Peter Zhuravlev: biography and personal life of the actor

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Peter Zhuravlev: biography and personal life of the actor
Peter Zhuravlev: biography and personal life of the actor

Peter Zhuravlev was born on February 8, 1953 in the Volgograd region, the city of Kamyshin. He is a Russian theater and film actor, as well as an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. During his long and successful creative life, Zhuravlev took part in a huge number of popular films and TV series.

Artist biography

There is little information about Petr Zhuravlev's early childhood. The actor does not like to spread in the media about his personal life. It is known that a talented artist grew up in an ordinary family, where no one was associated with creativity. Peter began to show his acting skills at school. He tried to participate in all school productions and other similar events. During this period, the boy already knew for sure that he would become an actor.

Petr Zhuravlev
Petr Zhuravlev

After Peter finished school, he decided to enter the Saratov Theater School. The future artist studied under the guidance of A. G. Galko. In 1984, the actor Petr Zhuravlev received a diploma and almost immediately got a jobwork in the Volgograd Youth Theater. Here the talented artist worked for about nine years. In parallel, Peter began acting in films.

Working in movies

In 1988, the actor got his first role in the film “State Border. Movie - 8". A year later, Petr Zhuravlev took part in the film "Unclean Forces". The plot tells about one old woman who abruptly changes the fate of the protagonist. The next film for the actor was "Tagged", where he received only a minor role. The plot is connected with the life of two policemen who opposed the local mafia.

actor Petr Zhuravlev
actor Petr Zhuravlev

When the nineties came to the country, Peter ends his acting and theatrical career for a long time. He gets a job as a market seller. The artist took such a desperate step because of the difficult economic situation in the country, as well as the lack of stability on the stage.

Creative activity
Creative activity

At the beginning of the 2000s, Zhuravlev started working as an actor again. However, his work was only of a secondary nature, with which he did an excellent job. The actor was filmed in different genres: "Gangster Petersburg", "Streets of Broken Lanterns", "Trotsky", "Sea Devils", "Major 2", "Countdown" and many others.

Personal life of actor Pyotr Zhuravlev

The talented artist is not very fond of sharing details about his family life. Therefore, only one of his serious relationships is known. In 1990, Peter met the famous actress Daria Yurgens and fell head over heels in love. After some time they got married. Until this moment,Daria had painful relationships with other men.

actor's personal life
actor's personal life

The first husband of the girl was the famous musician and actor Yevgeny Dyatlov. In marriage, the spouses had a son, Yegor Lesnikov. However, despite the presence of a child in the family, the couple could not save their marriage. The reason for the divorce was repeated infidelity on the part of her husband. Once he himself confessed to Daria. The young woman could not forgive this betrayal and filed for divorce.

After the first marriage, the woman again had a chance for a new happy life. She met another man - musician and poet Yuri Shevchuk. They met on the set of the clip "Honest Dog Petersburg". Yuri and Daria fell in love with each other and soon the actress became pregnant. Yuri advised to end his creative career and raise children at home. However, Daria flatly refused and had an abortion. Later, she will say that it was entirely her man's fault.

When the woman was discharged from the hospital, she was met by a mutual friend - Peter Zhuravlev. After a while they started dating. So, Daria found a new civil husband. Zhuravlev fell in love with his wife very much, supported and helped to raise her son in every possible way. Yegor received his mother's new husband well. During this period, the actor quit the theater for the sake of his family and went to work in the market.

Unfortunately, family life did not work out. Daria loved the attention of men: she flirted with them and had a nice conversation. Peter became terribly jealous of his wife and made scandals. The couple made their lives hell. Despite this, in all interviews Daria says the wordsthanks to Peter. After all, it was he who helped them survive all the crises in life.

Filmography of the actor

Peter Zhuravlev starred in many films. Here is the resulting list:

  1. "State border" - 1988.
  2. "Unclean Force" - 1989.
  3. "Marked" - 1991.
  4. "Golden Bullet Agency - 2002.
  5. "Secrets of investigation 2" - 2002.
  6. "Three Colors of Love" - 2003.
  7. "Streets of Broken Lanterns - 5" - 2003.
  8. "National Security Agent - 5" - 2004.
  9. "Streets of Broken Lanterns - 6" - 2004.
  10. "Gangster Petersburg - 7" - 2005.
  11. "Old Cases" - 2006.
  12. "Sonka the Golden Pen" - 2006.
  13. "Friend or foe" - 2006.
  14. "Gangster Petersburg - 8" - 2006.
  15. "Gangster Petersburg - 9" - 2006.
  16. "Amber Baron" - 2007.
  17. "Brothers" - 2007.
  18. "Gangster Petersburg - 10" - 2007.
  19. "Sorcerer's Dolls" - 2008.
  20. "Mommy, I love a killer" - 2008.
  21. "Flying Squad" - 2009.
  22. "Flame color" - 2010.
  23. "Rasputin" - 2011.
  24. "Dear my man" - 2011.
  25. "I Cancel Death" - 2012.
  26. "Scouts" - 2013.
  27. "Bridefrom the gas station" - 2014.
  28. "Plague" - 2015.
  29. "Poison" - 2016.
  30. "Trotsky" - 2017.
  31. "Extra" - 2018.

Work in the theater

Pyotr Zhuravlev made a considerable contribution to theatrical activity. Here are his works:

  1. "Humble Cemetery".
  2. "The tradesman in the nobility".
  3. "Ivan Tsarevich".
  4. "Luna Wolves".
  5. "Othello".
  6. "Orca".
  7. "Five Evenings".
  8. "Blue roses".
  9. "Don Quixote".
  10. "Theft".
  11. "Price".

For many viewers, this actor is one of the most beloved.