Varieties of mushrooms and their beneficial properties

Varieties of mushrooms and their beneficial properties
Varieties of mushrooms and their beneficial properties

Every person at least once in his life went to the forest for mushrooms. And, accordingly, everyone knows that in nature there are various varieties of mushrooms. Among them, there are both useful and poisonous, so before eating mushrooms, you need to make sure that they are edible.

mushroom varieties

A mushroom usually consists of a cap and a stalk, but there are exceptions - for example, a truffle that grows in the ground. On the inside of the cap there are plates or tubes with which the mushrooms reproduce. Spores mature in these tubules or plates. Many edible varieties of fungi synthesize nutrients by processing the remains of dead organisms in the soil. According to the method of nutrition, mushrooms are divided into:

- saprotrophs that feed on organic matter processed by their body from plant residues;

- parasites that live at the expense of other living organisms - for example, on a tree. In some cases, such cooperation is beneficial for both organisms

In this article, we list some varieties of mushrooms. First of all, honey agaric. It grows on rotten wood and, therefore, feeds on it, it develops its myceliumdirectly under the bark. This type of fungus is a parasite and leads to the death of the tree. On a less popular mushroom - boletus, it received such a name due to the fact that its development occurs only on birch roots. At the same time, this variety does not apply to parasites, since due to the ability to synthesize nutrients, the boletus partially transfers them to the tree.

nutritional value of mushrooms

Mushroom pickers also value mushrooms such as boletus. He has a bright red hat that even a non-professional mushroom picker will see from afar. Among all types of mushrooms, this one is special. Its difference lies in the fact that it is very unpretentious to the weather and even in a dry year it grows in abundance in shady aspen forests. The boletus has several varieties. Depending on the place where it grows, its hat can take on a shade from white and yellow to orange and brown.

Special attention should be paid to such a variety of mushrooms as white fungus. During cooking, it emits a pleasant aroma that can conquer any gourmet. Basically, this mushroom is dried or fried fresh; it is also indispensable in mushroom soup. Many species of porcini mushrooms are known, but skilled mushroom pickers will always be able to find their best representatives in the forest.

types of porcini mushrooms

The benefits of this product don't end with the taste alone. In folk medicine, white mushroom, dried and ground into powder, is recommended for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Worth itnote the nutritional value of mushrooms. Together with them, nutrients such as vitamins B, C, D, minerals such as phosphorus and potassium enter our body. Mushrooms contain chitin and cellulose, which contribute to better digestion, but, unfortunately, they also prevent the body from fully absorbing the nutrients they contain.

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