"Northern Brotherhood" - what is it?

"Northern Brotherhood" - what is it?
"Northern Brotherhood" - what is it?

Nationalist groups are common in almost any large society that inhabits our planet. Their program provisions, structure and composition, methods of work and results of activity are strikingly different compared even with organizations of the same kind within the same country.

However, tense times in the history of states, infringement on national and religious grounds, and even the absence of their own power as such will always eventually lead to the radicalization of part of society if such problems are not resolved as soon as possible in the bud. And the consequences of the steady growth of nationalism do not always affect well-being and prosperity in the end. Just one match of anger and discontent is quite enough to ignite the flames of ethnic hatred, bloody clashes, complete destruction of the economy, society, civil liberties and, in especially difficult cases, even war with other states.

Therefore, it is important for any government not only to solve the pressing problems of their own country in a timely manner and take care of its interests on the world stage, but also to carefully study those inconspicuousat first glance, elements that, at the slightest shock, will not fail to use all available means to rule the throne themselves.

The origins of the radical movement

One of these nationalist organizations is the "Northern Brotherhood". In Russia, being recognized as extremist, she obviously did not receive special fame among the broad masses, although her activities are still of interest (at least among law enforcement agencies).

The exact date of birth of this nationalist movement is not known for certain. Nevertheless, there is a version among nationalists that the beginning of the Security Council was December 2006. Earlier, the "Northern Brotherhood" (the date of foundation of which is still in doubt) was part of another radical movement - DPNI, namely its "pagan" wing.

The backbone of their ideas was partly formed by some provisions from the NORNA program. From the very first days of the beginning of independent activity, the sign of Svarog was chosen as the "face" of the "Northern Brotherhood" movement, the emblem of which looks like the one shown in the photo below.

northern brotherhood emblem

In 2009, the friendly Freedom Party joined the Security Council. In the same year, the most famous "mole" in the movement, professor in the field of theoretical systems analysis Pyotr Khomyakov (joined in 2006), was expelled, unsuccessfully trying to leak important information about this organization.

August 6, 2012 by the Moscow City Court, at the request of the prosecutor's office, the movement "Northern Brotherhood", the organization's goals are regarded as a threat to statehoodRussian Federation, was recognized as extremist, and its interregional activities are prohibited by law.

Structural component

The entire organization is made up of various autonomous cells operating according to the official SC doctrine in different parts of the country. All participants in the movement are guaranteed anonymity and non-dissemination of personal data, so it is simply impossible to accurately judge the total number of supporters of the entire organization. Abroad, people are even less aware of what the "Northern Brotherhood" is. Nevertheless, this does not in any way prevent a special cell of the Security Council called the "Foreign Legion" from conducting its activities outside of Russia.

northern brotherhood network organization

At the same time, the very procedure of selection into the ranks of the organization is shrouded in darkness no less than other structural nuances of the Northern Brotherhood organization. The Russian nationalist movement, as is known for certain from their own statements, accepts into its ranks: all Russians, Slavs, other friendly peoples of Russia and representatives of any ethnic groups of the white race. There are no restrictions on religious and political beliefs in the selection. The only exceptions here are two categories:

  • Supporters of the imperial-power path of Russia's development are not accepted.
  • Christians are not identified with the nomenclature of the Russian Orthodox Church. The organization itself clearly distinguishes this issue, clarifying an aspect that is important for its program: the ROC is most likely to support the existing government elite, so speaking out against the ROC for supportersChristians SAT will also be inevitable.

Due to the closeness, for a long time there were rumors that the "Northern Brotherhood" in Russia had ceased its activities. The official website of the organization also posted an announcement of a similar nature. But even taking into account both of these nuances, there is still no real confirmation or refutation of their activities after the legislative ban.

Cold calculation in ambitious intentions

The main task that the "Northern Brotherhood" has set from the first day of its existence (a network organization of independent cells provides an ideal basis for this) is to come to power at a moment of crisis for the current government.

According to the ideologists of the organization, the collapse and disintegration of the current top of the Kremlin is approaching every year, which will steadily lead to an irreparable split in the ranks of the elite and, accordingly, create a temporary vacuum in the Kremlin. This is exactly what the Northern Brotherhood is betting on, the main goal of which is to enter the domestic political arena only by overthrowing and coup (basically, this position is explained by the non-recognition of the current Russian government).

northern brotherhood main target

After taking power into our own hands, the priority will be the construction of a Russian technocratic national state, the code name of which is designated as "Bright Russia". The political system is a confederation (similar to the Swiss system).

The mono-ethnic nature of this project also suggests "Russian separatism" - separation from "Light Russia"North Caucasus and other regions of the Federation, where the percentage of non-Slavic population prevails over Russian. Such a doctrine received a separate slogan "Rus against Russia" in the ranks of the Security Council.

For an even faster "approach of the inevitable revolution" to our time, the organization intends to use its own network of agents in the ranks of the power structures of the Russian Federation, bribe representatives of the authorities and regional elites, and also carry out its project of "building up the system" called "The Great Game "".

Attitude towards the current Kremlin

Perhaps the only word that accurately characterizes the attitude of the members of the Northern Brotherhood movement towards the current Russian government is non-recognition. In their opinion, the current government is pursuing an anti-Russian policy that is detrimental to the Slavic population of the country, the result of which is the prosperity of ethnic mafias and the rampant growth of corruption in the ranks of officials. Therefore, in the statements of the organization, the rejection of even the slightest possibility of cooperation or negotiations with the Kremlin sounds like a firm thesis. According to them, the refusal to comply with any state orders does not at all cancel one of the key principles of the Northern Brotherhood organization: that this will not violate the current Criminal Code in any way.

northern brotherhood in Russia

As for the attitude of the representatives of the current government in Russia to the "Northern Brotherhood", the version of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, which refers the organization to the most active extremist associations in the country, will be indicative here. side pressureThe law only confirmed the conclusions that the "Northern Brotherhood" ceased its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation completely, although the autonomy of the cells of the organization gives a good reason to doubt this.

Foreign policy priorities

The Security Council characterizes its principle of foreign policy doctrine as follows: "We will not take someone else's, we will not give up our own." This primarily means the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of Russia's neighboring countries. An exclusively path of mutually beneficial trade relations and cooperation is envisaged, completely excluding the manifestation of "imperial ambitions and aspirations".

Nevertheless, the proclaimed position of "respect for other states" does not negate the respectful attitude, first of all, to the interests of one's own state. Therefore, the struggle for "Russian national interests" in the event of an aggressive encroachment on them from the outside is also not excluded from the "Brotherhood" program.

For financing

The SB approach to potential sponsors is much more pragmatic and balanced, completely devoid of any personal dislikes and preferences. The only exception to this practice are:

  • Any states and representatives of peoples from which "ethnodemographic expansion into the lands of the Russian people" is carried out.
  • The Russian state itself, in the policy of which (according to the "Northern Brotherhood") the policy of genocide of the Russian people can be traced. And not even so much in terms of economics, but by replacing millions of foreign labor migrants.

Beingbanned on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Northern Brotherhood officially ceased its activities. However, rumors that its adherents are still secretly looking for the necessary investments for themselves and continue their business still do not subside.

Views on property and society

The ideals of the "Northern Brotherhood" in theory are equally far from both Western liberalism and socialism familiar to our history. The development of the idea of ​​collective mutual assistance in their program plays a significant role, but they also do not intend to put up with social dependency.

The sacred and unconditional ownership of the organization extends only to the personal result of the work of each person. Everything that is obtained by the efforts of the worker belongs exclusively to him and to those to whom he himself wants to transfer this right to something that belongs to him.

However, the definition of ownership in the program foundations of the Security Council does not apply at all to the country's natural resources - they belong to the entire nation without individual exceptions. Their disposal is carried out purely by collective management bodies, whose activities must be under constant strict public control. Any efficient user may well count on the ability to manage the country's resources, subject to the obligatory condition of returning natural rent to society.

Nevertheless, the property of those persons who will be identified as the invaders of various assets during the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent predatory privatization will by no means remain inviolable.

The word of sound nationalmeaning across fanatical decisions

To increase the well-being of the entire population, the state must first of all provide citizens with the most stable and competent legislative ground. Such a framework concerns not only he althcare, the environment, social protection, but also national aspects as well.

northern brotherhood is

Care for Russian national identity should be not only an initiative from patriotic associations of citizens, but also from the state as a whole. Careful support and widespread development of their own traditions in the country, an increase in the Russian population in all regions to at least 55% of the total national composition, as well as a full-scale program for educating all Russians from kindergarten and school, focused on developing deep respect for their country, its culture, roots and language - this is what is a priority in the modern Russian question.

Legislative framework without exceptions or compromises

However, the development of our own national component throughout the country should not be carried out as a result of oppression or squeezing out the culture of other ethnic groups of our vast country. Russians are not a s alty mixture of everything and everyone, they are a self-sufficient nation with a great history, achievements and future. Forgetting who the Russians are is, in fact, death, and without knowing one's own roots, there can be no question of any real further development. But it is also wrong to forget about other numerous peoples for whom Russia is their home.

Peacefulthe soil, devoid of even a hint of interethnic strife, is able to prepare the state. Establishing rules of conduct to ensure order and security within the Russian society, the country needs really working laws that will be equally tough and harsh for absolutely everyone, regardless of ethnic group, social group, etc. For this, according to the Security Council, you need:

  1. Abolish the moratorium on the death pen alty, providing it for those who have committed particularly serious crimes.
  2. Remove the suspended sentence from the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which will thoroughly strengthen the influence of the law in the life of the country, making it a real threat to every offender.
  3. Significantly increase the terms of imprisonment for murder and battery/mutilation, regardless of which ethnic group is guilty of the deed.
  4. Introduce a large monetary fine for insult (the same for the entire population, regardless of ethnicity).

The firm and influential hand of the Law, fair to all nationalities, is an incomparable good for the further prosperous development of a vast country, rather than widespread massacres and murders only by skin color and accent. It is the strict and undeniable control in this regard for every citizen by the state that is the ideal platform for peaceful and safe development.

northern brotherhood what is it

For the work of such laws, aimed at the equality of any violator before the law, an appropriate level of professionalism of law enforcement will also be required.organs. This is more than realistic with the help of a major cleansing of the ranks of the police and the judiciary, replacing most of the unreliable elements with specialists loyal to this policy.

A separate item about migration

Unfortunately, the mass issuance of Russian passports to labor migrants from neighboring countries still takes place. Moreover, the scale of such arbitrariness, when thousands of uneducated laborers arrive instead of conditional hundreds of the most valuable highly qualified personnel, exceeds all conceivable boundaries. This is the essence of selfish business and corrupt officials in the field, blindly preoccupied with exceptionally quick profit. It goes without saying that no he althy society would be willing to accept an astronomical flow of migrants, whose numerous descendants in the distant future will not so much be determined to work after the example of their ancestors, but to create more and more densely populated areas and live on social benefits (in many cases also along the way). getting involved in criminal gangs).

northern brotherhood Russian nationalist movement

A clear example of such a destructive influence is good old Belgium, which, in its current multicultural realities, has lost its former friendly face, resigned to the new order. And they are not installed by new generations of the indigenous population. They are predetermined by the second and third generation of migrants, whose ancestors were previously allowed to live in huge numbers in this state. The actual benefit from them for the country is almost zero -most of this contingent settles in entire regions, establishes their own Sharia rules there, and receives generous benefits. At the same time, the “new Europeans” sympathize with radical Islamists, often joining the ranks of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and committing monstrous terrorist attacks. Including already on the territory of Europe itself.

Given such a sad outcome, which certainly cannot be corrected within the rules and structure of the EU, it is only important not to repeat similar mistakes. First of all, the situation can be regulated not by a surge of right-wing radical activity, arson of migrant habitats and other illegal measures. It is the state that must cope with the control function with the help of the same tough laws that really work primarily for national interests.

Russian citizenship should become a huge value, not a half-free ticket to open doors. It must be withdrawn for serious offenses, and all who subsequently acquire it must not be deprived of the same control. The passport must be the document for which labor migrants will compete in terms of law-abidingness and professional suitability. Yes, they can work in the Russian Federation, but they do not need citizenship for their professional activities. And even in case of success, when valuable foreign specialists are nevertheless rewarded with a Russian passport, they should in every possible way value it under pain of irreversible loss. It is this migration policy that will make it possible not only to select the most valuable and sought-after specialists for the country, but also significantlywill increase the number of jobs for its population, remove the majority of visiting offenders and exclude the possibility of the subsequent displacement of our compatriots by their numerous descendants.

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