"When the cancer whistles on the mountain": meaning, synonym and examples of the use of phraseological units

"When the cancer whistles on the mountain": meaning, synonym and examples of the use of phraseological units
"When the cancer whistles on the mountain": meaning, synonym and examples of the use of phraseological units

If a person is asked to do something that he does not want or cannot do physically, to the question: “When will everything happen?” - he can answer: "When the cancer whistles on the mountain." Today we will analyze the meaning of the expression.

Careful analysis of the image of cancer

when cancer on the mountain whistles

When a person uses "cancer", "mountain" and "whistling" in one sentence, he thus expresses his attitude towards a certain event, which, in his opinion, is unlikely - this is usually said when they want to smooth the corners. In fact, the likelihood that cancer will climb a mountain, put a claw in its mouth and whistle with all the might of the lungs is not that small, such a possibility is not even theoretically possible. In other words, if you ask anyone: "And when the cancer whistles on the mountain?" - the answer will be: "Never!" And this is closest to the meaning of a saying or phraseological unit. Cancer will not be able to whistle for three reasons:

  1. He has no lungs.
  2. He has no fingers to make the whistle loud, disturbing minds, hearts and ears.
  3. Due to anatomical features, cancer will not climb the mountain.

And ifsomeone will ask in all seriousness: “And when the cancer whistles on the mountain?” - they will look at him in bewilderment.

after the rain on Thursday

Zoological evidence says that some types of crayfish can make sounds similar to a whistle, but this action usually takes place in water, and animals use their claws for this purpose. In a stable expression, cancer is made difficult to the point of impossibility. Yes, and besides, we are not talking about some special type of crayfish, but about the river. It is clear that the latter cannot do any such tricks and, in general, the creature is simple, if not primitive, without special signs of a creative or extraordinary nature.

The tone of the expression and example

In a decent society - at a social event - a person will not be able to use the expression "when the cancer whistles on the mountain", it is too rude and colloquial. But the situation changes when two friends are talking about football, and one asks the other:

- When will Russia beat Brazil 5-0?

- Phraseologism "cancer whistles on the mountain" you know? That's when the arthropod whistles with all the might of his lungs, which he does not have, then wait for the victory of our team over Brazil.

There was even such a joke: in order for Russia to become the world champion in football, the Brazilians need to become the world champion in hockey. Since then, the balance of power in world football has changed somewhat, now the Germans and Spaniards are setting the tone, but the joke is still relevant.


phraseological unit cancer on the mountain whistles

It would seem that the whistle of cancer and rain are phenomena that have differentdegree of probability. The whistle of an animal is impossible in principle, and rain is likely on any day of the week. But the expression about cancer, which we are closely considering, and the idiom "after rain on Thursday" are synonyms.

If we don't know exactly where the expression about cancer came from, then there is certainty with rain on Thursday. It is known that the Slavs were not always Christians, before believing in God, they worshiped a host of gods. Thursday was the day of Perun. Prayers were sent to the supreme god of the ancient Slavs to bestow rain on the earth. It is not difficult to understand that the god, since he is very busy, did not hear people very often. Paganism became a relic and history, and the saying remained to denote unrealistic hopes. Such is the history of the phraseological unit “after the rain on Thursday.”

An example of a Russian idiom from Hollywood

when cancer on the mountain whistles meaning

It's about the 1996 comedy Lucky Gilmore. The main character had a dream - to become a hockey player, but since he did not really know how to skate, his cherished aspirations were not destined to come true. But he had a breathtaking blow. And then a misfortune happened - the grandmother's house is being sold for debts. Happy, who worked and didn't work, needed a steady income, and he discovered golf.

Further known confrontation between good and evil. Happy has a sworn enemy. And before the final battle, Happy tells the villain that he will win this battle against him, and the enemy answers him: "Yeah, after the rain on Thursday." Of course, good triumphed over evil. Happy joined the ranks of Cinderella. Everything was wonderful. There are no such films.intrigue, the most important thing is the process of climbing to the top. It is he who attracts the viewer and also the humor of Adam Sandler.

So, we have considered the phraseological unit "when the cancer whistles on the mountain." No one else has any doubts or questions about its significance. In addition, if someone does not like this expression, then you can use its synonym, which was discussed a little higher. Nowadays, the main thing is that a person has a choice. Perhaps the reader will suggest something third, but that's up to him.

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