Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, State Duma deputy: biography

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, State Duma deputy: biography
Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, State Duma deputy: biography

Igoshin Igor Nikolayevich in the State Duma from "United Russia" is a member of the committee dealing with economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship. He first became a member of the State Duma back in 1999.

Begin biography

Birthplace of the future deputy - the city of Kirov. Date - 12/11/1970

In 1989-1990, his place of work was the Regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee in his hometown.

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich

Until 1993, he studied at the All-Russian Correspondence Institute of Finance and Economics.

In 1995, Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich took over as General Director of Agroprodukt, and four years later - General Director of Real-Agro.

At the end of 1999 he was elected to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia.

Until 2001, he studied at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Moscow State University. Lomonosov.

About political activities

Igor Nikolayevich Igoshin was elected to the State Duma as part of the federal listCommunist Party of the Russian Federation from the regional group of the Moscow region under the fourth number.

Since January 2001, he has been a member of the Agro-Industrial Deputy Group, a member of the Committee on Agrarian Problems.

United Russia party

Since 2001, he joined the deputy inter-factional group of the State Duma - the "European Club", and soon left the Agrarian Committee and joined the Committee dealing with the budget and taxes.

In 2002, Deputy Igoshin Igor Nikolayevich set about creating a regional Center for Strategic Development in the city of Vladimir.

According to the results of the election campaign in 2003, he re-entered the State Duma. By the end of this year, he left the ranks of the Communist Party of Russia and throughout 2004 was a non-partisan deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation.

Since 2005, Igoshin has become a member of United Russia. By the end of the year, the United Russia party held its sixth congress, at which he entered the General Council of the party.

In the 2007 election campaign, Igoshin Igor Nikolayevich has already headed the regional party list in Kirov. He was also the head of the campaign headquarters.

Working in the Party

The United Russia Party contributed to Igoshin's passage to the State Duma of the 5th convocation, where he took the post of deputy head of the Committee on Science and High Technologies.

27.05.2006 Igoshin was elected to the post of secretary of the political council in the Kirov regional party branch.

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In 2008, he was nominated forposition of the regional governor of Kirov.

In the 2011 Duma elections, Igoshin was nominated by United Russia as part of the federal candidate list at number four. He was a member of the thirty-sixth regional group representing the Vladimir region.

Igoshin failed to enter the State Duma as a result of the election campaign.

In December 2011, the Governor of Kirov N. Belykh issued a decree introducing Igoshin to the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as a representative of the regional government, instead of Senator Shaklein N.I.

By this time, Lyudmila Romanova had given up her parliamentary mandate, and Mikhail Babich had received the post of plenipotentiary presidential representative to the Volga Federal District. In this regard, a seat in the State Duma was vacated.

17.12.2011 the 75th meeting of the Central Election Commission of Russia was held, at which it was decided to transfer the vacated mandate of the State Duma of the VI convocation to Igoshin.

At the last Duma elections in 2016, Igoshin became a deputy from the 79th Vladimir single-mandate constituency.

Today, deputy activity consists not only in the legislative process. There is a reception desk for a deputy, on his website you can find the necessary information, in particular, learn how to write a letter to Igor Nikolayevich Igoshin or make an appointment. There is a whole staff of deputy assistants.

Legislative work

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, whose reception is constantly available to visitors, is regularly engaged in legislative activities.

In April 2001, he, together withDeputy of the State Duma Boris Nadezhdin from the Union of Right Forces amended the law regulating the general principles of organizing the legislative (representative) and executive bodies of state power in the subject of the Russian Federation, proposing to hold elections of deputies in the regions using a majority-proportional system. The authors believed that in this way the influence of the governor on legislators would be limited and the work of parties would be stimulated.

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich wife

18.02.2002 The mixed electoral system was supported by Vladimir Putin. According to him, it can serve as a foundation, with the help of which a stable, stable and predictable unified party-political system will be created. In mid-April, the State Duma approved this bill.

In early 2002, Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, whose contacts among entrepreneurs are quite extensive, proposed a bill to improve the tax climate for businessmen.

In his draft, any new law that worsens the situation of the taxpayer must be put into effect three months after publication, but not earlier than the beginning of next year. Vedomosti published an article on this topic, after which the bill was unofficially called the "Igoshin-Putin Amendment".

Black List Bill

Igoshin proposed a bill providing for the so-called black list of airline passengers. This meant the introduction of a mechanism for generating a list of air passengers -offenders that airlines have the right to prevent from boarding an aircraft.

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich contacts

The document suggested entering into the register of persons who committed an offense during air travel over the past five years, and this is confirmed by the courts.

Members of the crew, by order of the aircraft commander, received the right to take appropriate measures, including coercive measures, in relation to persons violating order, creating direct threats to flight safety and refusing to follow the instructions of the aircraft commander.

During the 6th convocation of the State Duma

During the last sixth convocation of the State Duma, Igoshin headed the Working Group on a draft law that would change the federal contract system. The bill radically modernized the existing public procurement scheme.

Igoshin proposed anti-corruption amendments, as well as amendments that prevent unscrupulous customers from using procedures that are poorly protected from corruption.

The main goal of the bill, according to Igoshin, was to eliminate interdepartmental confrontation.

Deputy Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich

The Igoshins proposed to change the procedure for determining the fixed amount of the compulsory pension insurance premium for an individual entrepreneur who does not make payments to individuals.

He proposed to limit the period of temporary stay in Russia of foreigners who visited the Russian Federation in a visa-free regime to 90days out of each 180-day period.

Management activities in apartment buildings proposed to be licensed.

Copying expert advice

As a member of the Duma Committee on Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Igoshin oversees the work of several expert councils, in particular:

  • for the development of social entrepreneurship;
  • for innovative development;
  • on the functioning of the international financial center;
  • on affordable housing;
  • on issues of legislative regulation of public procurement and procurement carried out by certain types of legal entities;
  • on organizing the development of an investment regime between Russia and the Iberian countries;
  • on import substitution.

Accused of plagiarism

In 2013, some bloggers expressed suspicions that elements of plagiarism were noticed in the Ph.D. thesis, which Igoshin defended in 2004. In particular, there were coincidences with the dissertation, which Natalia Orlova defended two years earlier.

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich reception

Igoshin all accusations of plagiarism were rejected. He considers them timed to coincide with the consideration in the State Duma of a bill concerning changes in the contract system. The document provided for the regulation of public procurement procedures, which were estimated at several trillion rubles.

Attempts of various pressures on the members of the working group developing this law, headed by Igoshin, were quite significant, up tothreats.

One of the attempts to discredit Igoshin resulted in a plagiarism scandal. The deputy was not going to justify himself, but suggested that the accusers prove their case using the appropriate official procedures. However, no procedures were initiated in this regard.

About personal life

Igoshin Igor Nikolaevich, whose wife provides him constant support in a difficult political life, is raising two children.

The family lives in an apartment with an area of ​​30 square meters.

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