The Tom River is a large water artery of Western Siberia

The Tom River is a large water artery of Western Siberia
The Tom River is a large water artery of Western Siberia

The Siberian river Tom is one of the largest tributaries of the Ob. On its shore there are such wonderful cities as Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Mezhdurechensk, Yurga and Seversk - a little-known closed town hidden behind barbed wire. The length of the river is approximately 830 km, and the width of its armhole in some places reaches 3 km. It is believed that the name Tom was coined by the Kets - the ancient Siberian people - and literally means "the main river" or even "the center of life." Perhaps, not a single Russian body of water has as many amazing legends as there are about her - about Tom. Here is one of the most interesting stories and tell about the possibilities of fishing on the river.

tom river

The Legend of Tom and Ushai

On the high bank of the Siberian river stood a solidly fortified town of the brave Toyan, the Prince of Eushta. A son was born to Toyan, who was named Ushay. From childhood, he grew up as a skilled and fearless warrior. No one could compete with him in cross-country skiing and archery. Not far from the town of Toyana, at the tributary of the river, Prince Basandai lived along with his numerous tribe. And the prince had a daughter of indescribable beauty named Toma. Many warriorsdreamed of marrying her, but Basandai wanted to give her as a wife to the great Siberian khan. One day, Ushai was chasing an elk in the forest and accidentally ran into the Basandai lands, where at that time the beautiful Princess Toma was walking. The glorious warrior was struck on the spot by the beauty and charm of the girl, and Toma was impressed by the dexterity and strength of Ushai. And they loved each other with all their hearts. Since then, Toma and Ushai began to meet in a clearing, where Basandai caught them during their next date. The prince became angry and drove the poor Ushai from his lands in disgrace. In desperation, Toma ran to the river near which her lover lived, and threw herself into it. Since then, this river has been called Toma (or Tomya).

This is such a beautiful and at the same time sad legend. By the way, the names of the characters were invented for a reason, because the Ushaika and Basandaika rivers are large tributaries of the Tom.

Fishing on Tom's

Fishing on the Tom

Both the river itself and its tributaries (and especially the mouth) are quite suitable for fishing. Pike, grayling, perch and burbot are found here. In some places, mainly in autumn, you can catch taimen. However, its population has recently declined sharply. Of the white varieties of fish, roach is often found, and in some places bream.

Predatory fish prefer to catch spinning gear. Fly fishing is more suitable for grayling - although this fish is not very large, it is not at all easy to catch it. Pike is better to catch in deeper places, where the level of the current is significantly reduced. The Tom River is of great interest fortaimen lovers. This fish is quite dexterous and dodgy, but closer to autumn, it wakes up with a brutal appetite, due to which it becomes much easier to lure it. For catching taimen, it is best to use spinning and bait in the form of a small “mouse”, because small rodents are the main prey of especially large representatives.

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The Tom River is suitable for catching burbot both in winter and summer, but in the warm season this fish is not particularly active. To catch her, they mainly use ordinary donks, and the very bite begins closer to the night. In winter, burbot is caught with a rod, and pieces of fish or a lead cone-shaped mormyshka are used as bait.

The Tom River is surrounded by pebbly and rocky banks. And only some areas with the possibility of access to the water are suitable for recreation and fishing in the summer. However, due to the high level of water pollution, swimming in the river is prohibited.

Thus, the Tom is a river with a rich and interesting history. And the possibility of year-round fishing makes it especially attractive among avid fishermen.

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