Vyacheslav Lysakov, State Duma deputy: biography, political activity and family

Vyacheslav Lysakov, State Duma deputy: biography, political activity and family
Vyacheslav Lysakov, State Duma deputy: biography, political activity and family

Vyacheslav Lysakov is a deputy and an active public figure. This is a very successful person, budding.

Towards the heights

Vyacheslav Lysakov - the most ordinary, of the people, with a good heart, understanding and caring. At the same time, he is very successful in politics and as a public figure. Founder of an organization that united all motorists in the country. A multifaceted personality with broad interests and progressive views.

Vyacheslav Lysakov

He has one of the rare human qualities today - the ability to set a goal and go to the bitter end.

Always up to date with all the trends, achievements and innovations. Even modern gadgets for him do not cause difficulties in use. Vyacheslav Lysakov is a modern politician.


Let's start from the beginning. On November 10, 1953, the future deputy Lysakov Vyacheslav Ivanovich was born. The first profession he received is truly masculine. It was associated with the inlay of precious stones. According to his chosen profession, he worked at the Kristall plant.Then he decided to continue his studies at the medical school at the Institute. Sklifosovsky, combining his studies with the profession of a massage therapist for the USSR national teams. After graduation, he gets a job as a paramedic. Tireless, he again becomes a student of the regional Moscow State Institute of Physical Culture. In 1981, an already certified graduate is assigned to head an entire training department.

The journey of a lifetime

The decision of a young man to connect his life with the sea and distant Kamchatka is a surprise for everyone. Did the young inexperienced sailor then know that today many young people will be interested in everything connected with the name Vyacheslav Lysakov: biography, professional achievements, activities?

Three years spent on the waves were not wasted. The result is a certified International Class sailor.

Vyacheslav Lysakov State Duma deputy

And now the deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov does not stop at the reached level. Considering that it is never too late to study, I received a law degree last year in 2015.

Vyacheslav Lysakov, a State Duma deputy elected from a considerable number of contenders available at that time, is successfully fulfilling his duties. Responsibly approaches the assigned tasks.

In the near 2013, deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov was appointed to the post of head of the central audit commission of the ONF. This person manages to cope with a colossal amount of work.

Unsurpassed public figure

ImportantVyacheslav Ivanovich's life is filled with deeds. Thanks to his irrepressible energy, he strives step by step for justice and order. So, back in the years of perestroika, he worked in a medical center, helping patients get rid of diseases. Somewhat later he became an active advocate for motorists. Also on the same topic, the author and presenter of a radio program. Then he got a job as deputy director of innovation. A few months after being a member of the council of the All-Russian Popular Front, he was elected to the deputies. And a year later he became the leader of the founding congress dedicated to the same motorists.

Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov

Talent and innovation

Vyacheslav Ivanovich is an innovator in the field of introducing bills. And it also cannot be a coincidence. Rather, the result of his powers of observation and simple everyday experience.

He is the author of initiatives that in many cases are life-changing for ordinary citizens. For example, which of the people wants to face a drunk driver? It is clear that no one. For this purpose, this person proposed and then introduced into the law a new concept of determining the degree of intoxication of a driver.

In addition to this, he acts as the author and co-author of many laws, including criminal liability for license plate theft. Sets the minimum limit for the allowed movement speed. Thanks to him, now the car owner pays half the fine for early payment. Proposes and seeks amendments regarding the return of a driver's license.

Protectingrights and ensuring the safety of pedestrians, at the same time he does not offend car owners.

Deputy Lysakov Vyacheslav Ivanovich

He is promoting a campaign to protect right-hand drive car owners and taxis.

As a result, all this leads to the birth of a public organization that protects the rights and freedom of choice of drivers. In particular, he defended the honor of a man whose name was heard in a traffic accident with Mikhail Evdokimov, known to every inhabitant of Altai and not only.


Vyacheslav Lysakov (deputy of the State Duma) deservedly received numerous awards and high thanks. The list of them is huge: certificates of honor and badges, medals, orders, award weapons, even the gratitude of the President of the country are among them.

However, despite all the above regalia, he remains a man with a capital letter. He does not strive for awards, but for people. And the more people like that around, the better the world will be.


Born in an ordinary family, Vyacheslav Ivanovich received the right upbringing and direction in life. He uses his tireless spirit, strength, talent, knowledge for the benefit of people and humanity as a whole. A person who brings everything to reasonable perfection, an active defender of the affected people and a connoisseur of the he alth of others. It harmoniously combines internal discipline, organizational skills, knowledge, experience and foresight of situations.

And today it is a diamond in the finest inlay of a wonderful jeweler underthe name of life. Vyacheslav Lysakov is an individualist who loves life in all its manifestations, in addition to social and political activities, a wonderful writer. A citizen who is completely devoted to his Motherland and a person who proves by the example of his life that there are no unattainable goals, you just need to carefully plan and work hard.

Vyacheslav Lysakov biography

Vyacheslav Lysakov is an example of patience and perseverance for the younger generation. Behind him is a bright and promising future for our Motherland.

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