Daughter of the Valley: biography, personal life and interesting facts

Daughter of the Valley: biography, personal life and interesting facts
Daughter of the Valley: biography, personal life and interesting facts

Daughter Valley name is Angelina. At the moment, the girl is 34 years old. She is taking care of the child and suggests that another artist is growing up in the family.

Birth of Angelina

In 1983, a girl was born to Larisa Dolina, who was named Angelina. Before her birth, Larisa Alexandrovna was involved in the film by K. Shakhnazarov called "We are from jazz." And she played, already being in position. Angelina's father was a colleague of the famous singer - Anatoly Mikhailovich Mionchinsky, a musician from the Kroll group.

daughter of the valley

Daughter was born in the 23rd maternity hospital of the capital. According to the stories of the pop diva, the birth was quite protracted. Angelina was born due to a Rh conflict as a very weak child. Remembering, Larisa Alexandrovna said that the doctors immediately after giving birth took the girl away from her and said that she was dying and seriously ill. And she had to look for the girl all over the city, since she was in the Morozov hospital. But everything worked out, and Angelina grew up he althy. The first person who congratulated the singer on the birth of a child was Alla Borisovna Pugacheva herself. At that time, the name of Larisa Dolina was not known to anyone, and the appearance of Pugacheva in the maternity hospital made a splash.

Shortly afterthe birth of Angelina Larisa Alexandrovna had to leave the city. Due to the fact that the Minister of Culture issued a decree according to which about 300 musicians from various orchestras and jazz groups without a residence permit were required to return to their place of residence according to registration.

The singer had to move with her husband to Leningrad to his parents. Where they all began to live in a one-room apartment, dividing the room with a closet. Anatoly Mikhailovich was busy in a nightclub, and Larisa Alexandrovna participated in the TV program “Comrade Cinema” 3 times a month, playing a Negro singer from the film “We are from Jazz”. The husband of Larisa Dolina drank alcohol, and over time, their marriage cracked. After 7 years of marriage, they divorced.

Angelina grew up without a father

Daughter of Larisa Dolina - Angelina, grew up without a father all her life. And even after the birth, she did not tell her dad, Anatoly Mionchinsky, the good news. Larisa Dolina herself has not communicated with her first husband for more than 10 years, and her daughter Angelina does not talk to him either.

daughter of Larisa Dolina

When Angelina was still a child, her stepfather Victor took part in her upbringing. A little later, the third husband of the star mother, Ilya, began to support her. And, according to Larisa Alexandrovna herself, even when Angelina was in her teens, he talked to the girl like an adult.

According to Angelina's father, he never clashed with his daughter and always helped her financially. Anatoly Mionchinsky considers himself the only husband of the Valley, who disinterestedly was her husband. According to him,now for him the greatest happiness is that his daughter and granddaughter are alive and well.

Angelina's choice of profession

Daughter Dolina Angelina in an interview admitted to reporters that she is a little jealous of people who from a young age knew what they wanted to do in adulthood. Angelina herself dreamed of becoming a photographer since childhood, but Larisa Dolina convinced her daughter that she needed education and a serious profession.

gave birth to a daughter by a valley from a squad

Angelina studied economics at the Moscow University of Economics, Finance and Statistics, but did not work a single day in her speci alty. While in her 5th year, the girl took the position of general director of two construction organizations Stroy-Alfa and Darteks K. The activities of the companies were related to the dismantling and demolition of buildings, the installation of metal structures, the construction of sports facilities, the trade in timber and furniture. But in 2013, new signs of the crisis began to appear on the market, and the number of construction orders fell sharply. The daughter of Larisa Dolina had to abandon companies and lose her business.

According to fellow student Victoria, Angelina has always had a business streak. From a cheerful and smiling girl, Angelina immediately became a serious business woman and de alt with issues related to construction companies.

With warm feelings in her soul, Angelina recalls the time when she was lucky enough to work surrounded by creative people at the place of the coordinator of a musical project. Since exactly onin such work, the girl felt like a fish in water.

At one time, Dolina's daughter claimed that she was going to open a private kindergarten and study the requests of demanding parents in order to take into account all the nuances in the development of a future business plan.

The life of the daughter of the Valley

Angelina Mionchinskaya is the only daughter of the famous Russian pop diva Larisa Dolina. About 6 years ago, she gave the Russian singer a granddaughter, Alexandra.

For a long time, Dolina's daughter was on maternity leave, completely devoting her life to the child. According to the girl herself, this way of life began to drag her more and more. And Angelina began to think that she needed to change something in her life.

Daughter Valley gave birth to Druzhinin

For a long time, Larisa Aleksandrovna and her daughter hid who the baby's father was. However, the media received information that the child was the fruit of the love of Angelina and the dancer Yegor Druzhinin. Since they had an affair while working on the musical Love and Espionage.

angelina valley's daughter

For the first time, little Sasha was shown to journalists during the New Wave concert, where daughter Dolina and her star mother had fun. Angelina and Larisa Alexandrovna joyfully played with Sasha on the beach, and even jointly visited one of the restaurants in Jurmala.

Alexandra's future

Larisa Aleksandrovna's granddaughter enters the stage with great joy. Angelina believes that in their familythe future star is growing up, who will follow in the footsteps of the famous grandmother. In addition to the stage, little Sashenka is fond of mathematics, playing chess, robotics and construction.

the life of the daughter of the valley

Angelina devotes a lot of time to raising a girl, developing acting talents in her. Larisa Dolina, in turn, is in no hurry to draw conclusions about the future profession of her granddaughter. And she admits that she would like to spend more time together with Alexandra, but the tight schedule does not always allow.

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