Actor Vladimir Permyakov: biography, personal life. Movies and series

Actor Vladimir Permyakov: biography, personal life. Movies and series
Actor Vladimir Permyakov: biography, personal life. Movies and series

Vladimir Permyakov is a Russian actor who owes his fame to MMM commercials. It was the image of Leni Golubkov that helped him first attract the attention of the public. By the age of 65, this man managed to light up in about 40 films and TV shows, mostly he plays minor roles. What is its history?

Vladimir Permyakov: family, childhood

The performer of the role of Leni Golubkov was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, it happened in December 1952. Vladimir Permyakov was born in the family of a groom, spent the first years of his life in the countryside. Parents tried to accustom children (the actor has three older sisters) to work. Vladimir pumped water with a hand pump, chopped wood, helped in the stable and garden.

Vladimir Permyakov

As a child, Permyakov could not even imagine that he was destined to become a famous actor. The boy's hobby was fishing. This should hardly be surprising, because the family's house was located almost on the banks of the river.

From obscurity toglory

After graduating from school, Vladimir Permyakov served in the army. Then he worked for some time in production. Then the young man began to participate in amateur performances, he was invited to lead various events. Vladimir managed to work in Kansk, Tobolsk, and then decided to move to Moscow.

Good luck smiled at Vladimir in the early 90s. It was then that he played the famous Lenya Golubkov in commercials for the MMM company, which later became notorious. This role was supposed to be played by another person, but at the last moment he refused to participate in the filming. Thanks to this, Vladimir was approved.

Lenya Golubkov

Vladimir Permyakov participated in the creation of commercials for the financial pyramid MMM, not only as an actor. He also helped write scripts. Many phrases that he personally came up with gained popularity among the people.

photo by vladimir permyakov

Later, Vladimir said in an interview that it was very easy for him to play Golubkov. His character is very lifelike. He is proud that his hero has become a kind of symbol of a bygone era. On the career of an actor, the role of Leni was reflected rather negatively. The directors did not offer him to act in a big movie. Rumors about Vladimir's high earnings had nothing to do with reality. Permyakov claims that he received only $100 for participating in the very first video. Then he was paid $200 per video.

Theater, cinema, television

The actor Vladimir Permyakov managed to achieve some success ontheater stage. Experimental theaters "Mel" and "Beginning", theater-studio "Zong" - creative teams with which he collaborated in different years. The actor convincingly played Dymov in the production of "The Jumper" by the Museum of Man Theater.

Permyakov Vladimir Sergeevich

In 1992, Vladimir embodied the image of Zosim Ivanovich in the film "Running on the sunny side." Then he played the special captain in the film "General". This was followed by small roles in the films "American Grandpa" and "Scams, Music, Love …".

From the biography of Vladimir Permyakov it follows that he began to actively act in serials already in the new century. Often he was offered to embody the image of Leni Golubkov, thanks to which he gained popularity. The actor himself did everything possible to destroy stereotypes. He gladly accepted the roles of intellectuals, which he brilliantly succeeded in.

What else to see?

In what other film and television projects did Vladimir Permyakov manage to light up by the age of 65? Films and series with him released over the past ten years are listed below.

  • "Wedding Ring".
  • "Alexander the Great".
  • "Love quirks".
  • Chronicle of the Capital Thieves.
  • Russian Chocolate.
  • "Zaitsev plus one".
  • "Unreal story".
  • "Fear and Trembling".
  • "Alien Evil".
  • "Fire, water and diamonds".
  • "The Power of Childhood".
  • "Last Cop".
  • "President's vacation".

The latest picture with his participation was released in 2018.We are talking about the film "Vacation of the President", in which he embodied the image of a traffic police officer Semyon. Permyakov himself is convinced that he has not yet realized himself as an actor. Vladimir continues to hope that his main role is yet to come.

Life behind the scenes

Vladimir Permyakov has no heirs. His first wife was the journalist Natalya Remizova. The wife of the actor died a few years after the wedding. In memory of her, he created the play Mandrake Apples. In his work, the author encourages people not to miss the main thing, being overly carried away by momentary things.

Vladimir Permyakov and Natalia Remizova

Now Permyakov lives in a civil marriage with a woman who has absolutely nothing to do with film and television. Vladimir admits that it is his wife who is his muse. She helps him write plays.

What else can you tell about the performer of the role of Leni Golubkov? Vladimir tries to lead a he althy lifestyle. A few years ago, Permyakov refused to drink alcohol. He loves to swim, runs regularly in the morning, watches his diet. The actor also encourages all his fans to lead a he althy lifestyle.

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