Andrey Shevelev, Governor of the Tver Region: biography, family

Andrey Shevelev, Governor of the Tver Region: biography, family
Andrey Shevelev, Governor of the Tver Region: biography, family

It is not the first year in Russia there has been a successful practice of early resignation of heads of regions. The president carries out regular rotation of personnel, positioning it as a natural process, not in vain. Unfortunately, not all governors in our country justify the trust that the "supreme commander" has placed in them. Some get caught on bribes, others simply do not cope with the tasks set, and still others, in general, lead the entrusted region not to prosperity and prosperity, but to total devastation and financial crisis. The "last", in particular, includes the former head of the Tver region - Andrey Shevelev. Moreover, the residents of the region themselves gave a low assessment of the work of this official.

Andrey Shevelev

And the "zero" rating of the effectiveness of the above governor is confirmed by real facts. Firstly, corruption in the regional power structures has intensified, secondly, the budget deficit has increased many times over, and thirdly, the economy of the Tver region is in a critical state. Farms are going bankruptmany settlements do not have electricity and heat supply. Residents have repeatedly appealed to the Kremlin in order to make "serious" personnel changes in the system of regional state administration. And finally, in 2016, their requests were heard. Andrey Shevelev and his team were deprived of power. What is known about the former governor of the Tver region?

An official with an impeccable biography

If you carefully study the official's biography, you get the impression that Andrey Shevelev is a person with a spotless reputation.

He is a native of the city on the Neva. Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich was born on May 24, 1970. After some time, the family moved to the city of Bely (Tver region), where the future official was given a certificate of incomplete secondary education.

Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich

Moreover, the eight-year-old young man graduated with honors. Then Andrey Shevelev became a cadet of the Kalinin Suvorov Military School.

Study "military affairs" and participation in military operations in the North Caucasus

In the summer of 1987 he entered the Higher Airborne Command School (Ryazan). In 1991, the young man received a red diploma in the speci alty "engineer for the operation of armored and automotive equipment." Then Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev is sent to serve in Pskov as a soldier of the 76th Guards Airborne Division. In this military unit, he rose to the rank of assistant commander of a separate reconnaissance battalion. A graduate of the Airborne Command School tookparticipation in the settlement of a number of military conflicts that unfolded in the 90s on the territory of Chechnya, Georgia, Ingushetia. During the Chechen war, Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev, whose biography is of particular interest to political scientists, was wounded while performing a special task. Soon he was awarded the Gold Star medal and the title Hero of Russia.

In the summer of 1997, he joins the ranks of the officers and teaching staff of the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School and teaches the disciplines necessary for the cadets.

Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich Governor of the Tver Region

The following year, Shevelev headed the public charitable foundation of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of the Russian Federation in his homeland.

The beginning of a political career

Then Andrei Vladimirovich began to show interest in politics and joined the United Russia party, which at the end of 2003 nominated him for the post of candidate for the State Duma (single-member constituency of St. Petersburg). He was a member of the Central Control and Audit Commission. As a result, he receives the seat of a parliamentarian, which he will hold until 2007. In the country's main legislative body, Shevelev will serve on the committee on credit institutions and financial markets as an assistant to the chairman. After some time, Andrey Vladimirovich will receive a law degree from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President.

Posts in the executive bodies of the regional level

In the spring of 2008, Shevelev was appointed toposition of the first deputy head of the government of the Ryazan region. Andrei Vladimirovich, in his new capacity, focused on solving problems within the region.

In July 2011, the official was transferred to work in another subject of the Russian Federation, namely, in the Tver region. Moreover, Shevelev got the highest post. It should be noted that the newly-made governor invited those with whom he worked in the Ryazan region to join his team.

Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich biography

Naturally, this led to increased tension in Andrei Vladimirovich's relations with some influential representatives of the regional elites.


One way or another, but some political scientists, despite harsh criticism of Shevelev, do not want to agree that he is a "careless" governor. What facts do they cite in support of such a position?

Attracting investments to the region

Back in 2012, the Tver region hosted the International Investment Forum. At this event, more than 20 agreements on attracting financial resources to the region were signed. At the same time, experts say that as a result of the forum, many settlements were able to receive subsidies, the volume of which increased from year to year.

Helping businesses

Also, political scientists believe that Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev provided support to the enterprises of the region. In particular, he helped solve the financial problems of the Tver House-Building Plant, which had previously been a major participant in the construction market.

Shevelev AndreyVladimirovich family

In addition, he drew attention to the difficult situation with the Tver Carriage Works and ensured that the company received new orders.

Deceived real estate investors

The ex-governor of the Tver region also assisted deceived equity holders and helped them get the coveted living space. For this, a special law was adopted at the regional level, where the principle of allocating compensation plots was prescribed.

Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev (Governor of the Tver region) was also involved in the implementation of sports projects. In particular, he initiated the construction of Ice Palaces in the region entrusted to him.


There are also many who consider Shevelev's work as governor unsatisfactory.

First of all, they remember the closure of two maternity hospitals in the region. The governor's popularity rating rushed down after the flow of immigrants from the Central Asian republics to the Tver region intensified. As a result, the crime situation worsened, and local residents no longer felt safe.

Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich children

The level of corruption has become prohibitive. Moreover, those who somehow try to publicize the mistakes of government officials are threatened by the same regional officials.

In addition, Andrey Vladimirovich is accused of the fact that when he was still acting head of the region, on his initiative a ban was introduced on holding the popular rock festival "Invasion" in the region. Your decisionthe governor of the Tver region motivated by the fact that African swine fever "erupted" in his estate.

Residents with relief and understanding accepted the news of Shevelev's resignation, which took place in the spring of 2016.

Marital status

Like other public people, Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev, ex-governor of the Tver region, does not like to talk about his personal life. The wife of an official (Ekaterina Sheveleva) practically does not give interviews and rarely appears at social events. It is known that Andrey Vladimirovich met his wife on the day of his 25th birthday. The official claims it was love at first sight.

Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich wife

Few people know that the father of many children is the former head of the Tver region Shevelev Andrey Vladimirovich. The official's children are three sons, the eldest of whom is getting a higher education at one of the universities of St. Petersburg. Today, the former governor lives in two cities: Bely, where he goes to visit his mother, and Tver, where he works. In his spare time, Andrey Vladimirovich Shevelev, for whom the family is the main value in life, prefers to play sports.

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