Aktun, recognized as the longest river in the world, contains a lot of useful minerals. Tourists plunge into the amazingly clear water to feel the beauty of this natural corner.

underground river

The river, stretching for 317 kilometers, connects underground passages, which are considered by the locals to be the real world of the dead. It is easy to lose the power of speech from the seen beauty, about which there are many legends.

Capital attraction

Russia also has its own attraction, which can be called a unique phenomenon: many have heard about it, but few have seen it. Many do not even suspect that to this day there is an underground river in Moscow.

Its name, according to most historians, comes from the word "neglinok", which means "swamp". True, some researchers consider this statement unreliable. The river that interfered with the comfortable life of people was hidden in a concrete sewer.

The story of the river imprisoned underground

For the first time, Neglinka is mentioned in the ancient chronicles of the city at the beginning of the 15th century. Deep, up to 25meters, it was of great importance for Moscow. Water from a source passing through the central part of the city was taken to extinguish fires, and it was also used to fill the moat that ran along the Kremlin.

underground river in moscow

However, by the middle of the 18th century, with the growth of industry, there was a serious pollution of the Neglinka, which exuded an unbearable stench. It was decided to enclose the river in a pipe, but the collectors could not cope, and in severe floods the river flooded the streets. Special pipes run by city services for rainwater led to the underground cesspool, but rich merchants lowered sewage into secret drains, and did not take them out in barrels, as was customary. After the floods, the water left, leaving a foul-smelling silt.

In 1966, a second collector with concrete vaults appeared, and the water from the Neglinka now flows into the Moscow River.

Gloomy Tales

Since ancient times, it is believed that the underground river of Moscow, which has accumulated black energy, returns it to people. They say that during the reign of Catherine, there was a secret organization not far from Neglinka. In the casemates, the institutions brutally tortured people, and their corpses disappeared without a trace in the dark waters.

Another legend tells of a cruel S altychikha with an ugly appearance who hated all women. The landowner, who killed more than a hundred serf girls, believed that the underground river had magical powers that would help her realize her main dream. At midnight, she washed herself with water, whispering witchcraft incantations and believing that in the morning she would find the long-awaited beauty. Not receiveddesired S altychikha again did bloody atrocities.

Moscow underground river photo

This is just a small part of the stories about the river and its curse. In Moscow, to this day, the soil is sinking, and hydrologists say that the Neglinka water has terrible power: it corrodes concrete and even strong steel. In the area of ​​the Kuznetsky bridge, under which the fetid river that has turned into a source of evil runs, ghosts are often seen and strange whispers are heard.

Fashion extreme excursions

The underground river of Moscow that left its mark on the names of Moscow streets and alleys, the photo of which conveys an eerie atmosphere, keeps many mysteries. Recently, the study of underground reservoirs has become an incredibly fashionable hobby, and local diggers help to get into a special world that beckons with mysterious beauty.

Do you want to know what the asph alt hides under your feet? You can go on an extreme journey along the underground river bed, about which there are many legends. However, experts warn that it can be deadly, because during rain the water level in the collector rises rapidly, and such a walk can end tragically.

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