Burkov Alexander Leonidovich - Deputy of the State Duma. Biography, family

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich - Deputy of the State Duma. Biography, family
Burkov Alexander Leonidovich - Deputy of the State Duma. Biography, family

A Just Russia activist Alexander Leonidovich Burkov, whose biography has long been closely connected with political activity, is quite widely known to the residents of the Sverdlovsk region for participating in various actions.

Begin biography

The future politician was born in the small Ural town of Kushva on April 23, 1967

After graduating from high school, Alexander Leonidovich Burkov went to study at the Kirov Ural Polytechnic Institute, from which he graduated in 1989, becoming a certified engineer- Terloenergetics.

As a young specialist, he began his career at the Sverdlovsk Malachite.

In the nineties, he moved to the Work Center under the Russian Government, engaged in the implementation of economic reforms.

In 1994 Alexander Leonidovich Burkov from the Serov District entered the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma.

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich

A year later, he headed the Committee for the Management of the Regional State Property (Sverdlovsk Region), becoming Deputy Head of the Regional Government. Since 1998, Burkov entered the House of Representatives of the regionalLegislative Assembly.

During the same year, he took over as Chairman of the Industrial Parliament of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Since April 1999 Alexander Leonidovich Burkov headed the regional Council of "May" - a movement that stands up for the protection of social guarantees for workers. In the same year, he took part in the election campaign of the regional governor, where he reached the second round.

Political activity

In the fall of 1999, Burkov Alexander Leonidovich headed the electoral bloc "Peace, Labor, May", which participated in the election campaign to the State Duma of the III convocation.

In 2000, the movement of workers for social guarantees "May" nominated Burkov to the Regional Duma of the Legislative Assembly (Sverdlovsk region).

Sverdlovsk region

At the next elections in 2004, Burkov entered the Regional Duma on party lists, nominated by the Union of State Employees of the Urals.

Since 2007, he moved to "Fair Russia". At that moment, such political structures as "Pensioners of Russia", "Motherland", "Life" joined this party.

After the scandalous exit from this game Evg. Roizman, and a little later - Y. Nevelov, Burkov Alexander Leonidovich in the summer of 2008 headed the regional branch of A Just Russia.

2.12.2007 he was elected to the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 5th convocation, where he joined the transport committee.

In the summer of 2010, Burkov was again re-elected to the post of Chairman of the regional branch of A Just Russia, and in the spring of 2011, the Fifth Party Congress introducedhim to the Presidium of the Party Central Council.

In 2010, during the election campaign for the Sverdlovsk Regional Legislative Assembly, "A Just Russia" on party lists with Burkov at the head of the regional branch was in third place, receiving 19.3 percent of the vote, which was the best result for this parties in the Russian Federation.

Re-election to the State Duma

At the end of 2011 "Fair Russia" participated in the election campaign of the federal and regional parliaments. Result: Aleksandr Leonidovich Burkov is a deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation, and his fellow party members received nine seats out of fifty in the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region.

The Sverdlovsk branch of A Just Russia managed to achieve one of the best results in Russia - 24.7 percent of the electoral vote.

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich biography

In the city of Yekaterinburg, voters gave about 30.5 percent of their votes for this party in the elections to the regional Legislative Assembly and over 27 percent in the elections to the State Duma, which exceeded the number of supporters of the ruling United Russia party.

Work on lawmaking in the housing sector

Among the priority areas of activity of "A Just Russia" an important role is played by the improvement in the housing and communal services sector. Today in Russia over one and a half hundred legislative acts related to housing and communal services have been adopted. More than three thousand by-laws also affect this area, however, ordinary people are constantlyexpress complaints about deceit, registration and other violations of the rights of homeowners and tenants by officials from the housing and communal services.

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich Deputy

Six years ago, this led to the creation of the public movement "For a fair housing and communal services", which constantly receives various useful proposals. On the part of Burkov's fellow party members, there are constant calls for the Russian government to stop increasing housing and communal services tariffs, revise the standard for general house needs, and establish tighter control over management companies. The Housing Code must be amended by the residents themselves, who are legitimate consumers of utility services.

Representatives of "A Just Russia" are trying to pass similar proposals through the State and Regional Dumas.

In particular, on their initiative, a law was adopted that made it possible to introduce a state information system into the housing and communal services sector. Now it is possible to more accurately identify the loss of heat, water and light, calculate all household expenses. At the same time, according to Burkov, all these positive initiatives are nullified by the exorbitant growth of tariffs. This is what the government should think about so that the life of pensioners and low-income citizens becomes at least a little more comfortable.

Participation in the legislative process

During the last year, Burkov took part in the preparation of a number of bills. For example, amendments to the laws regulating the activities of the Central Bank of Russia, parliamentary control,banks and the banking sector; to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - on toughening the punishment for activities in the field of alcohol circulation that do not meet the criteria for the safety and he alth of the population, as well as on strengthening the responsibility of persons involved in the return of overdue debts.

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich: family

Burkov prefers not to tell reporters about the details of his personal life. There is only information that he is married and has a son, Vladimir.

Burkov Alexander Leonidovich family

Hunting in his free time.

According to the submitted declaration, Burkov's income for 2015 is 4,735,560 rubles. The wife's income is 484,084 rubles.

From real estate near Burkov, except for a land plot of 2401 sq. m, there is a residential building and an apartment of 180 sq. meters.

Only a trailer was declared by the politician as a vehicle.

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