Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich: biography

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Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich: biography
Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich: biography

Biographies of celebrities are always interesting to the audience. But it is especially pleasant and exciting to get acquainted with those who have achieved success with their mind and work, and not with glossy photographs. In this article, everything that is not hidden under a veil of secrecy is about a true professional and expert in his field - Mikhail Yurievich Barshchevsky.

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich

Who is he, our hero?

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich, a hereditary lawyer and head of the Barshchevsky and Partners law office, is known to almost every Russian. At the moment, he is the authorized representative of the Government of the Russian Federation in the highest judicial instances. This amazing person is a Doctor of Law, a loving husband and father, an honored lawyer of the Russian Federation. Who else is Mikhail Yurievich Barshchevsky? The biography of his rank tells quite clearly - a real state adviser of the Russian Federation of the 1st class. His regalia and titles can be listed indefinitely. His life and career are admirable and exemplary. Let's find out closer who Barshchevsky Mikhail isYurievich.

Biography: Celebrity Family

December 27, on New Year's Eve 1956, in a Moscow maternity hospital, a young actress named Erica gave birth to a son. The boy was named Michael. And then looking at this rosy-cheeked peanut, no one could have thought that he was looking at the future talented and famous lawyer. Michael's profession was predetermined by heredity. He has a rather interesting family tree.

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich children

The grandmother of the future celebrity on the mother's side could boast of a noble origin. Her father was a descendant of the Teutonic Knights. And Mikhail's paternal great-grandfather led a successful advocacy at one time in Kharkov. Grandmother Tatyana Yakovlevna - Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow. She survived the execution of her husband in 1936, the years of repression, exile over the 101st kilometer, and in the post-war years she practiced law. The father of our hero was one of the best legal advisers of the USSR after the Second World War. Is it any wonder that Barshchevsky Mikhail Yuryevich connected his life with advocacy? And he even chose his wife in the ranks of lawyers. Olga is a candidate of philology and a doctor of historical sciences. We can safely say that we have a professorial family in the full sense of the word. And even daughter Natalya works in her father's firm "Bartsevsky and Partners" after graduating from the law faculty of Moscow State University. But let's go back to Mikhail's childhood and youth.

Proud march through life

How did this man manage to achieve such success? Why is Mikhail Yurievich so goodBarshchevsky? Many people are interested in his biography and personal life.

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So, for 10 years he studied at an English special school. During these years, Mikhail joined the Komsomol. And from 1983 until the collapse of the USSR, he was a member of the CPSU. The career of our hero began at the capital's margarine factory, where he served as a legal adviser. He also graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute. 1980 was marked by the fact that Mikhail became a lawyer of the Moscow Bar Association. Two years later, he defended his Ph.D.

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich - lawyer

Reviews from grateful customers clearly and reasonably indicate that Mikhail is a true professional, decent and honest. He began his journey in the world of advocacy in a different way than many others. Our hero did not want to take on only winning cases. He hated it, he wanted to prove to himself and to everyone else what real professional success means to him. This is when a deliberately failed business, thanks to his efforts and efforts, ended in victory. If success could not be achieved, Mikhail was at least honest with himself and his clients - after all, he tried, fought, took on what others simply turned their backs on.

Fateful Journey

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich conducted various cases. But in the late 80s, he finally determined for himself the preferred field of activity - business advocacy. He has not been involved in criminal cases since 1985. In 1989, he ended up in America on an internship from the Cultural Initiative Foundation. Mikhail and 16 other young lawyers were thensent to a reputable company. Her clients included the Rockefeller family and the New York Stock Exchange. Do I need to say what valuable experience the young lawyer received during his work in the USA? After returning, he immediately created the Moscow Lawyers firm. In 1993, it became Barshchevsky & Partners.

With the collapse of the USSR, business in Russia developed rapidly. So, Mikhail always had a job and his career also took off quite high. And in 1997 he became a doctor of jurisprudence. His doctoral dissertation was called "Problems of the organization and activities of the legal profession in Russia." And three years later, Mikhail was awarded the title of professor.

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich adopted children

In 2001, life took a steep dive, and our hero was invited to work in the government. From now on, his career was also connected with politics.

Versatile person

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich did not miss his attention and television. He led many programs, and even was the author of the idea of ​​some of them. For example, "SSR. Scandals. Rumors. Investigations". In his television "piggy bank" there are more than a dozen different projects in which he participated.

But most of all, he was remembered by the audience thanks to the project “What? Where? When?". At first, his role was to be an independent arbiter and to resolve disputes between connoisseurs and the club. Subsequently, he got the title of "custodian of traditions", which is also very honorable. At the game table with a spinning top, Mikhail also had a chance to sit more than once, including in the roleteam captain.

And even on the radio, this talented person managed to light up - he hosts the Dura Lex program on one of the capital's radio stations.

Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich biography

Our hero is the compiler of the Great Legal Encyclopedia. Several collections of works of art came out from under his pen, for example, “We?? We!" He wrote two novels, one play, and three law books. He is the author of more than a hundred publications on legal topics. Moreover, it was published not only in Russian, but also in foreign publications.

Income and interesting facts

Despite the huge amount of regalia and political activity, Mikhail Yuryevich is just a man. He also has his own interests and hobbies. For example, he likes to travel, since his income allows. Mikhail is also passionate about the author's song, he can be safely called an avid theatergoer. He is not averse to playing chess sometimes.

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As for income, we can definitely say that Mikhail Yuryevich Barshchevsky succeeded in life. His children hardly need anything. The fleet, the number and size of real estate are simply amazing. Rumor has it that they are the largest among all officials of the Government of the Russian Federation. So, the Barshchevsky couple owns land plots (there are more than 10 of them). And the area of ​​each varies from tens of square meters to several thousand. They own 5 residential buildings, as well as 4 huge apartments. There are no problems with transport in this family. They own 7cars. Moreover, among them there are both Hammer and Mercedes, as well as VAZ and Daewoo Nexia. But don't be jealous. With all this splendor, the Barshchevskys remain people. Do you know why?

Mikhail Yurievich and children

Married to his wife Olga Imanuilovna, the lawyer had one and only daughter, Natalya, in 1977. And now, after 30 years of family life, when the baby grew up and flew away from the parental nest and even gave mom and dad two grandchildren, the Barshchevskys became sad. They, despite their age, still wanted to give someone a piece of warmth and love. And now, in all the media, it thundered: "Mikhail Yuryevich Barshchevsky adopted children." And now the joy of fatherhood and motherhood inspires them and gives them strength.

As the lawyer himself says, once in moments of sadness, returning home with his wife, he suddenly suggested that she take the baby from the orphanage. And what was his surprise when she not only agreed, but also put forward her own version - to find a boy and a girl. Not much time has passed since that fateful conversation. And now the charming twins, Dasha and Maxim, have found a home and loving parents. Of course, there were many fears, worries about the fact that children would be less he althy or smart than their peers. But everything turned out well. The Barshchevsky family does not slow down the pace of life, it is an example for many relatives and friends. After such an act of the couple, some of their acquaintances also decided to give a home and care to abandoned babies.

Mikhail Yurievich Barshchevsky biography and personal life

Around the name of MichaelBarshchevsky scandals arose more than once. Recently, one of the scandalous journalists accused a famous person that, being a decent husband and a loving father, a representative and defender of the country's law, he visits dating sites. And not only visits, but also conducts intimate correspondence with different girls. She presented evidence. Believe it or not - your right. Successful people have enough envious people. However, people who are closely acquainted with Mikhail have their own opinion about this story.


Nevertheless, he proved with his work that he is a true professional. Do you need Barshchevsky Mikhail Yurievich? His contacts are connected with the firm "Barshchevsky and Partners". If you want to go there for professional help, you can call the phone in Moscow (495) 237-15-88.

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