The meaning of the word "poor" and examples of its use in speech

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The meaning of the word "poor" and examples of its use in speech
The meaning of the word "poor" and examples of its use in speech

We use the adjective "poor" in speech in our usual stable combinations. Often without even thinking about the meaning of the word. "Trouble" is most often the head, but the person himself can be called that. It is obvious that the root -bad- is the same as, for example, in the word "trouble". But what exactly is the meaning of it in this case? In what situations should the described adjective be used? To do this, you should carefully study the dictionary entries and refer to the interpretations of the most common set combinations.

The lexical meaning of the word "poor"

At first glance, it may seem that the common root with the word "trouble" indicates the unfortunateness of such people, their constant getting into trouble. But it's not. One of the main meanings of the word in question is "fearless". Often it is also used with the meaning "desperate". In this case, the word becomes morea positive color, since it is impossible to talk about the complete absence of negative connotations - it means not just courage, but immense courage, going beyond, capable of bringing a person to trouble because of this. The shade of half-joking reproach takes on the word "poor" in the meanings: "naughty", "nimble", "broken", "resourceful".

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Examples of usage

Most often the word "poor" is used in two stable combinations: with the words "head" and "man". In both cases, the same thing is meant - an individual with a seemingly absent sense of fear, constantly looking for and finding adventures for himself, often quite dangerous for himself. Synonyms of these phrases can be considered a goofball, a reckless driver, a daredevil. You can also give the following examples of the use of this word in ready-made phrases:

lexical meaning of the word trouble
  • "Or you'll say: he's bad on the tongue, but as for business, his lower back is numb ".
  • "You need to be a writer of gigantic talent to allow yourself impracticality, carelessness, a bad temper."

The meaning of the word thus implies not only the ability to find dangerous adventures, but also the general lack of a sense of fear in a person.

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