Mountains of Uzbekistan: description, history and interesting facts

Mountains of Uzbekistan: description, history and interesting facts
Mountains of Uzbekistan: description, history and interesting facts

The state of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. Mountain systems pass through many countries located in this part of the world: Pamir, Kun-Lun, Tien Shan, Himalayas. But I wonder if there are mountains in Uzbekistan? Let's take a closer look at this topic.

Mountains of Uzbekistan

Mountain systems of Uzbekistan

The main part of the republic is located on the plains, but the mountainous area occupies a little more than 21% of the entire territory of the country. The height of the ridges averages from 2 to 3 thousand meters. The Pamir and Tien Shan mountain ranges stretch across the country from east to west. The total area of ​​mountains in Uzbekistan is 96,000 km2.

There are also low mountains, no more than 500 m high, such as Sultan-Uvais, and four-thousanders - peaks covered with eternal snows, located on the Gissar Range.

Chimgan mountains Uzbekistan

According to geological data, the mountains of Uzbekistan are very old. Over millions of years, thanks to the rivers flowing from the peaks, canyons with picturesque landscapes were formed. The most famous of them are Kulsai and Langarsky, andalso Gulkam Gorges.

Most mountains have gentle slopes. Roads pass through the ridges, there are passes connecting different regions of the country.

The highest mountain in Uzbekistan

The highest on the territory of Uzbekistan is the Gissar range, which belongs to the Pamir-Alai mountain system. It serves as the watershed of the Amu Darya and Zarafshan. The length of the ridge is up to 200 km.

Khazret-Sultan peak is the highest in Uzbekistan. Previously, it had a completely different name - the peak of the Name of the XXII Congress of the CPSU. Its height is 4643 m. The peak is located on the Uzbek-Tajik border.

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Hissar Range

The main part of this mountain range is located on the territory of Tajikistan, and in Uzbekistan the ridge crosses the south of the country. The highest point is on the border of these states. The Hissar Range has a different landscape. In the western part there are predominantly hilly slopes, and closer to the east they are transformed into powerful rocky massifs. Canyons formed by large rivers have formed over millions of years.

In the central part of the ridge there is a reserve of the same name. Here you can meet a huge variety of animals and birds, many of which are listed in the Red Book. In the area of ​​the Gissar Range live:

  • snow leopards;
  • golden eagles;
  • white-clawed bears;
  • Turkestan lynx, etc.
Uzbekistan mountains Chimgan

The flora is no less rich. On the slopes there are numerous groves ofmaple, ash and juniper. Various herbs and flowers grow in the meadows.

Tourism in this region is not very developed, so the Hissar Range is not very popular. Although there is something to see here. The most famous sights are:

  • Maidanak Observatory is a modern high-tech facility located in a mountainous area.
  • Teshik-Tash cave is sacred to Uzbeks.
  • The village of Baysun is a place where the memory of the disappeared Greco-Bactrian culture and the Kushan kingdom has been preserved.
  • Kulasay Canyon is a picturesque area where you can see with your own eyes the fossilized footprints of giant reptiles that lived millions of years ago.
the highest mountain in Uzbekistan

Chatkal Ridge

The Tien Shan mountain system is one of the largest in Central Asia. Its western branch - the Chatkal Range - stretches through the territory of such states as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. Mountains in this region reach 3000 meters. The largest peaks are:

  • Big Chimgan (3309 m).
  • Babaytag (3555 m).
  • Chatkal (4503 m).
  • Kyzylnur (3267 m).
  • Aukashka (3099 m).

The length of the Chatkal Range is about 200 km. On its slopes, not far from Tashkent, there are tourist bases: "Beldersay", "Yangiabad", "Chimgan". Rest in the mountains is most popular in spring and autumn. Here is an excellent area for climbing of varying difficulty, so this is one of the favoriteplaces for climbers. At the foot of the Chatkal Range, you can visit villages that have preserved the ethnic flavor of the Uzbek people. The villages of Nevich, Sukok and Brichmulla are especially popular.

are there mountains in Uzbekistan

The places here are truly unique: picturesque meadows, fields dotted with red poppies, numerous vineyards, deep canyons… But the main pearl is the Charvak reservoir, located at the foot of the Chatkal ridge.

Nurata Mountains

This part of the mountains of Uzbekistan is less high compared to the Chatkal Range. The highest point of the Nurata Mountains reaches 2169 m. It is called Khayatbashi. This ridge stretched across the central part of the state: from the east from the settlement of Jizzakh and to the west, to the city of Nurata, which is located in the Navoi region. It is with the latter that the name of the mountains in Uzbekistan is associated.

Despite the fact that the ridge has a relatively low height, there are numerous rocky areas here. Samarkand is the closest major city to this area. However, residents of villages located on the northern slopes can only get to it through the Nurata Mountains by taking a detour. There is not a single road across the ridge, so the path lies through the cities of Nurata and Jizzakh.

Because the mountains in this region are not too high, the snow cover is almost completely gone by mid-April. Nearby is the Kyzylkum desert, despite this, in the mountains the climate is predominantly temperate continental.

mountains in Uzbekistan name

Plant and anim althe world of this region is very diverse. It also has endemic species of flora and fauna. In the central part of the ridge is the Nurata Reserve, which was founded in 1975. In the mountains you can meet black vulture, Kyzylkum mountain sheep, golden eagle, etc. In spring, Red Book plants bloom in the meadows: Nuratav eremurus, Korolkov and Turkestan tulips and many other flowers.

Zaamin Mountains

The northwestern part of the Turkestan Range is located near the city of Jizzakh, and also just south of Zaamin. It is called the Zaamin Mountains. Most of the ridge territorially belongs to Tajikistan. From the Uzbek side, a picturesque view opens up: mountain slopes covered with forests. In this area there is a he alth-improving complex called "Zaamin".

Despite the fact that the Zaamin Mountains are also located on the territory of Uzbekistan, the climatic conditions, and nature itself, are very different from other mountain systems in this region. Unlike the Nurata and Chatkal ridges, coniferous vegetation prevails here. Forests cover an area of ​​several hundred hectares. The smell of tree resin lingers in the air.

In the Zaamin mountains there is a reserve of the same name. The border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan passes through the ridge, because of this, the possibility of hiking is limited. But still, there is something to see here. Tourists can visit the foothill region of Pshagar, where there is a picturesque gorge with a cave. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the history and life of the local population, as well asvisit a holy place for Uzbeks - Khuzhai Sebor-Ota.

mountains of Uzbekistan


Many will be interested to know which mountains in Uzbekistan have the most developed tourist infrastructure. This place is located in a picturesque corner of the globe and is a favorite among both Tashkent residents and visiting guests. The Chimgan Mountains in Uzbekistan are a spur of the Chatkal Range, which, in turn, is part of the Western Tien Shan. It is here that one of the most popular ski resorts in Central Asia is located.

Tourists who want to go to Uzbekistan should definitely visit the Chimgan mountains. The resort is located 80 km from Tashkent. The recreation area is located in the valley of the same name, at an altitude of up to 1600 m. It is surrounded by mountains, and the largest peak is Big Chimgan. Juniper forests, various medicinal herbs and poppies grow on the slopes. In this area you can admire mountain lakes, rivers and even waterfalls. Traces of ancient history have been preserved in the caves, this is nothing but the famous petroglyphs on the walls. Tourists can visit the underground halls, where they will see sculptures created by nature itself: stalagmites and stalactites.

The ski resort has all the conditions for skiing and freeride. Also here you can ride a snowmobile, sledding, snowboarding and ice skating. All the necessary equipment can be rented at specialized points, which are available in almost all hotels. A cable car is at the service of vacationers. The ski resort operates from December to March.month.

mountains of Uzbekistan

With the advent of spring and until the end of summer, lovers of mountain tourism come to this region. Vacationers can climb Big Chimgan, take a paragliding flight or ride a horse.

Interesting facts

  1. Dinosaur footprints found on the Hissar Range were left by ancient reptiles 75 million years ago. These are some of the clearest and largest fossilized prints in the world.
  2. About 10% of the total population of the country lives in mountainous areas.
  3. The highest point is the Hazrat-Sultan peak (4643 m).
  4. In the century before last, in the region of the Chirchik River and its tributaries, not far from Tashkent, there was an extinct Turanian tiger that lived in the thickets of reeds.
  5. In the Kyzylkum mountains in 1990, scientists discovered spots of unknown origin. It is believed that alien civilizations could not have done here.

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