What does "brotherhood drink" mean?

What does "brotherhood drink" mean?
What does "brotherhood drink" mean?

Alcoholic drinks appeared a long time ago, bringing the culture and etiquette of their use into human life. Many traditions, feast rules and popular expressions are associated with alcohol. One of the well-known and beloved phrases associated with its use by people is: “drink on brotherhood”. What does this expression mean and what is the history of its occurrence?

History of the catchphrase

According to one version, the tradition associated with the word "brotherhood" came to us from Europe, where during the Middle Ages this ritual meant the preservation of good relations and good intentions at the table throughout the feast. Brudershaft guaranteed fraternal support, secured peace between the warriors, meant purity of intentions. On especially solemn occasions, a drop of blood was added to the glasses, which sealed friendly relations with a blood oath.

drink on brotherhood

According to other sources, the habit of "drinking brotherhood" was common among lovers. Following the draining of the glasses to the bottom, the couple was supposed toseal your lips with a deep kiss. In the event that the glass of one of the lovers contained poison, sprinkled with the second half, a kiss would mean death for two. Thus, a special ritual of drinking alcohol was a kind of proof of love and honesty of a couple in love with each other.

Meaning of tradition

The term "brüderschaft" (Brüderschaft) - is translated from German as "brotherhood", "association". However, in Russian the meaning of the word "brotherhood" is understood somewhat differently. The psychological meaning of this phrase means the change of the official feast to a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, the transition from a dry "you" to a closer "you". This is the bonding of friendly relations with a special ceremony, the essence of which is the simultaneous draining of glasses or glasses by two participants in the feast with hands closed at the elbows.

At the same time, if a man and a woman drink, the ritual must be fixed with a kiss, because after the brotherhood the barrier is destroyed, the line that keeps people at a distance is blurred, and they become a little closer. It is also supposed to look into each other's eyes during the process. The tradition of “drinking for brotherhood” is acceptable at a romantic candlelit evening, giving a special zest to a date, a mysterious accent, like a silent promise of something bright and unusual…

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Bruderschaft etiquette

Strengthening a friendly union with a special type of draining glasses - the brotherhood ritual, you need to have an idea not only of what will follow it, but also know the etiquette of the process. And the rules of etiquettewith this tradition, they are as follows: holding a glass or glass in your hand (usually right), cross your arms at the elbows with the second participant and, looking into each other's eyes, drain the selected alcoholic drink to the bottom. According to psychologists, the tradition of “drinking for brotherhood” is a means to increase sympathy and rapprochement between people.

Having made this act of friendly agreement, you can safely address your counterpart as "you", slap him on the shoulder - in general, do everything that is customary between good friends. If, on the day after a fun feast, your newly-made friend does not want to follow the brotherhood rule and continue to maintain friendly relations, in no case do not insist on the opposite. Likewise, if you don't want to befriend anyone, it's best to politely decline the unwanted ritual.

the meaning of the word brotherhood

Wedding Brudershaft

The tradition of “drinking for brotherhood” has also entered the list of wedding formalities, being a prelude to the first kiss of the newlyweds at the festive table. Obeying the power of this ritual, the spouses drink champagne from glasses fastened with a ribbon. The ceremony ends not with a restrained brotherly, but with a deep kiss as a sign of love and fidelity. After draining their glasses, the bride and groom throw them over their left shoulders.

In fact, brotherhood is just a beautiful tradition designed to decorate a celebration or a feast. After all, you are unlikely to dare to call a person your friend, just because yesterday you were participants in this ritual with him.

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