Leontiev Mikhail. However, hello

Leontiev Mikhail. However, hello
Leontiev Mikhail. However, hello

Leontiev Mikhail on today's television is one of the brightest and most clearly following his principles of journalists. Under his editorship, the magazine "However", he is the permanent host of the program of the same name on Channel One. Through the prism of his perception, he seeks to convey to viewers and readers information about the most important and relevant political events and does this with his inherent openness and sarcasm. Opponents call the journalist a "bearded ulcer".

Leontiev Mikhail

Mikhail Leontiev. Biography

He was born on 10/12/1958 in a family of Moscow intellectuals. From childhood, Leontiev Mikhail differed from his peers in education and not the simplest character. In 1979 he completed his studies at the Moscow Institute of National Economy. Plekhanov, where he studied with a degree in Labor Economics. During his studies, he was fond of reading forbidden anti-Soviet literature, in particular the magazine Posev, where many dissidents of that time were published.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Mikhail Leontiev started working at the Institute of Economic Problems, moonlighting as a tutor. However, he soon decided to drastically change hislife and unexpectedly for everyone radically changed his profession. In 1985, having a higher education, Mikhail Leontiev graduated from a vocational school, where he studied the skill of a cabinetmaker.

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Professional activities

Before Mikhail Leontiev came to journalism, he changed many professions and positions. He was a simple worker in a literary museum, gave private history lessons, and guarded Boris Pasternak's country dacha. In the late eighties, Mikhail became interested in such a science as sociology, at the same time his first articles and publications on this topic appeared. This is where his deep mind and analytical skills come in handy.

Leontiev Mikhail came to journalism at the same time. The first milestone on this path is the political section of the Kommersant newspaper. A year later, in 1990, Mikhail headed the economics department at Nezavisimaya Gazeta. In the early 90s, he made a great contribution to the creation of the Segodnya publication and became the first deputy editor-in-chief. But the ongoing changes in the editorial policy of the newspaper a little later became the reason for the departure of the journalist, who categorically disagreed with them.

Mikhail Leontiev biography

Popularity came to Mikhail Leontiev after he ran in 1995 for the State Duma. Then he lost the election. His statements about bringing troops into Chechnya caused a great public outcry.

Mikhail Leontiev - TV presenter

In 1997, the journalist became the founder of the Delo magazine. The sponsor was M. Khodorkovsky, but the publication was neverwent to press.

In the same year, M. Leontiev came to television, where he became the host of the program "Actually", which was broadcast under his leadership at TVC. Later he was the host of the analytical program "The Seventh Day". Leontiev combined his profession with work in print media. Known for his column "FAS!" in company". In the same 1997, the journalist was nominated for TEFI, and in 1998 he won the Golden Pen award.

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In 1999, Mikhail Leontiev came to the ORT channel, where he began to host the author's program "However". He remains its permanent leader to this day. In 2002, the journalist joins the United Russia party, however, according to Mikhail Leontiev himself, he is simply “listed” there. In 2007, Leontiev was appointed editor-in-chief of the Profile magazine, but two years later he left the editorial office of the magazine. In 2009, the journalist became a co-founder of the Odnako magazine together with Channel One. Since 2014, Rosneft has appointed a new vice president, Mikhail Leontiev. Photos of him scattered across the web and pages of business publications in the country. Later, he will head the information and advertising department.

Leontiev is married for the second time. He has two adult children from his first marriage. The ex-wife immigrated to America, and the children have now returned to Russia. In the second marriage with M. Kozlovskaya, a daughter, Daria, was born. The journalist does not advertise his personal life.

The press often discusses such an odious personality as Mikhail Leontiev, the nationality of a journalist. Myselfthe TV presenter considers himself a Russian Orthodox Christian, but at the same time, according to L. Nevzlin, he repeatedly had conversations with Mikhail about his Jewish roots.

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