Snobbery - what is this concept?

Snobbery - what is this concept?
Snobbery - what is this concept?
snobbery what is it

Today it's not often you hear someone called a snob. Rather, the term is used in the literature. Snobbery - what does it mean? Surely each of us has met a person who, as it were, boasts of his “not like everyone else” position. He is arrogant towards people who speak differently from him, read other books, listen to different music, etc. We call such a person a snob and feel some kind of falseness in his behavior, as if he put on a mask of an intellectual and an aristocrat. What are the main characteristics of such a person?

Snob Characteristics

Snobbery - what is this "beast"? The main category that the snob operates on is high society. Such a person simply dreams of being a part of him and does everything to get closer to such people. The snob imitates manners, habits, tastes, which, in his opinion, are inherent in the elite. Although such a person himself does not belong to representatives of high society, he treats "mere mortals" mercilessly.

about the benefits and harms of snobbery

The meaning of the word "snobbery" is mainlynegative connotation due to the arrogant attitude of a person towards those who are not like him. The lower class, according to the snob, does not intellectually reach his level. Here it is necessary to remember who was originally called that. The first meaning is literally "shoemaker's apprentice", then it expanded to "commoner". Further, the concept of "snob" became associated with a commoner who imitates aristocrats with his behavior. Thus, the term itself characterizes a snob as a person who wants to get closer to the upper community, who hates his origin and in every possible way despises any of its manifestations.

Psychological aspects of snobbery

What is so remarkable about snobbery? What is this phenomenon in the modern world? Although this concept is not widely used in ordinary speech, snobs themselves are quite common. They claim some kind of exclusivity in everything they do. But after all, there are people with the same interests and hobbies as a snob, but unlike the latter, they do not boast of their addictions. The fact is that snobbery is an ostentatious phenomenon. Such a person strives with all his might to show his exclusivity. He denies himself and tries to imitate some ideal. Deep dissatisfaction with one's position and even an inferiority complex become the causes of snobbery.

meaning of the word snobbery

Snobbery - what is it in terms of benefit and harm?

At first glance, this phenomenon has only negative sides. The snob exudes contempt for people who are different from him, whileitself is nothing remarkable. However, the benefits and harms of snobbery in society cannot be judged one-sidedly. First, the phenomenon characterizes society as class-separated. This means that there is a gap between the so-called upper and lower society. After all, snobbery is nothing but a sophisticated form of envy. Secondly, snobs (whatever the motives underlying their behavior) strive for the manifestation of intelligence and aristocracy. And this supports to some extent the cultural level of society.

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