Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich: biography, professional activity

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich: biography, professional activity
Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich: biography, professional activity

In the period from 11/6/2010 to 11/4/2013 Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich was the mayor in Odessa. Where is this politician now, who was elected three times to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, has a doctorate in economics and is an honored economist of Ukraine? Some Ukrainian journalists are trying to answer this question.

From the biography of a statesman and public figure

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich - the son of a sea border guard. He is a native of the Sakhalin city of Nevelsk. Date of birth - 06/29/1954

Aleksey spent his school years in Odessa.

In 1970 he became a student at the Odessa Institute of National Economy, from which he graduated five years later with a red diploma.

In 1975 he was called up for military service in the Soviet army.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich

After demobilization as a senior sergeant in 1977, Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich, whose biography has been associated with one organization for more than fifteen years, got a job in Odessa at an institute where naval engineers were trained. He started as a junior researcher, then became an assistant professor and head of the department.

Within threeFor years, he led the student detachment "Guards of the Five Year Plan", which worked in Tiksi Bay beyond the Arctic Circle.

In "Komsomolskaya Pravda" it was noted that this construction team became the winner of the All-Union socialist competition.

In 1980, Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich received his Ph.D. His dissertation covered the topic "Socialist labor lifestyle in the conditions of scientific and technological revolution".

Change in business scope

Since 1991, Kostusev was appointed to the post of deputy chairman in the Kiev regional executive committee of Odessa.

The following year, he was elected to the post of chairman of the Odessa City Privatization Committee.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich family

In 1993, Kostusev Aleksey Alekseevich with a group of like-minded people organized the collection of several thousand signatures of Odessa residents in order for the Russian language to receive official status in this city.

After his report at the city council, the meeting participants adopted a resolution stating that Odessa enterprises, institutions and organizations can use Russian at work on equal terms with Ukrainian.

Party affiliation

For his social and political activities, Alexei Kostusev had to join various political parties and associations.

In 1991, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was liquidated, and therefore his membership in it was terminated.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich where now

As a non-partisan Kostusev Aleksey Alekseevich joined the Left Center association, which included the Socialist Party, the Peasant Party and various non-partisan politicians.

Later he moved to Labor Ukraine, where he became a leader and joined the political executive committee.

Since 2002, he has become the head of the Soyuz political party.

In early 2006, Viktor Yanukovych suggested that Kostusev and other party leaders of the "Union" join the Party of Regions. At that time, all the "anti-orange" forces of Ukraine united in this organization.

From that time, Kostusev entered the presidium of the political council of this party, from which he has not left until now.

Parliamentary activity

Since 1998, Kostusev was elected to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada of the third convocation. He ran on the list of the bloc of the Socialist Party of Ukraine from the Peasant Party of Ukraine.

In the Ukrainian parliament he was appointed head of the Rada investigative commission, whose functions included checking the effectiveness of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of providing Ukrainians with electric energy.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich nationality

Based on the results of the work of the commission, order was put in place in this industry, the regular power outages that had previously taken place were stopped.

From February 2000, Kostusev headed one of the committees in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dealing with economic issues, national economy management, property and investment.

Work in the Antimonopoly Committee

Since June 2001, Kostusev headed the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). He held the post of chairman of this structure for seven years.

He managed to organize strict control over the activities of monopolists by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, to achieve the suppression of collusion. On his part, much attention was paid to problems affecting the vital interest of the broadest sections of Ukrainians. He fought actively against rising prices for basic foodstuffs and gasoline.

The Antimonopoly Committee managed to establish a system of recalculation in case of non-provision of heat and water services.

For seven years, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine contributed to the return of more than three billion hryvnias to Ukrainians. In particular, about 252 million were returned to Odessa citizens.

The management of two companies that set higher prices for gasoline was fined UAH 100 million.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich son

In 2003, at the direction of the Antimonopoly Committee, the Odessa City Executive Committee revised the tariffs for water supply.

Inhabitants of Odessa did not have to pay twice for the loss of water in the intra-house network, which led to annual savings of over ten million hryvnias.

Fighting collusion

In 2005, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, under the leadership of Kostusev, fined five companies, seeing in their actions the existence of a conspiracy, as a result of which sugar prices were raised. The total amount of fines in this case amounted to seventeen million hryvnia.

In 2007, Kostusev stopped growing, and thenmanaged to lower the price of sunflower oil. Firms that inflated the price of oil were fined about a million hryvnia each.

The American company "Western Union" had to, under pressure from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, four times reduce the tariff for transferring money from countries where more than 7 million people from Ukraine work. As a result, up to 150 million dollars began to remain in the families of Ukrainians annually, previously "floating away" abroad.

In 2004, Alexey Alekseevich Kostusev was elected to the position of chairman of the Interstate Council for Antimonopoly Settlement in the CIS member countries. Nationality "Ukrainian" was first introduced in this post.

Later he took the place of honorary chairman in this structure.

Kostusev always remembered Odessa. In particular, the negative activity of Odessaoblenergo, which abused its monopoly status, was suppressed. After the imposition of pen alties, more than one hundred thousand hryvnias were returned to the state budget by this company.

In 2010, Kostusev was again approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Mayor of Odessa

31.10.2010 Kostusev was elected mayor of Odessa. His closest rival, E. Hurwitz, who had previously been the mayor of Odessa, was ahead of him by twenty percent of the votes.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich biography

Exactly three years later, on October 31, 2014, Kostusev voluntarily resigned.

Political scientists said that the resignation of the Odessa mayor was caused by the growth of claims against him fromside of the leaders of the state and the Party of Regions in connection with his pro-Russian sentiments.

Kostusev himself said that he resigned after they began to put pressure on him, trying to persuade him to mean actions. He was required to destroy the business of Igor Markov, with whom Kostusev had close friendly relations.

Kostusev Alexey Alekseevich: family

The exact whereabouts of the politician is currently unknown. Some people think he's in London. Another version is in Italy.

His daughter Viola, born in 1988 (from her third marriage), graduated from the University of London and works in London as a producer for an online magazine.

He has a daughter, Anna, from his first marriage. From the second - the son Alexei, who also studied in London. For some time, the latter worked as deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional Council.

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