What is good

What is good
What is good

Do you think the question of what is good is relevant today? In our world, everything has long been mixed up. What is this? So no one will say right away. This question is philosophical. Its roots must be sought in the depths of the human soul. Let's talk about what has already been said so much both yesterday and today.

What is good

What is good

Every day we do all sorts of things. Some of them are random, others are planned, some of them we don’t even pay attention to, and some we plan in advance. Of course, some of these actions are good, others are bad.

In everyday life it is very difficult to find the line between good and evil, as it is almost invisible.

What is good? These are actions that benefit not only us, but also other people, those that we do not for the reason that we want to receive some benefit. Yes, good really should be done from a pure heart.

good evil

Good, evil - this is what, in principle, stands next to each other, but at the same time is the opposite of one another. Often in the hustle and bustle of life, you can confuse them. The fact is that sometimes people have to do bad things in order not toallow more evil.

Can it be said that a person deprived of a livelihood commits a robbery in order to save his child from starvation? Surely each of us had to watch how rich people, who built their business obviously on a dishonest game, do charity work and do not spare money, distributing them right and left. What is it? A manifestation of true kindness or an attempt to atone for old sins? In most cases, this is the second one.

Good is where there is morality, and human souls are uncorrupted. If each of us made at least one person happy in this life, then everyone in the world would be happy.

What is kindness and why is it so hard to do? The main reason that prevents people from doing good deeds is nothing but bad experiences. Life is arranged in such a way that in return for good, we almost always get evil. The point is that a person always subconsciously wants to receive some kind of reward for the actions performed. There is no reward or it is too small - he understands that, being good, nothing will be achieved for himself. All this is a great delusion of the majority of the laity. In fact, kindness always comes back, but not immediately and not at all from the people you yourself made it to.

to do good

Don't try to stand out from the crowd by doing good deeds, as this is a sign of terrible ignorance. The best way to do good deeds is to do them in such a way that no one knows that you are doing them. This principleshould be taken seriously. If you can act in the right way, then the world will surely repay you with many good things that you could not even imagine before.

You need to do good, and without hesitation! Do it to both acquaintances and strangers. At least a smile will be your reward.

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