Iris Mittenar - French "Miss Universe"

Iris Mittenar - French "Miss Universe"
Iris Mittenar - French "Miss Universe"

Iris Mittenar became popular due to the fact that since her teenage years she has been participating in various beauty contests and being photographed for fashion magazines. The girl not only conquered her native country France, but also received the title of "Miss Universe" in 2017.


Iris was born in the city of Lille, located in northern France. She grew up in the family of a teacher and a professor, but her parents' marriage did not last long. Iris Mittenar was only three years old when her parents divorced, and the girl went to live with her mother in a nearby town. But even despite the breakup, Iris kept close contact with her brother and sister, as well as with her half-sister, who stayed nearby.

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Studying at school was easy for the girl, despite the difficult program at the lyceum, she became an excellent student after successfully completing her studies. After Iris decided to immediately continue her studies and returned to her hometown of Lille. Good grades allowed her to enter one of the best universities in the region at the Faculty of Medicine without any problems. Mittenar received a degree in science at school and decided to try to realize herself inmedicine, namely in dentistry.

Mittenar never thought about a career as a model and began to get involved in beauty pageants quite recently, deciding to participate in the Miss Flanders pageant in 2015. Iris Mittenar has an average height of 172 centimeters. But this did not in the least prevent her from showing herself and winning first the title of Miss Flanders, and then Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais. After that, the girl was noticed, she was selected for the main beauty contest in the country.

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Miss France

After winning two titles in the region, the girl went to Paris for a beauty contest. It was a major step in her modeling career. The competition was very tough - 32 candidates from all over the country came to fight for victory and no one was going to back down. Iris successfully coped with all the tests and established herself not only as a model, but also as a smart and talented girl, which allowed her to win and become Miss France 2016.

After the competition, Iris Mittenar became very popular. She was invited to various shows, interviewed, she regularly starred for various fashion magazines, while preparing for the next competition, where she had to compete with beauties from all over the world.

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Miss Universe

In January 2017, Iris traveled to Manila. It was there that the Miss Universe contest was held. This test was much more serious than the competition in her native country, and the girl understood this. A significant disadvantage was that she had a low height for the model, but shemanaged to make up for it. Iris Mittenar has an ideal weight for her height - 54 kilograms, which made it possible to choose outfits that looked perfect on the girl.

The judges saw the potential of the girl and decided to award the victory to her. Iris Mittenaer became the first European winner of the competition since 1990. At home, she was met by thousands of fans, even the President of the country, Francois Hollande, met with the girl after her victory. A documentary film was made about the preparation of Iris for the competition, which was shown on the main channel of the country.

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