Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore: expositions, history, information for visitors

Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore: expositions, history, information for visitors
Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore: expositions, history, information for visitors

Russia has just a huge territory and colossal natural we alth. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go out of town to admire the beauties of the surrounding world. And the wildlife in its untouched, pristine form around us is becoming less and less. Fortunately, in order to immerse yourself in a naturalistic atmosphere, you do not have to travel far. You can just visit the Museum of Nature, which can be found in almost every city. So, for example, residents of the northern part of our country can start their acquaintance with the environment in the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore.

We will tell about it in this article.

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GBUK JSC "Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore", as our cultural complex is officially called, hasmore than a century of history. It was founded back in 1837 according to the decree of Emperor Nicholas I himself. He decided that in each province a collection of samples and products of local crafts should be presented. This order served as the starting point for the creation of a museum in Arkhangelsk, the status of which the exhibition received in 1861. A few years later, the exposition was given a new name - the Arkhangelsk City Public Museum.

In 1938, together with the appearance of the Arkhangelsk region, the museum moved to objects of regional significance. The real peak of the development of the museum was the 70-80s of the twentieth century. It was during this period that special attention was paid to replenishing the collection of exhibits from Arkhangelsk.

Arkhangelsk Regional Museum is one of the oldest historical and cultural complexes in Russia. Now it consists of several modern sites, on the basis of which you can learn the history of the region, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the life of the indigenous population, get acquainted with their traditions and customs. You will also be surprised how rich the nature of northern Russia is, because one of the museum's expositions is also dedicated to this.

Museum of Local Lore


At the moment, there are five permanent exhibitions in the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore. The first of them tells about the culture of Pomorie in the 16th-17th centuries. The second is about what the region was like in the first third of the 18th century, how Peter's reforms and the Northern War influenced its development. By visiting the next exhibition, you will learn about the role of Arkhangelsk as a point of connection with othersstates. The museum also has a separate room dedicated to the famous Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that a truly great chemist, physicist, geographer, historian, poet - it's hard to list all the areas of the scientist's activity - comes from these places.

In a separate building there is an extensive exhibition where you will see how rich and diverse the nature of the Arkhangelsk region is. Both stuffed animals of modern animals and paleontological fossils are exhibited here.

In addition, the museum constantly hosts temporary exhibitions on various topics. Each visitor will find something interesting for him in the museum of local lore.

Museum exposition

Where is it?

The Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Local Lore is part of a whole historical and architectural complex called the Arkhangelsk Gostiny Dvors. It is located on the Northern Dvina embankment, in houses numbered 85/86.

To view the exposition dedicated to the nature of the northern region, you will need to go to the exhibition halls located on Lenin Street, house 2. The complex also includes the Novodvinsk Fortress, which is located in the village of Konveyer.

Working hours

You can come to the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore any day except Monday. Visitors to house 2 on Lenin Street are expected from ten in the morning to six in the evening. The doors of Gostiny Dvor are open a little longer - until 19:00.

The ticket office at both sites of the historical and local history complex closes an hour before the end of workthe museums themselves. That is, at five and six in the evening, respectively. So calculate the time of your visit taking into account this feature of museums.

Museum entrance

Ticket prices

In the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore, as we said earlier, there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions. In order to visit one of the exhibitions in Gostiny Dvor, you will need to pay about 100 rubles. For schoolchildren and pensioners, upon presentation of a document confirming this status, the ticket price is reduced. A single ticket is also provided, which gives the right to visit all the expositions of Gostiny Dvor. It will cost 300 and 150 rubles for ordinary tourists and for visitors of preferential categories, respectively.

Nature of the Arkhangelsk Territory

The price of an entrance ticket to the Museum of Nature of the Arkhangelsk Territory will be 100 rubles.

Every third Thursday of the month, schoolchildren and students can visit the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore for free. And on May 18, Museum Day, admission is free for everyone.

In addition, there is a whole list of those who are en titled to free admission on any given day. You can familiarize yourself with it on the official website of the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore or in its group on social networks.

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