Brent Corrigan: biography, scandal, movies and photos

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Brent Corrigan: biography, scandal, movies and photos
Brent Corrigan: biography, scandal, movies and photos

Brent Corrigan is an American-born film and film actor and model. The real name of the young man is Sean Paul Lockhart. May be known by another pseudonym - Fox Ryder. Brent Corrigan is a flamboyant figure who caused a public scandal in 2005.

Short biography: childhood and adolescence

Brent was born on October 31, 1986 in Lewiston, Idaho, America. He did not have a father (according to the young man, he had never even met this person), so his stepfather, with whom he lived in Seattle, took part in the process of growing up.

At the age of majority, the guy moves to San Diego, California to see his mother.

After he arrives at the appointed place, he does not receive support from the dearest person, as a result he is forced to take care of himself completely on his own.

Young Brent
Young Brent

At the age of 16, the guy met an adult man and part-time love partner, since Brent Corrigan is gay. He claims that it was his boyfriend who introduced him to the porn industry, which he previously believedsomething immoral and unhe althy.

In an interview, Brent said that the partner introduced him to a world far from typical of sixteen-year-olds. The boy considered him not the best person who had a bad influence on him. But at that moment, Brent thought that all gay men should behave this way: use illegal substances and hate each other. Then he had no idea that gay people could be different, namely, to show concern for others.

Career start

Brent Corrigan's first film was released in 2004 by Cobra Video, where he acted as a young guy of easy virtue. The picture was called Every Poolboy's Dream. His filming career quickly took off, films with unprotected sex and a very handsome young man were at the top of the ratings and in the top of sales.

Young Brent
Young Brent

Start of scandal

In 2005, Brent Corrigan made a public scandal statement that at the time of the beginning of his porn career, he was still a minor boy. But thanks to the fact that he forged the ID himself, it became possible.

Brent Corrigan
Brent Corrigan

Shortly before his 17th birthday, his boyfriend mentioned above is texting the head producer of Cobra Video and showing him a naked webcam image of Brent while he was sleeping.


In September 2005, a lawyer representing Brent Corrigan made a public statement that Sean PaulLockhart was underage when he entered the porn industry.

In the summer of 2006, in an interview with a magazine, Brent said that several times he made it clear about his age to the producer. However, he did not want to take this into account, and also did not want this information to be published in the light. He also tried to clearly explain to Brenton that if the guy is a minor now or was during filming, then he will have problems, but not the studio. The producer later mailed him a letter threatening lawsuits and loss of finances.

Sean Paul Lockhart
Sean Paul Lockhart

However, the face of the company stated in an interview with AVN that no one knew anything about the real age of the young man, it even provided all copies of the documents that the studio had from Brenton.

In 2015, all four films featuring a then underage boy were withdrawn from sale at the request of two private child protection organizations.


After Sean Paul Lockhart's loud statement, Cobra Video sued him and his business partners in a San Diego court. Company officials accused Brenton of trademark infringement and breach of contract.

Plaintiffs valued $1 million in damages and also demanded a ban on the use of the pseudonym Brent Corrigan in the gay porn industry, as they considered the stage name to be a trademark of Cobra Video.

Model Corrigan
Model Corrigan

In January 2007, the parties managed to come to an agreementa preliminary peace agreement that was to be sent to Cochis (owner and founder of Cobra Video) in writing on January 25th. The final hearing was scheduled for February 21st.

However, the event did not happen because Kochis was brutally murdered (28 stabbed) in his own house, which was subsequently burned down to hide the evidence.

Two people were accused of the crime - Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Manuel Kerekes. They were representatives of a rival company in the porn industry.

Sean Paul Lockhart currently

In 2013, he tried himself as a producer of the film "The Truth" and a director in the film "Triple Game", where he also acted as an actor.

Brent now
Brent now

Currently, he maintains a new blog and a personal website (had to create another due to difficulties with the old one).

Brent Corrigan Movies

Brent starred in nine pornographic films from 2004 to 2008, some of them: Every Poolboy's Dream, Cream BBoys, Tell Me, Drafted 3 and others.

Began to take part in feature films since 2009:

  • 2009 - "Big Gay Musical" (call boy), "Harvey Milk" (telephone tree), "Blue Pie Sequel: The Boys Peddle!";
  • 2011 - Judas Kiss (Chris Wachowski);
  • 2013 - "The Truth" (Caleb Jacobs) and "Triple Play" (Andrew Warner).

The actor's creativity evokes negative emotions for many, but the guy has fanstoo many.