How does a person affect the weather? The impact of human activities on climate and weather

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How does a person affect the weather? The impact of human activities on climate and weather
How does a person affect the weather? The impact of human activities on climate and weather

Currently, one of the main world problems is the climate. If we realize how a person affects the weather, we will be able to understand how much the world around us is changing. Recently, people have been paying less and less attention to the problems of the planet, perceiving it as a bottomless warehouse and a free garbage dump, while they themselves are rushing in pursuit of material we alth. In fact, nature pays dearly for the progress of our civilization. At times, one gets the feeling that humanity behaves as if they have another spare planet. In reality, this is not so. All this leads to serious problems, a global environmental crisis, and the complete depletion of available resources. The consequences of this can be the most negative - fatal climate change, extinction of animals and plants, mental and physical degradation of man himself.

The situation is deteriorating

Now it is important to realize how man affects nature. It could bethe first step towards the necessary changes to improve the situation. Scientists have long proved that the deterioration of the ecological situation on the planet is directly related to the prevailing economic system existing in the world, the destruction of the intellectual environment. Environmental problems and climate change should be considered as a whole. Only in this case there is a chance to change at least something.

The trend of recent decades is disappointing: each next generation enters life in worse economic conditions than those that were before. Damage to nature is intensifying, first of all, the he alth of young people and adolescents suffers from this, this is how a person affects the weather.

The weather forecast is currently becoming one of the most formidable and unpleasant news. Every year there are more and more weather anomalies in the world. Weather that would correspond to climatic norms is not observed anywhere else. Almost every new winter becomes abnormally warm, breaking all records. Typhoons and floods occur everywhere, drought affects impressive areas. All this is largely due to the negative human impact on the weather.

Evidence of negative change

Human impact on the weather

There is a lot of evidence that the situation is deteriorating every year at a catastrophic rate. Already in 30 cities of Russia it is now dangerous for he alth to breathe. Because of this, about 70 percent of newborns are born with oxygen starvation, that is, in a state of asphyxia. All this is reflected in the state of theirfurther he alth, every third baby already has serious birth defects.

Over the past 20 years, the incidence of children under the age of 15 has increased by 50 percent. Up to 90 percent of graduates graduate from school with chronic diseases. It is believed that half of current graduates will not live to retirement age.

40 percent of men of childbearing age suffer from infertility, and about 50,000 children fall ill with cancer every year. This means that once every two hours one child in Russia is diagnosed with cancer.

Modern gerontologists are sure that the aging of people in the modern world begins about 20 years earlier than now. Young people develop real diseases of the elderly - arthritis, endocrine disorders, serious cardiovascular diseases, including strokes and heart attacks.

Weather anomalies

weather anomalies

The impact of human activities on climate and weather is so serious that more and more often in recent times we have to deal with weather anomalies. The economic boom in China seems to many not such a formidable problem compared to the environmental woes of this Asian country. Due to the archaic approach to agriculture, massive soil erosion is developing, due to harmful and cheap technologies, air and water are poisoned. Improper irrigation has led to catastrophic changes that have forced China to import water already today.

Russia is also experiencing certain climate changes. During the winter months regularlythere is a deviation from the average monthly temperatures by an average of 5-8 degrees per month plus.

Frost and snow regularly hit the US East Coast and Europe. The sea, which was a blessing for many regions, is turning into a real curse. The reason for such a sharp cooling, atypical for these areas, is global warming. The regions are losing their so-called "hot-water bottle", the so-called warm current of the Gulf Stream, which regularly provided these countries with a mild and favorable climate.

Global warming

Global warming

Directly linked to global warming is the Ice Age. So it was already many millennia ago, modern scientists do not exclude that the situation may repeat itself.

Specialists note that the climate is one of the most complex systems that exist on Earth. It is made up of the interaction of various factors. Among them, it is worth noting the location of the oceans and continents, solar activity, land relief, the reflectivity of the planet, volcanism. Not the last role is played by anthropogenic influence. How a person influences the weather is often crucial.

Most experts believe that today we live in an era of global warming. The cause of global warming is the catastrophic pollution of the atmosphere, primarily methane and carbon dioxide, which provoke the greenhouse effect. Because of this, the content of oxygen contained in the air drops sharply, much less precipitation falls on the continents, inAs a result, large areas are threatened by the so-called desertification. According to the latest data, up to a quarter of all land on the planet can turn into the endless Sahara.

Destruction of the "lungs of the planet"


Until recently, forests and oceans absorbed most of the harmful industrial emissions. But this situation is beginning to change radically. Until quite recently, forests could absorb approximately half of all industrial emissions into the atmosphere. But now mass cutting is underway - up to eleven million hectares on the planet are destroyed per year. These are the consequences of deforestation.

There is also a decrease in phytoplankton due to pollution of the world's oceans. Every year, about nine million tons of waste ends up in the Pacific alone, and three times as much garbage is dumped into the Atlantic.

Global warming is causing serious damage to the economies of the leading developed countries. At present, it is already comparable to the consequences of two world wars.

Causes of climate change

According to the latest data, the key factors that influence global climate change on the planet is the anthropogenic impact. All this has been repeatedly confirmed by similar results that have been obtained in the study of various climate models by domestic and foreign researchers.

That's really what the weather depends on. Due to abnormal changes, the number of days with abnormally high temperatures will constantly increase, and the durationso-called heat waves will lead to anomalous consequences - rainstorms, drought, floods and hurricanes.

Specialists come to the conclusion that a real catastrophe in the foreseeable future threatens the North of Russia. Thawing permafrost can significantly reduce the bearing capacity of piles that have been driven into permafrost.

Because of this, up to a quarter of the housing stock may be destroyed. As a result, airports, through which most of the cargo is delivered to the north, as well as underground storage facilities, including oil tanks, will be affected. Already today, a fifth of all accidents that occur in the northern regions are caused by global warming. Pipelines and power lines suffer.

Modern scientists are especially concerned about the situation in the area of ​​Novaya Zemlya, where a large-scale disposal of nuclear waste is concentrated. Moreover, as a result of the thawing of permafrost, methane begins to be released from the soil. In terms of its ability to provoke a greenhouse effect, it is twenty times greater than carbon dioxide. This means that the average annual temperature will rise even more intensively and faster. All this is mainly due to the impact of human activities on the climate.

Draining swamps

Drainage of swamps

Another environmental problem facing the modern world is the draining of swamps. For quite a long time, everyone believed that this could only be useful. Using this method, additional areas were mined for crops to obtain fertile soils, and also saved from fires, sohow on swampy lowlands there was always a lot of peat, which is highly flammable, capable of destroying entire hectares of forest as a result of careless handling of fire by a person or an absurd combination of circumstances. In addition, peat is an essential mineral that brings significant benefits.

Only recently began to wonder whether it is necessary to drain the swamps. In reality, this activity, which is carried out by a person, leads, ultimately, to a violation of the ecological balance. The fact is that swamps are global repositories of clean water. Sphagnum moss has excellent antiseptic properties, becoming a first-class natural filter. Due to the drainage of swamps, the flow of rivers is reduced, and both small and large water bodies suffer.

Draining swamps leads to the death of vegetation, which also needs healing moisture. First of all, this applies to berries (cranberries and cloudberries), coniferous trees. Not only the forest located in the immediate vicinity of the drained swamps suffers, but also plantings located at a distance of many tens of kilometers. This happens because of groundwater, which act on the principle of communicating vessels. Changes in flora are followed by changes in fauna. Birds, fish and invertebrates are dying.

As a result, more and more people begin to doubt when once again they ask themselves whether the swamps should be drained. It may turn out that there can be much more negative consequences than positive ones.

How is the climate formed?

What does climate depend on?

To understand in detail the role of the anthropogenic factor in the changes taking place around, it is necessary to understand what the climate depends on.

The determining factors for it are the terrain, the specific geographical latitude in the territory that is in the zone of our interest, proximity to large water bodies (oceans and seas), the presence of cold and warm ocean and sea currents, and finally, water bodies and large forest areas, if we are talking about continental regions.

It is important not to confuse climate and weather. There is actually a big difference between them. Weather is understood as a set of meteorological parameters and atmospheric phenomena that are currently operating in a particular area. The weather is cyclical and changeable, depending on various factors. In a simplified way, this is the state of the world around us, which we observe here and now.

But climate is understood as a set of factors that will be characteristic of a particular territory for a long time. That is, it is a more stable system, which is much more difficult to change. Therefore, considering what the climate depends on, it is worth recognizing that man does not yet play a decisive role in this. But its influence is increasing every year. And in a negative way. Without urgent change, the planet could be on the brink of ecological disaster.

Impact on the weather

As we can see, weather is much easier to influence than climate. Since in this case it iswill talk about short-term and local changes. Often the weather is changed for a specific, quite utilitarian purpose, for example, they disperse clouds over the city before the holiday.

There are many of these ways, a person already knows very well how to control the weather. The main technology that is used most often is the active impact on the clouds. The most famous method is their "seeding" with chemical reagents. Due to this, you can make the cloud dissipate or, conversely, rain.

Out of the situation

Weather anomalies in the world

There are many experts who predict people will soon die because of how a person affects the weather, how fatal this effect is. But still, most are sure: it is still possible to fix it. You just need to get down to business right now. The situation is so serious that urgent action needs to be taken.

It is believed that a state of emergency should be declared throughout the planet. Then create a special management body to eliminate the ecological catastrophe. It should include mainly experts and scientists, but by no means people working in environmentally destructive sectors of the economy. It is necessary to begin to prioritize the restoration of education and awareness, especially environmental education.

Priority attention should be focused on the principles of energy conservation, as well as on the development of scientific knowledge that may suggest other methods of salvation from environmental disaster. It is important to engage in comprehensive analysis and monitoringecological situation. Scientists must remain independent of the influence of businessmen, who will certainly continue to lobby for their interests.

On the territory of the entire planet, strict environmental legislation must operate, and serious punishment is required for its violation. International associations should appear that will be engaged in the implementation of these projects. Only responsible and qualified people should be allowed to make key decisions. Lobbyists on behalf of powerful financial structures and resource companies, which are in the first roles today, are obliged to go into the shadows.

Today the biosphere is overstretched, ecological collapse can occur at any moment, so these measures must be taken urgently.

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