The climate of Paris: features of weather conditions by season

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The climate of Paris: features of weather conditions by season
The climate of Paris: features of weather conditions by season

Paris… So much romance in the very name of this incredible city. Even those who were not lucky enough to visit the capital of France know about its sights, natural beauties and cultural heritage. And the tourists who visited the city almost unanimously dream of returning here again. And it's not surprising. Sung by poets and singers, captured on the canvases of great masters and amateur artists, on hundreds of thousands of photographs, Paris charms and makes you fall in love with yourself from the first minutes of your stay in it. This is not just the main city of France, it is literally its heritage and pride. Colorful and spectacular, historically unique and climatically comfortable, Paris attracts more and more tourists every year.

Paris weather overview

What is the climate like in Paris? Probably, many tourists before a trip to the capital asked this question. The city is comfortable almost all year round: mild and almost snowless winter comes toa change to a warm, but not hot, pleasant summer. As you know, the capital is located in the north of France. The type of climate in Paris is temperate continental. Minor rainfall is evenly distributed over all months throughout the year. Throughout the annual cycle, the thermometer stays at acceptable and predictable values ​​for weather forecasters. This information about climatic conditions is important for families with small children or for travelers with any he alth problems, as well as for older people. The best time for a trip, according to tourists, is the period from August to October. The sun is no longer at full strength, but clear days are quite common and prevail over rainy weather. Although, as mentioned above, the climate in Paris changes gradually over the months. There are practically no sharp temperature drops in the city. Accordingly, the weather is often cozy and comfortable for walking.

Spring in the capital is the heyday of romance

Spring blooms in Paris

Spring is a wonderful time to travel to France. The city comes alive and literally flourishes. There is an atmosphere of love and light excitement in the air. The playful sun appears in the sky more and more often, and the narrow streets are filled with people. Parks and gardens are becoming favorite places for city dwellers to walk. It is here that in all its glory you can enjoy the incredible beauty of flowering trees and shrubs. Since April, the air warms up to a comfortable 15 degrees. However, it should be remembered that the spring in Paris is coldrainy days are still not uncommon and a warm sweater with a raincoat, taken for a walk, will not hurt.

Summer is the time for long walks and unrestrained fun

Most sunny days

Summer months are the most preferred by tourists. Therefore, the trip must be planned in advance and be prepared for crowds of tourists. This is perhaps the only negative, and it has nothing to do with weather conditions. The summer months in the city are the most comfortable for long walks and exploring the capital of France in all its glory. Daytime temperatures range from 22 to 27 degrees. The sun is hot, but the streets are mostly not hot. Rains, although they do happen, still cause less inconvenience in comparison in the autumn sometimes. If the temperature warms up and becomes unbearably hot, you can always swim and cool down a bit. In addition, the water temperature is as pleasant as possible - about 22-24 degrees.

Autumn in Paris - time to create and warm up with hot coffee

Paris in autumn

Autumn is the time for tourists who prefer cooler temperatures for travel. In September, the air warms up during the day to a pleasant 20 degrees, but the nights are already getting cold. For an evening walk, it is better to bring warm clothes with you. Beginning in October, the temperature drops, taking sunny days with it. Clear weather is increasingly replaced by cloudy skies, and it may rain for several days. But despite the noticeable cooling, there are still warm days. The climate of Paris in autumn is the most unpredictable and capricious. Therefore, when planning a trip to thisthe city in the fall should be prepared for weather changes.

Winter is the time of rare snow and Christmas miracle

Snowfall in the capital of France

When planning a trip to Paris in the winter, stock up on warm clothes. Despite the almost snowless flow of this season, the winter climate of Paris is rather cool. Due to the high humidity of the air, the temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius does not seem to exceed 0. Sleet is periodically replaced by rain, in late January - February it is quite windy in the city. There are also few sunny days. However, when they happen, the capital is transformed before our eyes, admiring with its unique beauty. Separately, it is worth mentioning the Christmas season - during this period the city turns into a real magical world of glowing lights. And even the most rainy day will not be able to spoil the mood of vacationers. It is worth noting that in December the flow of tourists increases markedly due to the holidays.

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