Museum complex "The Universe of Water" in St. Petersburg: description, reviews

Museum complex "The Universe of Water" in St. Petersburg: description, reviews
Museum complex "The Universe of Water" in St. Petersburg: description, reviews

"Water Universe" is part of a branch of the center focused on education and information in St. Petersburg. In order to get acquainted with the expositions, you can go to the Water Tower and the reservoir, which previously functioned as part of the Main Station.


The Universe of Water Museum in St. Petersburg is easy enough to spot. His address: st. Shpalernaya, 56. The Tauride Palace, located opposite, can serve as a reference point. It's hard not to see such a tall tower, even at a fairly large distance.

Three exhibitions are open. Having visited the World of Water exposition in St. Petersburg, you will get acquainted with the history of the development of the industry in different countries, as well as in this city. Interesting exhibits are wooden pipes and wells, copper washstands, ceramic washbasins, photographs and old drawings.

"The Underground World of St. Petersburg" is a project within which a multimedia exposition operates. To look at this action, you need to head to the annex on the left. You will travel underground, following the same paths that water flows through.

water universe

This journey will begin with water intake from pipes forapartments, and will end with facilities for cleaning. An interesting exhibit is a large model belonging to the city's historical center. "The Universe of Water" is a project aimed at getting acquainted with the former reservoir of clean water underground. The exposition is also presented in multimedia form.

Vodokanal of St. Petersburg is a place where you can learn a lot about one of the four amazing elements on which our world is based. Here its healing and destructive properties are revealed.

Exceptional Features

Interesting effects and modern technology make the story especially interesting. Curious to see the exhibits. They only ask you to refrain from touching. The change of sounds, pictures and light has a good effect. If you decide to visit the expositions of the Water Universe Museum, you will need to join one of the excursions.

vodokanal of st. petersburg

Individual reviews are held on weekends. Professionals who know their business thoroughly work here. Interactives have been developed for you, in which children from kindergarten age can also take part. You can come with your family to a thematic program or a celebration of a certain event, which also do not go unnoticed. Exhibitions will bring great pleasure.

The Universe of Water complex (St. Petersburg) is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


How did the idea of ​​creating such an interesting place come about? It opened in 2003 in honor of the city's anniversary. Vodokanal of St. Petersburg presentedcitizens this generous gift. It combines the new with the old. There is both artistry and functionality here.

People get new historical knowledge against the backdrop of an industrial environment that also has a special aesthetics and culture. Everything here is imbued with the old traditions of the style of this region. When the project of this place was still being developed, drawings dating back to 1929 were found in the tower of the water supply station. It was written on them that this was a floor plan of the former museum. So before the "Universe of Water" appeared here, a similar complex already existed at this place.

excursion to the museum

Historians began to dig into the archives, which did not take very long. It turns out that in 1900 a proposal to create expositions here was already considered at a meeting of the city's water supply department. The authorities wanted to create a basis for the development of new water arteries, to illustrate the history of the industry, developed over the centuries.

Collecting materials

It was planned to include in the exhibition various items that were used during the creation and operation of the sewers, as well as illustrations of what unusual damage was done to these mechanisms. They wanted to show the means by which water is cleaned, models, interesting devices and drawings. In a word, we tried to approach the issue in great detail and detail.

In 1901, they compiled a list of those manuals and samples that could organically complement the museum. All this was done in order to popularize the water supply industry, train new specialists, as well as students of educational institutions,visiting the main station.


The whole idea, which decades later was embodied in the museum complex "The Universe of Water", they wanted to place on the third floor of the tower, which in the last century was not used in the right way. In 1902, the chief mechanic had to completely prepare the premises. Then 4 cabinets, 4 showcases, a table for writing and another one for drawings appeared here.

water universe saint petersburg

In the archive you can find information that confirms the constant increase in the number of exhibits. However, when the manager Henneken resigned in 1910, information about the work of the museum began to become less and less, and a year later they disappeared altogether. In 1911, R. Khmelevsky, a site technician, became the head.


In the 20-30s of the last century, expositions devoted to housing were located in Anichkov Dvor, where a separate corner was devoted to highlighting the history of the development of the sewer system and water supply. After that, the Palace of Pioneers appeared there. The mystery remains where the elements of the expositions disappeared.

They were not found after checking the funds of museums in St. Petersburg. After a long break, the known to us "The Universe of Water" began its work. In 2006, a forum was held among international expositions of Europe in Portugal. At this event, the "Water World" was noted for significant results in increasing the value of the museum's collection. It is this complex that represents Russia at the European Association. In 2008, the 150th anniversary of the water utility was celebrated, to which the opening was timed"The universe of water" located in the reservoir.

Visitor reviews

A trip to a museum usually leaves people with positive memories. They are especially interested in multimedia innovations. Interactive expositions are an element of a purely 21st century, which not everyone has had time to get acquainted with. In Europe, this experience is more frequent. For Russia, this is a big rarity.

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Guides suggest using comfortable pillows, because you will sit, listening to the information, for an hour, which, however, will fly by very quickly. An excursion to the museum is characterized by visitors as extremely exciting, because there is no fatigue from a series of facts, the imagination is constantly amazed by bright colors and works of art.

In total, the event is impressive to the core. Many people like sheets with the dates of the floods that occurred during the existence of the city, made of glass. They show videos with interesting historical moments that are associated with the water element. There are detailed maps made very skillfully. It is allowed to touch them in order to reveal information about a particular fact. People are pleasantly pleased that they are not outside observers, but can take part in chemical and physical experiments, from which you can get undeniable pleasure.

Vivid impressions for everyone

Those who have already been here are advised to get in line at the cashier early, as there is a risk of being late due to pandemonium. Due to the fact that there are several excursions at once, a lot of timeyou need to spend on agreeing where exactly the person is going. Therefore, it is better to make a reservation in advance, because it is possible that there will not be any places in the program for which you are going. So a little extra foresight can't hurt.

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Parents and their children are very happy with the programs here, which last an average of an hour. Kids are given the opportunity to make artificial snow, ice, they are involved in experiments, running, watching cartoons. Groups are about 20 people. This event is great fun for your kids. In this beautiful complex for everyone there is an interesting activity and valuable information. You are guaranteed a great experience!

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