Waste paper - what is it? Where to donate waste paper?

Waste paper - what is it? Where to donate waste paper?
Waste paper - what is it? Where to donate waste paper?

Caring for the nature around us is the direct responsibility of every person. Leaving garbage, many do not even suspect that it can be effectively disposed of. This allows not only to protect nature from pollution, but also to earn additional income.

Important recyclable item

Most trash is paper. These are various packages, boxes, stickers and wrappers. Wood is used for their manufacture. Unfortunately, there is less of it on the planet, and humanity is looking for ways to help save the green lungs of the Earth. One of them is old paper.

waste paper is

Waste paper is the most important part of secondary raw materials. It allows you to reduce the number of trees needed for production. Simply put, it is used and recyclable paper. But if you send it to special processing plants, then it will turn into a new product.


Waste paper is a material that replaces wood in the production of paper. European countries have long understood that recyclables can be profitable. Germany is the leader inits processing. Russia and Belarus have also begun to actively develop this profitable industry.

To make 1 ton of pulp, you need about 5 square meters. m of wood, which is more than 15 trees. The use of waste paper material allows you to save the ecological lungs of the planet. From 1 ton of waste paper you can get as much pulp as 5 square meters. m of wood.

In addition to saving wildlife, the amount of liquid used is significantly reduced. So, for the processing of primary raw materials, 160 cubic meters of water are needed. For used paper - a little more than 16. The introduction of new technologies into production allows filtering and re-supplying liquid in a closed cycle. Thus, waste paper is a material that can significantly save trees and fresh water.

This recycled material can be used to make new paper products, packaging, toilet paper, egg holders and pads, thermal insulation materials and many other useful things.

Waste paper in Moscow

A large number of industries, enterprises, administrative institutions and retail outlets are concentrated in the Russian capital. Several million people live here permanently, leaving behind a huge amount of waste.

It is very difficult to remove and recycle them. A large number of specialized equipment and people are involved in the process. The main part of the waste is waste paper. Moscow has a large number of warehouses and sites designed for the storage and subsequent disposal of secondary raw materials.

waste paper moscow

The process of receiving and recycling used paper is well organized in the city. There are collection points that are easy to find and where anyone can donate waste paper. At approved prices, the population and enterprises send the material for processing. The cost is calculated depending on the acceptance and delivery and is 2 thousand Russian rubles per 1 ton.

Waste paper is a very profitable business. It provides enterprises with the opportunity to receive additional money, and the population - a good increase in wages. Everyone benefits from this: the city is cleared of garbage and rubbish, the environment improves, and people have extra money for their needs.

Waste paper collection

This is the involvement in the subsequent recycling of used paper and cardboard. Thanks to the adopted state program, the amount of material has increased, as well as the ability to process it by specialized enterprises.

waste paper collection

Various events are being held that convey to the public the idea of ​​the benefits of recycling. It is better not to throw out unnecessary paper, but to hand it over to a special waste paper point. This saves money and improves environmental performance.

Main collection routes

Waste paper is collected in various ways. The most common is the reception in specialized areas. The population brings there unnecessary paper or cardboard, gets acquainted with the prices and hands it over for further processing.

Deliveries fromenterprises, kindergartens and schools. Each organization has the right to choose the item with the best prices and terms of payment.

Purchase of waste paper from the population is carried out by a detour of domestic territories with specialized trucks.

There are containers for storing paper waste in the adjacent territories. They allow you to quickly sort and send them for recycling.

And a very small part of the collection takes a detour of the city and cleaning up the "unauthorized" mountains of paper left by illegal citizens.

Recycling and disposal of waste paper

The process is not difficult. However, it requires a lot of physical activity and mobility. Let's consider the whole process using the example of the simplest paper receiving section.

First of all, unnecessary items are manually removed from the received raw materials. Then it is placed on the conveyor. The paper is put under a press and then bound. Large packs are stacked in rows. Soon they will be sent for processing. All work takes a lot of time and must be done in compliance with safety regulations.

waste paper station

All material is weighed on electronic or mechanical scales. Now it is ready for transportation to processing plants. He gets there either on his own transport or on the customer's car.

Waste paper collection point

In the Russian capital, there are a large number of sites for recycling. So answerthe question of where to hand over waste paper is difficult. But the main points can be listed.

waste paper collection point

Addresses where paper recycling yards are located:

  • St. Agricultural, 35a.
  • St. Ash, 14a.
  • St. Yuzhnoportovaya, 25, building 1.
  • St. Krasnoproletarskaya, 9.
  • St. Zelenogradskaya, 8.
  • St. Rowan, 34-b.
  • St. Agricultural, 35.

Type of paper and its cost

Plain A4 scribbled paper has a certain price. It is equal to 1.5 thousand Russian rubles per 1 ton. Advertising brochures, catalogs and leaflets have the same value. Pure white paper will cost more. Can be rented at a price of 3000 rubles. for 1 ton. Corrugated cardboard will cost the site 3,500 rubles. Some organizations can accept paper at a good price of 5 thousand rubles. There are few of them, but they exist.

waste paper removal

The cost also depends on the weight of the delivered paper. The minimum weight from the enterprise is at least 300 kg. If it is more than 1.5 tons, then a special transport will come for it.

How much can you earn from waste paper?

It's no secret that the prices for secondary raw materials are very low. Is it really possible to earn money by constantly handing over cardboard and plain paper?

Of course, enterprises that are related to cardboard boxes and packaging in their field of activity have good earnings. But as for ordinary people, here the question is much more relevant.

The main customers areunemployed and drinkers. Every day they can bring up to 100 kg of waste paper to the site. This is mainly paper from markets, shops, as well as unnecessary books and magazines. Several thousand rubles a month. Quite a bit, but those who have no money will be happy with this penny. Most importantly, by collecting waste paper and handing it over to collection points, people make cities cleaner and improve the environment.

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